Webcam Koh Samui – view of the Green Mango Club

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A new live webcam on Koh Samui, which allows you to see in real time one of the largest and most popular nightclubs – Green Mango. This nightclub is located in one of the main nightlife centers on Koh Samui, so the entire street on which this nightclub is located is also called Soi Green Mango. However, nearby there are other nightclubs – clubs and beer bars, which are also very popular with tourists and local residents. At the same time, many nightly establishments on Soi Green Mango have very original interiors and unique concepts. For example, in the interior of the Green Mango Club on Samui, the idea of ​​this large tropical tree is traced, surrounded by several bar racks and dance floors on several levels.

This webcam Samui is located on the facade of another popular holiday destination – a cafe with the original name of Sweet Soul. This nightclub is a very “hot” place of rest with professional bartenders, loud music and a large number of visitors. The club is dominated by music styles Hip-Hop and R’n’B. And in bars you can always order a variety of cocktails and popular varieties of local and foreign beers. Like many other establishments on Green Mango Lane, the Sweet Soul Club is half open. This means that you can see everything happening inside even when you just walk along the alley. Similarly, when you relax in the “Sweet Soul”, you have the opportunity to see and hear what is happening outside and in neighboring clubs and bars.

Due to the fact that the Sweet Soul Club and most other nightclubs open late in the evening, in the afternoon and in the early evening there are few people here and this webcam Koh Samui may be inactive during the daytime. Those. The webcam starts working in the evening and direct broadcasts until the morning or closing of the institution. This webcam, provided by Samuiwebcam, is broadcasted using YouTube’s video hosting service. This means that you yourself have the opportunity to choose the video quality – from 144p to 720p and 1080p, i.e. up to Full HD. Also in the Sweet Soul bar there is another online webcam Samui, which is turned in the opposite direction – to Chaweng Beach road. Have a nice view and relax on Koh Samui!

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