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New rules on the beaches of Pattaya (summer ‘2017)

Information about innovations on the beaches of Pattaya appears in the press regularly, and most often it’s about temporary inconveniences for tourists and local residents. First of all, such inconveniences include the capital reconstruction of the beaches: the work was carried out on the beach of Wongamat in the northern part of the resort and on the beaches of Jomtien and Dongtan in the southern part of the city. Of course, no one is pleased with the cutting down of trees and large-scale excavation works with a large number of bulldozers and excavators, but all this is done to make the rest on the beaches of Pattaya more comfortable and safe. Today’s news concerns the increase in the number of days when beach sunbeds in Pattaya are completely banned.

Since the end of June 2017 on all beaches of Pattaya, a strict ban on the use of sun beds not only on Wednesdays (as it was established in 2016), but also on Thursdays. Those. Lovers of the pristine beaches will enjoy the rest on the sand and in the shade of the palms for two days in a row, and those tourists who used to relax with a greater level of comfort – under the beach umbrellas on the sun beds – will be enjoy in the remaining days of the week. It should be noted that the ban on the use of sun loungers on Thursdays is temporary and, according to preliminary information, will be valid only until the end of July 2017 (unless renewed by a new local government decree).

The main reason for the innovation was the desire of the city administration to fundamentally solve the problem of cleaning beaches of the resort from garbage, branches and stones. Therefore, all owners of umbrellas and sun loungers will be obliged on Tuesday evening to completely clear the leased section of the city beach, so that on Wednesday and Thursday special equipment and cleaners could perform their work in a qualitative way. That’s why it’s forbidden to store umbrellas and deck chairs under the trees, as it was before (from Tuesday evening to Friday morning). Of course, for owners of sunbeds, a new regulation means lower incomes and additional costs for transporting and storing beach equipment, however, for guests of the city and visitors to the weekend from Bangkok to Pattaya, the Thai people will be more comfortable and safe on a clean beach.

Pattaya beaches without umbrellas and sun loungers on Wednesdays and Thursdays

However, it should be noted that the new order does not mean that every Wednesday and Thursday the beaches of Pattaya will be unsuitable for recreation, because a thorough cleaning with the use of special equipment (for loosening and sifting of sand) will be conducted not on the entire length of the beaches of Pattaya, and in some areas in Different weeks. This is why a two-day ban on the use of beach umbrellas and sun loungers will last for at least 6 weeks. In addition to the ban, a special commission of representatives of local authorities plans to periodically conduct spot checks of beach umbrellas and sun loungers for compliance with security requirements.

Finally, another news (more relevant to locals, not tourists) is the holding of special lotteries in August 2017. As a result of the draws, landlords will be identified who will be able to enter into an official contract with the city authorities for the lease of a certain section of the beach and provide specialized services on this site – renting umbrellas and sun loungers. This step was taken by local authorities in the fight against corruption, which resulted in the seizure of most of the territory of the beaches of Pattaya (including the Jomtien area) by several influential families that do not allow competitors to this business. The lottery results will be valid for the calendar year, until the next lottery. It is hoped that the beaches of Pattaya after the reconstruction and cleaning will really become cleaner and more beautiful, and rest on them – more comfortable and safe.

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