Best webcam Karon beach (Phuket, Thailand)

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One of the best online webcams Phuket Island, set in Marina Phuket Resort Hotel together with the famous tour operator, whose logo can also be seen in the window of the video stream transmission. The camera is mounted closer to the southern part of the beach, so will monitor in real time for everything happening on the beach. With this webcam, you can watch the weather in Thailand is now in Phuket, because the camera coverage of a sufficiently broad and in addition to direct beach and the sea will allow to see the surrounding west coast of the island mountain ridge, as well as on the beach tropical vegetation. Perhaps, in comparison with other island beaches, Karon is not as picturesque plant, but white sand that crunches underfoot as snow causes many people to return to court again and again, especially when they know how to fly in Thailand cheap.

Located above the webcam Phuket online from the hotel Marina Phuket Resort, broadcast which provides, working around the clock, at the same time, even at night, when visibility is reduced, and a webcam is translated into black & white mode (not every day, recently, rare), it’s fun to watch the rolling waves, which are illuminated with lights arranged on the perimeter of the hotel beaches. In the foreground you can see several boulders that are even more laid bare at low tide, but he Karon Beach is less convenient for families with children due to the steep bottom topography.

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  1. Sabrina

    Wow! Great view! Thank you for webcams from Phuket beaches!

    1. ThaiRest

      You are welcome! You can add page with webcam from Karon beach to your favorites and watch at any time! 🙂

  2. latina

    Wow! Big waves today on karon Beach!

  3. Ragnarock

    Thank you! Karon is my favourite beach and i like this webcam!

  4. Michael

    Excellent webcams! I miss Phuket island and add this page to my favorites 🙂

  5. Mugaba

    Really, best webcam Karon, Thank you!

  6. Ville Brandt

    Best webcam Phuket. But i cant se that now. 🙁

    1. ThaiRest

      Sorry, a temporary problem with several webcams (#1 and #2). Please try again in a few days.

  7. Dune

    Amazing view! I like this webcam from Karon Beach!

  8. Angie

    Like to watch Phuket’s webcams but most of the webcams on do not work.

    1. ThaiRest

      Yes. Unfortunately at the moment only 14 Phuket webcams in active status. The rest of them either do not work at all, or they broadcast the past.

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