Best cheap hotels in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya): from $12/night!

best-cheap-hotels-in-soi-lengkee-pattayaList of cheap hotels in Soi Lengkee which is posted on this page will allow you to quickly find budgetary accommodation option in Pattaya. All the options presented are ideal for travelers who want to save on hotel accommodation and with the desire to have an acceptable level of comfort: separate clean room with air conditioning, a TV and a private bathroom. This article is not by chance called “Best cheap hotels Soi Lengkee in Pattaya”, because this short list includes only the cheap hotels that have earned high evaluation based on the feedback of hundreds of tourists.

On page presents hotels that are located near the famous Soi Lengki in Pattaya Those. we will focus on the cheap hotels directly on this street and the next small street – Soi Chaiyapoon, which also has a couple of decent hotels with high rating and lowest cost. In the list of cheap hotels in Pattaya near Soi Lengkee currently are 10 hotels. I’m sure that’s enough to select the best option for you.

Also for your convenience, a list of hotels is formed taking into account the minimum price. This means that at the beginning of the list you will find the most cheap ($ 12 a day), and at the end of the list – a little more expensive (just over $ 20 per day). For those travelers who are especially appreciate the comfort and who can afford to pay for it a few extra dollars, you can find a rating of hotels based on reviews of tourists after staying at this hotel.

To check available room on your dates in the description of each hotel there is a special widget. You can quickly complete the desired date in the widget and find out the final price in different booking systems to make sure that the search engine always provides you with the opportunity to book a hotel at the best price. I draw your attention that the prices of listed hotels are always are final, including all taxes and fees, which is very convenient.

I hasten to point out that the alleged minimum price for hotels Soi Lengkee may differ slightly from the prices in the search results, especially if you are looking for is in the coming days. Also, a higher price in the search results may be due to the fact that the hotel rooms were available only to the Superior or Deluxe class, which traditionally stand at $ 2- $ 5 more expensive than the standard rooms. In the description of some hotels I have tried also to clarify the difference in the prices of various class rooms.

Map of cheap hotels in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya)

To more clearly understand where hotels are located in Pattaya Soi Lengkee, above this text is presented a map of hotels with green markers, clicking on which you can always see the hotel name, rating based on reviews of tourists and the minimum cost of living in this hotel or guesthouse. For clarity in the widget and present photos of the hotel, which provides the first visual impression of the room: the appearance of a bed, bathroom, balcony, if available (usually there is a balcony in almost all rooms of hotels in Soi Lengkee in Pattaya), etc. As a rule, if the hotel offers a lot of photos, they are updated in the widget after reloading the page.

I also want to note that on Soi Lengkee in Pattaya presented other hotels starting at $ 12 per day, but because of the low rating I have them in this compilation are not included. If the price for you is in the first place, and some drawbacks for you have no fundamental significance (eg, lack of a lift or a slow internet), then you may choose for themselves and other options of hotels in Soi Lengkee. Simply click on the green markers, check the price and if the price suits you, go to the overview on the button at “Show Prices”, where you can learn more information about the hotel facilities and guest reviews, in which a portion of said main flaw that influenced the downgrade.

Below of a list of hotels I added information about the reasons for the high popularity of the area Soi Lengkee for foreigners from around the world, who may live there for many months, as well as information on how to quickly get to Soi Lengkee by walk from Central Pattaya and not get lost in the numerous alleys. Also on the page under the list of the best budget hotels Soi Lengkee you will find information about which routes songthaew (tuk-tuk) can be used to not go to his hotel on foot every time you go out beyond the area of residence.

List of cheap hotels in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya)

Chaiyapoon Inn Hotel (Pattaya) – from $12 USD  (rating 8.3)

Chaiyapoon Inn Hotel is one of the most worthy of economy class hotels in central Pattaya. The hotel is not located on Soi Lengkee, and on a nearby side street  which called Soi Chaiyapoon. If Soi Lengkee in Pattaya by the thai standards of a very wide lane with ample parking space transport, Soi Chaiyapoon about twice narrow more. By the way, you should know that on most tourist maps of Pattaya, this lane is designated as Chaloem Phrakiat Alley 25, while almost all the locals call it is Soi Chaiyapoon. Hotel in a building purple color at a distance of 70 meters from the 3rd Street Pattaya or at a distance of 200 meters along the lane from Buakhao Soi Pattaya. The following coordinates can be used to search for hotels using the navigator: Latitude 12°55’41.50″N and longitude100°53’12.40″E. Get more info about this hotel on the page >>>

Miracle House (Soi Lengkee, Pattaya) – from $15 (rating 8.6)

This budget hotel in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya ) has the highest rating among all the hotels on this list. More than half of the hotel guests gave him a high score, so the average score was 86/100, which is really a lot for a budget class hotel. The hotel is located in the eastern part of Soi Lengkee, near Pattaya 3rd Road. Door of Miracle House hotel from the yard, so your landmark – building Clean Guest House and Retox Sport bar, you need to get around. If during your travels you are accustomed to use the navigator to find hotels, you can use the following coordinates: latitude:  12°55’39″N and longitude: 100°53’10″E. Get more info about this hotel on the page >>>

Le Trafalgar Hotel (Soi Lengkee, Pattaya) – from $15/night  (rating 8.3)

Clean Guest House (Soi Lengkee, Pattaya) – from $15/night  (rating 8.2)

Clean Guest House is located in Soi Lengkee, near the intersection of the alley with the Third Street Pattaya (Pattaya 3rd Road). The guest house is located in a neat building, light in color with a lot of balconies. The distinguishing feature, which helps you quickly find the right building at Soi Lengkee is sky-blue signboard with the name and phone on the front of the hotel. The building is located on the left, if you go from the 3rd street, and on the right if you go by Soi Lengkee from Soi Buakhao. You can see part of the front of the hotel (on the left in the picture) and part of the street in front of him, if you will open the webcam Soi Lengkee in Pattaya. If you prefer to use a online map or navigator on a journey, you can use the following coordinates to find this guest house: Latitude: 12 ° 55’40 “N, and Longitude: 100 ° 53’11″E. Get more info about this hotel on the page >>>

Sooi-Tee Guest House (Soi Lengkee, Pattaya) – $16 per night  (rating 8.2)

Sooi Tee Guest House in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya) – this is another place in the center of the resort, where you can stay inexpensively and live with a good level of comfort. Located Sooi Tee Guest House is almost in the center of the soi. This means that you need to go on Soi Lengkee about 150 meters from Soi Buakhao (the guest house will be on the right) or about 130 meters from the Third Street Pattaya (Pattaya 3rd Road). In the second case, the guest house is on the left, respectively. Due to its location in a building with many hotels, shops and cafes, I suggest first of all pay attention to the blue sign above the entrance door «Sooi Tee Guest House & Restaurant». Get more info about this hotel on the page >>>

Opey De Place Hotel (Soi Lengkee, Pattaya) from 23 USD (rating 7.8)

opey-de-place-cheap-hotels-in-soi-lengkee-pattayaOpey De Place Hotel not by chance included in the list of the best economy-class hotels in Pattaya Soi Lengkee. Firstly, it is a  full-fledged resort hotel, which occupies the entire large building and has many comfortable rooms. This means that to find a free room at the Opey De Place Hotel is much easier than in most guesthouses in the alley Soi Lengkee. In addition, one of the most important advantages of this hotel is the large private swimming poolall at a price of $ 23. The hotel is located near the beginning of Soi Lengkee, just 60 meters from Soi Buakhao (and therefore 220 meters from Pattaya 3rd street). Get more info about this hotel on the page >>>

P.S. In the near future, the article will be supplemented by a number of cheap hotels in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya). Also will be added the information about  transport to Soi Lengkee in Pattaya.

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5 years ago

Hi looking for room from 20-22 June many thanks gary

Billy Jo
Billy Jo
4 years ago

Thank you for info, man! I really like this area in Pattaya. A lot of massage shops here 🙂

3 years ago

I was just wondering if these hotels offer monthly or longer term stays?? (3-6 months)