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Aug 20

12 Ways to Save Money on Food in Thailand

It is more profitable to buy both Thai and imported alcoholic beverages in hypermarkets

Thailand is known worldwide as a country with inexpensive and very diverse food. Compared to countries in Western Europe, the USA, Japan, and other countries with a high standard of living, the cost of food in Thailand really seems very low. Everywhere in Thailand you can find food from 10 THB to 3,000 THB and …

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Feb 13

Pad Thai in Thailand – types, prices, simple recipe

Rice noodles Pad Thai is one of the most common dishes of modern Thai cuisine. In whatever region of the country you are, you will most likely find Pad Thai in the menu of most Thai cafes, as well as in the streets of cities and resorts, because Pad Thai is also a popular street …

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Feb 07

Alcohol in Thailand – brands, taste and prices!

Alcoholic beverages are available in Thailand and there are so many kinds and brands. At the same time the cost of alcohol in Thailand is low, but the quality is very high. Perhaps due to this, drinkers on holiday, arriving in Thailand, do not feel wronged and begin “tasting” of local alcoholic beverages, including beer, …

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Jun 21

Thai beer brands – prices, taste, review

All brands of  thai beer, which you can find on sale in Thailand, can be divided into two major groups: local brands and global brands. Here it should be noted that all the beer in Thailand produced in modern plants under strict control of western management, so the quality of any kind is at a …

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