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This webcam is installed on territory Crystal Bay Yacht Club, which is situated on one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches of Koh Samui. At this beach only three hotels, but only Crystal Bay Yacht Club has its own swimming pool where you can swim in the rare days, when on the beach is too great waves for swimming in the sea. Webcam installed in the southern part of the beach, however, the lens gets almost all the territory of the beach. This means that in real time you can see not only the wide beach next to the hotel Crystal Bay Yacht Club, but also the central part of the beach area in front of a low-cost hotel Silver Beach Resort (I lived just in it). And in the background you can see buildings Crystal Bay Resort Hotel and huge fragments of rock on the shore, which makes the beach so picturesque.

Also in the background you can see the dense tropical vegetation that surrounds the beach and the territory of all three hotels. By the way, in Crystal Bay Yacht Club, you will find the large area – about 12 000 square meters. This area is located manicured tropical gardens where in the shade of coconut trees and other southern trees built comfortable bungalows for tourists. On the hotel’s territory you will find a lot of beautiful flowers that attract large tropical butterflies and birds with bright plumage. At the moment, there on the beach is no loungers, but it’s for the best. Last year, there was an attempt to establish chairs, but they kind of broke the harmony of the beach, its naturalness and natural beauty.

But right on the border of the beach, under the eaves of the sun, experienced masseurs work. And it’s incredible fun – take a massage and at the same time enjoy the oncoming waves on the beach, white sand beach and coconut trees on the high hills. A healthful sea air accompanies all holidaymakers, not only during the holidays on the beach, but also during breakfast and dinner in the hotel restaurant, which is also located almost on the beach. Webcam from Crystal Bay Yacht Club hotel perfectly complements the previous webcam Koh Samui, which is also located on this beach, but on opposite side, at the Crystal Bay Beach Resort, also has a high score on the basis of reviews of nearly a thousand tourists.

Original source: The Real Samui Webcam

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  1. Katrin

    I like this two Koh Samui webcams from Silver beach. But today very big waves for swim…

    1. ThaiRest

      Thanks for your feedback!
      i like this webcams too and i like this beach in real life!

  2. ThaiRest

    Small water today on this Koh Samui beach 🙂

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