Webcam in Royal Phuket Marina (Thailand)

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Another webcam from the east coast of Phuket Island, which is located on the territory of the main yacht marina of this tropical island in Thailand – Royal Phuket Marina. Despite the fact that the view from this web camera is not much different from another yacht clubs in other parts of the world, to watch this webcam Phuket is always very pleasant, especially during nice sunny weather on the island. Many beautiful yachts is always very picturesque. On the site you can find other webcams overlooking the yacht marina, but Royal Phuket Marina but even on their background looks especially interesting. After all, you can see not only luxury yachts big and small, but also very bright environment: beautiful harbor, the green hills and lots of bright green coconut palms that grow directly on the yacht marina.

It is no secret that most people love yachts and almost everyone would like to be the owner of one of the white yachts and periodically make long or short interesting sea trips. Of course, the cost of offshore yachts are very high and not all currently have the income that would allow to make such a large purchase. But perhaps this is the webcam by means of which you can at any time of the day to watch the luxury yachts in Phuket, it will be for you a real incentive and make something change in your life to make your dream of your own yacht in a few years It turned into a pleasant reality. And one day you can see with the help of this webcam his yacht, which stands at the pier of Royal Phuket Marina in the central part of the eastern coast of Phuket island.

This webcam is working around the clock, but the best kind – in the daytime. Sometimes when your Internet connection is  slow, this webcam may be slightly brake, and part of the image at the same time closes the gray background. In this case, the easiest way – update the page. At night, the web camera switches to black and white mode. You may notice that the webcam from Royal Phuket Marina works in slideshow mode and you can not expand the image to fill the screen. In the upper left corner of the playback window you can see a small timer to display the current date and time. The image is updated every few seconds (typically 5-7 seconds). Have fun on this and other webcams Phuket in Thailand!

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