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New webcam on the island of Phuket, which is not installed on one of the beautiful beaches of the resort, but in the central part of the island, in the area of Phuket Town – Phuket’s administrative center and all of the homonymous province. This webcam gives a better idea of what Phuket is not only a tourist island with white sand beaches and located in the hills of the bungalows in the shade of coconut palms, but also an important city in the country with good infrastructure. So how to get from the airport to the beaches of Phuket Island is inexpensive and not difficult, a large part of the guests in Phuket usually chosen only the island beaches and they never visit to Phuket Town.

On the other hand, take the city tour is really nothing, and only the most budget vacationers or those who came to Thailand for a long time, for example, in the winter, stay in the city because of the more affordable options for long-term stays in a comfortable environment. Therefore, to get at least some idea of Phuket Town is just possible or use the program Virtual tour of Phuket, or use of this web camera from the central part of the island and several other webcams that are set in the historic city and are also available on the pages

Broadcast this webcam provided by the company Sayama Travel, for which I express my gratitude to her. Works camera around the clock, and in the foreground – one of the thoroughfares of the island, where you can see quite a lively traffic. Also with the help of this camera from Phuket Town, you can see the weather on the island now, because the lens gets a large part of the sky over Phuket and the surrounding hills. Happy viewing and recreation on the island!

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