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Live webcam of Bangkok, which is installed in the immediate vicinity of the new attraction of the capital of Thailand – a high-rise building Mahanakhon. Official opening Mahanakhon Tower in Bangkok was held in late August 2016, so a little unusual view of the tower after six months no longer shocking to locals as was before. Since the inauguration of the tower Mahanakhon is the tallest building in Bangkok and throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, as its height is 314 meters. The construction of such a grand building with an unusual “pixel” facade was carried out for five years, but in the coming years in Bangkok, construction will be completed even more large-scale and high buildings.

New webcam of Bangkok is located very close to the high-rise buildings, so it is inclined relative to the level of the horizon so that we could see maximal part of the building Makanakon (name of the tower with the Thai language means “Megapolis”). The best time to view the webcam is a light day, when we can see the building in detail under good natural lighting. If you opened this webcam at night, which usually begins after 18 pm local time, you can also see the outlines of a tall building due to its nocturnal illumination. However, the video quality at night is not very good, and one of the reasons for this is the light from the street lamp, directed precisely towards this online webcam Bangkok.

Since your webcam is installed in the business district of Bangkok – Silom – you have a chance to see not only Mahanakhon building, but also some other high-rises in the area. However, this camera’s image quality is not very impressive, but in the neighborhood there are several other Bangkok webcam video of much higher quality. By the way, with the help of one of them, you also have the opportunity to see Mahanakhon tower on the horizon. I really hope that someday a one high-quality webcam will be installed on top of one of the skyscrapers of Bangkok and we will be able to observe the city from a bird’s real-time flight. Enjoy view!

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