Thien beach (Koh Larn, Pataya) – full overview

Thien beach on Koh Larn is one of the most picturesque and large beaches on the coral island of Koh Larn near the famous resort of Pattaya. At the same time, rest on this beach can be very quiet, calm and secluded. This review details the ways that you can quickly and inexpensively get to Thien Beach on Koh Larn Island (Which transport from Pattaya is better to use and which transport to use on the island of Koh Larn) as well as the main particular qualities  and benefits of this magnificent beach with photos and videos.
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Places to visit in Bangkok For Free – TOP-10

Bangkok is a real city of contrasts, which is visited annually by millions of tourists from all over the world. Dozens of interesting places in the capital of Thailand, therefore it is not quite right to advise all categories of travelers at once, which places they can to visit in Bangkok. All people are different and all have their own interests and preferences for recreation and entertainment. Therefore, instead of one very large article, there will be several reviews of interesting places at once. On this page i present you Top 10 places, which you can visit in Bangkok for free or for a symbolic fee (donation).
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How to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang – transport and fares!

How to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang easily, quickly and inexpensively? This question is quite relevant for travelers who wish to spend their vacation or some part of it on this wonderful tropical island and do not want to contact the travel agencies at the same time. In reality, getting to Koh Chang from Bangkok is not at all difficult even for those who first time set out on their own. The article below describes the main ways to overcome the route “Bangkok – Ko Chang”, the current prices for travel between the capital of Thailand and this tropical island, and a number of practical tips that will not only let you to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang, but also to do it As quickly and inexpensively as possible. Continue reading

Overview of Nual Beach (Monkey beach) – Koh Larn

The Nual beach on Koh Larn near Pattaya is better known as Monkey Beach, but if you want to get to this beach using local transport (which is almost certainly will be  island motorcycle taxi), it’s better to still use the official beach name. By the way, on the large shields with the map of Koh Larn island, which are near the ferry piers of this island, this beach is also designated as Nual beach. Continue reading

Taxi service in Bangkok – fare, kinds, tips

Taxi in Bangkok is the most popular transport for locals and tourists. Being in Bangkok, people use the taxi service even more often than public transport of the city. After all, taxi fares in Bangkok are usually not much more expensive than trip by subway, and in some situations even cheaper. On this page you will find useful information about the different types of taxi in the capital of Thailand, the fares for a trip around the city and beyond the metropolis, as well as practical tips for using the taxi service in Bangkok, which can saving your money.
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Maya Bay on Phi Phi Lei will be closed for tourists

The famous cove on the island of Phi Phi Lei in the Andaman Sea, which is almost a must-see for tourists who are vacationing in Phuket and the resorts of Krabi province, will be closed to visit in the near future. The popularity of Maya Bay provided the famous film “Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role (2000). Since then, the number of foreigners wishing to visit this beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by steep cliffs, is constantly increasing. As a result, local authorities were forced to make unpopular decisions to preserve this place and maintain the ecological balance on the island. Continue reading