Apr 27

Maya Bay on Phi Phi Lei will be closed for tourists

The famous cove on the island of Phi Phi Lei in the Andaman Sea, which is almost a must-see for tourists who are vacationing in Phuket and the resorts of Krabi province, will be closed to visit in the near future. The popularity of Maya Bay provided the famous film “Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role (2000). Since then, the number of foreigners wishing to visit this beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by steep cliffs, is constantly increasing. As a result, local authorities were forced to make unpopular decisions to preserve this place and maintain the ecological balance on the island.

However, do not worry about the fact that no one will ever be able to visit Maya Bay. The restriction on visiting the island will be temporary and will last from June to October. As you probably know, it is at this time in Phuket and in the resorts of Krabi province, including the Phi Phi Islands, that there is a low tourist season due to the rainy season in Thailand (on the Andaman coast of the country). Therefore, if you want to visit the island of Phi Phi Lei and its most famous bay – Maya Bay – during your holiday in Thailand, you should do it before June 2017 or already in the new tourist season, which starts in November.

Maya Bay – frame from the movie “The Beach” (in the center was added one more big rock).

The main reason why visiting Maya Bay is prohibited for tourists is the deterioration of the water quality in the bay. And the direct and the main reason for what happened experts call numerous motor boats that bring tourists from the mainland and neighboring islands. Indeed, even modern Japanese engines, which are installed on speedboats, can leave in the sea water particles of oil and fuel. And if you remember how old engines look (either from trucks or from airplanes), which are installed on long-tailed boats, then you yourself understand what trail such boats can leave behind in the water.

Mr. Sarayuth Tanthien, who is the head of the national park, expressed his confidence that the ban on visiting Maya Bay during the low tourist season will have a positive impact on the quality of the sea water on which the well-being of marine life and the fauna in the water area depends. And this will also contribute to the more early recovery of corals, which are one of the most important natural indicators of water quality deterioration and always signal about existing environmental problems

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