How to get from Bangkok to Krabi – fast and cheap!

how-to-get-from-bangkok-to-krabiKrabi is the center of the most beautiful same name province of the in the south of Thailand. Therefore, many travelers want to get from Bangkok to Krabi to see the spectacular cliffs of the province, the white beaches, ancient caves and the amazing of the island. Despite the fact that the direct distance between Bangkok and Krabi is not small and is – about 650 km (or 406 miles), you can overcome this distance relatively quickly and inexpensively, using various modes of transport, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages and also differs significantly in price. This article describes the major ways that will enable you to overcome the way between Bangkok and Krabi both with minimal time and maximum comfort, and also the most cheap options, using which you will have to sacrifice some level of comfort.

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The distance between Bangkok and Krabi

As has been described above, the direct distance between the capital and the center of the Thai province of Krabi – Krabi town, 650 km (406 miles). However, we can not just cover this distance in a straight line on the map. Therefore, a more useful to know the distance that must be overcome or that transport between the two cities. Distance between Krabi Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and is 650 km (406 miles), between the airport and Krabi and Bangkok Don Muang airport – 665 km (414 miles). Given that all these airports are not located in urban areas, but only in the suburbs, the total distance that you must overcome, is increased by about 30 – 40 kilometers (18-25 miles).

The distance between the center of Bangkok and Krabi town center by road even more and is 783 kilometers (489 miles). In this case, the starting point in Bangkok is the Democracy Monument and in Krabi Town – urban municipality. The same distance will be between the Krabi Bus Station and South Bus Station in Bangkok (which is best used for travel on this route). But if you decide to use the bus, whose route begins at the North Bus Station in Bangkok – Mo Chit Bus Terminal – the distance to Krabi will be even more – 792 km (795 miles).

Distance from Bangkok to Krabi - it depends on the type of transport

Distance from Bangkok to Krabi – it depends on the type of transport

If we talk about the distance between Bangkok and Krabi on the train, then you should remember that in Krabi no railroad. Therefore, choosing the train, you have to be ready to overcome part of the way from the capital to the province by bus from the town of Surat Thani or Trang (it centers adjacent to Krabi). Thus, using the trains the distance between Bangkok and Krabi will be at least 960 km or 600 miles when traveling through Trang, and not less than 795 km (497 miles) at a trip through Surat Thani. Read more about the use of trains and their value – see below.

Flights from Bangkok to Krabi – schedule and fares

Flights on the route Bangkok – Krabi are the best option for those who have a limited time of rest and does not suffer from budget constraints. Approximate flight time from Bangkok to Krabi – 1 hour and 20 minutes, ie, between takeoff and landing it takes very little time. Option is most convenient for those who arrive in Bangkok at the main  airport of the country – Suvarnabhumi –  and later use the local airline flight, flying from this airport to Krabi Airport (Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways). The disadvantage of this option for a long time there was only one – a sufficiently high price for domestic air travel tickets. But now you have the opportunity to buy air tickets from Bangkok to Krabi cheap and from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Using the search form posted above, you have the possibility to buy cheap flight tickets from Thai Smile airlines – from 30 USD for the flight in one direction. I draw your attention that tickets for aircraft of this airline is often not available when searching with using the popular world aggregators (eg Jetradar that I normally use and would recommend). Also i want recall that the cheapest flights Bangkok – Krabi flights usually morning and evening, and afternoon flights are more expensive.

Those who value every minute of their stay in travel and can not afford to waste time on a long trip by train, by bus or by car from Bangkok to Krabi, but and at the same time you do not have the possibility to buy cheap flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport, i can recommend to search flights of Thai low-cost airlines: Thai AirAsia, Lion Air and Nok Air. The cost of tickets for the route Bangkok – Krabi in this case also will be very  democratic and almost not differ from the price of the ticket on the VIP bus, which overcomes a route for a much longer time.

Using flight search form above, you can see that on the same date of the cost of the flight various airlines on the route Bangkok – Krabi vary significantly. So, while flying one way low cost airlines want fare for the air ticket of just $ 29- $ 40 (or 27-38 euro), while the more expensive – from $70 to $130. If we are talking about the flight in both directions, that Thai AirAsia and Lion Air will transport you for the amount of $ 50-80, while the price of tickets from Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways starts at $ 100 and $ 210 respectively. Depending on the day, fares can be changed, but their order remains approximately the same level. During searching for flights from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, you can also use Jetradar. Sometimes, but not always, it saves $ 3-5. It’s not a lot of money, but for them, you can buy a 2-3 bottle of delicious Thai beer – for yourself and for your friend (or your girl).

Flights from Bangkok to Krabi - fast and inexpensive!

Flights from Bangkok to Krabi – fast and inexpensive!

The apparent disadvantage here you can select only one: when you buy low cost airline ticket from Don Muang airport in Bangkok, you must spend more time in thai capital and you can not immediately transfer to another plane at the Suvarnabhumi airport after arrival in the country. But if you plan to visit the province of Krabi and its famous island not immediately after arrival in Thailand, this disadvantage not so serious, because you can get from Bangkok easily in any of the capital’s airports. And when you have arrived at Suvarnabhumi, always have easy access to Don Muang Airport using the free shuttle bass or other modes of transport, as described in the article “How to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya.”

There is also a some flights to Krabi from Bangkok with one or two changes (on the islands of Phuket and Samui), but personally I see it is not quite reasonable idea to transplant whenever possible to make a direct flight for 1 hour and 20 minutes at a good price (indirect flights are more expensive, and their total duration is almost identical (and sometimes more) than the journey by bus to Bangkok – Krabi. Upon arrival in the province of Krabi, take some time to just get to the coast, where you can stay and where you can catch a boat or ferries to the islands. Transportation from the Krabi airport and the cost of any transport are considered in the article: “Krabi airport – detailed review”, so I will not repeat here.

Bus from Bangkok to Krabi (route bus and tourist bus)

A considerable number of tourists despite the high speed and low fares (in the case of budget airlines) flight from Bangkok to Krabi prefer to use a regular bus service. Option more accessible for the money, because the cost of an ordinary bus ticket first class (not VIP) is about 680 baht. Travel time such buses is about 12 hours, ie, after leaving the Bangkok from six to eight o’clock in the evening (standard time of departure of buses), you can arrive to the bus station in Krabi at six or eight o’clock in the morning respectively.

In addition to saving on the cost of travel, bus from Bangkok to Krabi you can save on lodging at the hotel, which for some is also important. Arriving early in the morning in Krabi, there is a great opportunity to use slowly and relatively cheap local transport to Ao Nang and to the some islands of Krabi province, while still just have a lot of time to find a good variant of stay. Of course, if you’re not one of those travelers who prefer to plan ahead and find the best hotels with the best prices using the search form below.


The drawback of options with a bus from Bangkok to Pattaya just one: not all easy to endure long bus journeys. But honestly buses in Thailand quite comfortable, even when you travel in the usual first class, not to mention the VIP areas. The spaces between the seats is enough (at least for people of average height, as I – 183 cm). During the path to Krabi, every bus make a several of sanitary stops, where you can stretch your legs and have a snack. Speaking of a snack: at long distances in the Thailand, bus company usually give for passengers a little dry rations in the form of cookies or biscuits with the package of juice or a small bottle of drinking water in Thailand.

In the all of buses 1st class in Thailand have a air-conditioned, so people who do not tolerate cool better take care of the presence of more warmer clothing than a T-shirt and shorts. However, the buses free give small plaid, which are often enough to escape cold and get some sleep. Currently buses from Bangkok to Krabi depart from the two bus terminals of capital: the North Bus Station Mochit (Mor Chit) and the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok (in Thai sounds Sai Tai Mai). A detailed description of bus terminals capital of Thailand and bus schedule, and ways to easily and inexpensively reach them, see through the links in this article.

The big number of flights on the route Bangkok – Krabi goes from the southern bus station, so if you can not buy a bus ticket in advance (a few days), or when in Thailand the high season – it is better not to risk it and go immediately to the Southern Bus Terminal, since probability of availability of one of the four flights still higher. And arrive at the bus station, it is desirable at least two hours before departure of the first bus, ie, about 16:00 – 16:30, to ensure to leave on that day. Regular buses to the terminal in the Talaat Kao (Talaat Kao) which is located a few kilometers from Krabi Airport and is connected with the latest low-cost public transport.

Bus from Bangkok to Krabi - not very fast but cheap!

Bus from Bangkok to Krabi – not very fast but cheap!

You can get to Krabi from Bangkok not only at route bus from the bus terminals, but also on tourist bus, which you can find on the bus station on famous Khaosan Road in Bangkok and other popular places in the capital. Tickets for these buses can be purchased at many street travel agencies, and the fare can be either lower or higher than the price of the trip bus. If you read the article “The main methods of fraud in Thailand”, then you already know that the use of such travel buses is little bit risky.  I want to remind you that at the present time to buy tickets for the buses in Thailand is very easy online. To do this, you can use the search form and choose the buses that suit your schedule and price.

Big advantage of service also in the fact that you can always see the point fit on the bus at Bangkok map and the point, where the bus will take you to Krabi. You can also read the reviews of people who have already used the bus from Bangkok to Krabi and then you can choose the bus company. that you liked more. During the sanitary stops, try do not lose your bus! As a rule, in the parking lot many similar buses, and do not always have labels in English. Therefore you need try remember the bus number and coloring of its sides.

Train from Bangkok to Krabi

In this case, you just need have an idea of what to get to Krabi from Thailand’s capital or any other city in the country will not make easy for the simple reason that in Krabi no railroad, and in the coming years it there will not. This means that in any case the route will be combined, i.e. train + bus, train + minibus or train + taxi. Additionally, in this case may be need using local transportation too, since the bus and railway stations can be located at some distance from each other.

Nearest big railway stations from Krabi, whither you can purchase a train ticket from Bangkok, a located in the main cities of neighboring provinces: Surat Thani and Trang. Buy tickets and board the train should be at the main railway station in Bangkok – Hua Lamphong Station. In order not to mislead you about the exact departure time and fares (because schedules and prices may change depending on the season and the Thai baht exchange rate against foreign currencies), I will not post on this page schedule of trains from Bangkok. Instead, I advise you to use the added below search form. You can just see the train schedules and fares, and also you can buy tickets online.

Train from Bangkok to Krabi - not fast and sometimes expensive way!

Train from Bangkok to Krabi – not fast and sometimes expensive way!

This is very important, because even on the official website of the Thai railways you can not buy train tickets online. In addition, you do not need to worry about how, after leaving the train in Trang or Surat Thani to find the right bus to Krabi. Using this search form, you can just buy the complex ticket train + bus. In this case the cost is not too high. In any case, you should know that the train in Thailand is not very cheap, and flying a plane can be even cheaper than a trip on the train from Bangkok to Krabi, even without an additional bus.

If you do not want to buy an integrated ticket and if you’ve never used the railways in Thailand and have no idea of what classes of trains and carriages used in the country (and it is necessary to know when buying a ticket), I advise you to read the article “Trains Thailand – detailed review”. To find trains to Trang and Surat Thani and then bus to Krabi, you can also use the search form on this page. As a rule, each day from Bangkok to Trang is sent 2-3 trains of different classes, and the travel time is usually longer than the bus (15-17 hours). At the same time on the road from Trang to Krabi will have to spend another 2 hours by taxi or 2.5 hours by bus. Train to Surat Thani daily sent about a dozen, and not only at night, which can be more convenient. travel time also does not very small and ranges from 10.5 to 12.5 hours depending on the class of the train. But to get from Surat Thani to Krabi longer: from 3 to 4 hours, with a bus ticket will cost 200 baht. The most convenient VIP sleeping trains are usually bought in advance, because there are not many places, and the Thais very love their night trains.

Thus, it can be concluded that the choice of train to bridge the route Bangkok – Krabi not entirely successful version: once all the long, difficult and expensive (if you take a normal sleeping place). Add to this the terrible train punctuality in Thailand (2-3 hours late for such a distance is not uncommon), and you finally realize that the options to buses and airplanes are not so bad. But if you are afraid to fly, and the night crossing on the bus you think hard labor, the train can be considered good idea, because its main advantage – relative safety and the ability to sleep (or just spend time) in the supine position. Also you can use train from Bangkok to Krabi when your travel budget quite small, and the cost of travel in third class carriage (without air conditioning) seems to be very attractive.

How to get from Bangkok to Krabi by taxi or car

Thailand is a country with a well developed domestic air traffic, therefore use of taxis for long distances is usually impractical. The situation with the route Bangkok – Krabi is no exception. So if you want to reach the Krabi province with using a taxi, you should be prepared for the fact that the cost of transport in most cases will be higher than the cost of the most expensive ticket. The exact price is difficult to call, because the taxi-meter at a distance of over 800 km is unlikely to agree to use even one metropolitan taxi driver, but the approximate price range is known.

Depending on your ability to trade, from the airports of Bangkok taxi to Krabi would cost about 9000 or 10,000 THB ($ 270-300). Taxi drivers in Bangkok can tell you little bit less crazy price, but even in this case, you can not wait an amount of less than 7500 baht  – it would be naive. Therefore, it makes sense to use taxi from Bangkok to Krabi if there is a lot of baggage with which you do not want to go by bus or plane, as well as in a situation where you have at least 3 passengers, and the fare is not too important to you.

Much more interesting and cheaper option for those who prefer car travel and those who are not very concerned about the need to drive almost 800 kilometers on thai highways – rent a car in Bangkok. By use service Rentalcars you can rent a car of any class at the best price in Bangkok and travel to Krabi on it. Car rental offices in the capital city of Thailand a lot, including directly offices rental companies at the airports. The roads in the country is very good quality, but you must  get used to left-hand traffic in Thailand (if in your country on the roads right hand traffic). And in any case, be careful.

The route by car from Bangkok to Krabi next: leave the capital on the road №4 and move toward the province of Chumphon 470 kms. Generally, you can simply go on this track №4 to Krabi, because it passes through the Krabi, and goes further to the south of the country, but from Bangkok it goes to the west and runs along the coast of the Andaman Sea in Chumphon district trail passes near the island of Phuket and only then back out to the east side near Krabi. As a result, the route is much longer – is above 1000 km.

Way from Bangkok to Krabi by taxi or by car for rent

Way from Bangkok to Krabi by taxi or by car for rent

Therefore, in the area of Chumphon is better to turn to a more optimal and shortest route: continue driving south on highway №41, passing through the province of Surat Thani. After 195 km, at the intersection with the highway number 44, turn at the roundabout to the right and drive 97 km to the district Au Luek, where there is a crossing with the familiar route number 4, in which directly to Krabi will drive about 30 km (highway passes near airport). The distance from the center of Bangkok while driving on this route will be about 780 km (from Suvarnabhumi Airport – a little over 800).

By the way, it is not necessarily the way back from Krabi prodelyvat similar way by car. If you take a car in a hire well-known international companies, it is possible to leave the car in Krabi and get back to Bangkok by bus, by train or by plane. Hopefully, after reading this article, you no longer have questions about how to most quickly and most cheaply get from Bangkok to Krabi. I wish you successful travel and Godspeed!

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