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Another interesting live webcam Koh Samui, located on the street with numerous bars near the village of Lamai on the eponymous beach of the island. The webcam is set near the nightlife center of this beach outside the east coast of Koh Samui, so it’s always interesting to watch what is happening. Most of the day with this webcam you can see that this area of ​​the island is quite busy – there is a road and there is always traffic, as well as many pedestrians. At night, due to lack of natural light, you can see in detail only what is happening near the web camera, but in the light time of day you can see much more.

For example, on the right, in the foreground of this webcam, you can see one of the convenience store of the most popular in Thailand shopping network Seven Eleven. These universal convenience stores have been rightly appreciated not only by local residents, but also by all the guests of the country, for whom a daily trip to such a store, often many times a day, becomes so commonplace that after returning home, tourists start to miss these shops , because they are not in all countries of the world, and the assortment in them differs from the assortment in Thai 7Eleven. On the street you can see traditional “houses of spirits”, currency exchange office, pharmacy, and in the background – overgrown with jungle picturesque hills of Samui.

In the central part of this web cam of Koh Samui in the daytime you can see a lot of beer bars and read the name of the nearest ones, after which you can make a fair guess about who is a visitor to this and neighboring establishments at night. But the institution in which the current webcam is located – Bondi Aussie Bar & Grill Lamai – is a sports bar where you can enjoy some sports match for good beer and snacks while looking at the big screen of the bar. In addition, every Friday from 22-00 and until late in the bar is a local band, so lovers of live music here will also be interesting. The new webcam Koh Samui from Lamai Walking Street perfectly complements the other web-cams of the resort, which were previously posted on the site.

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