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One of the newest webcams Ko Samui, located in the area of Lamai Beach, which by its popularity and infrastructure in present time second, but only little bit less popular than more crowded and noisy Chaweng beach. This webcam is installed not simple on one of the streets of the village of Lamai on Koh Samui, but its very busy street – Walking Street. As with other resorts in Thailand, Walking Street this place is the main nightlife: bars, discos, shops and nightlife in general the center of all the nightlife on Lamai Beach.

On the front plan web camera Lamai Walking Street  can be seen the popular convenience store Family Mart network in Thailand. This network of  small shops of walking distance ranks second in the number of stores in Thailand (after Seven Eleven network). In the daytime, in the frame is clearly visible intersection, and then appear next to the store, mobile stalls with delicious and inexpensive street food, occasionally adorn the street Thai national and royal flags, strolling locals, tourists and lazy thai dogs, as well as a small road traffic submitted mostly two-wheeled transport.

Everything changes somewhat after dark, when on Lamai Walking Street begin light hundreds of street lights. At this time, the number of people in the frame increases, and even being a few thousand kilometers away from Koh Samui and Thailand in general, you can feel for yourself the atmosphere of carefree fun that observed at this Thai resort and kindly envy all those who are currently not just watching Walking Street on Lamai and is located right there, right in the center of the fun. As a rule, the main celebrations in the street after a 17-00 start every Sunday.

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