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Good webcam in Pattaya, situated at the beginning of the main boat pier in Pattaya – Bali Hai Pier. The camera broadcasts around the clock, at the same time thanks to the fairly good coverage even at night, all the surrounding panorama of the pier and the Gulf of Thailand in Pattaya area clearly visible. Webcam Pattaya pier begins to play a video stream automatically, without the need to press any buttons in the player window. In the foreground of this webcam Pattaya City can be seen a long pier with moored to it speedboats that periodically sail to nearby islands and sea fishing. Incidentally, the details about the order of use, and cost of pattaya speedboats you can find in the article How to quickly get to the island of Koh Lan from Pattaya.

At the far the plan where the Bali Hai pier in Pattaya goes left, much more than the accumulation of massive ships: there is big passenger ferries. These ferries with costs 30 baht per one way per passenger – the easiest and cheapest way to get to the island and, therefore, thousands of tourists every day use them. Not far from ferries you can find big boats with good speed. This boats, which for 150 baht (price of the ticket in both parties) deliver travelers in Pattaya directly on one of the best beaches on the island of Koh Lan – Samae Beach (a detailed description of all the beaches of the Koh Larn island can be found by clicking on the the link). For more information on the high-speed boats can also be obtained from a separate article: “How to get to the island of Koh Lan Pattaya on a boat.

Despite the fact that placed above a webcam Bali pier Hai in Pattaya provides not continuous video stream online, like some other cells, are available on the pages of this website, and are replaced every few seconds the image, I simply could not not include it in its collection the best online webcams Pattaya, as specified pier is the place where ever required to visit each of the guests at the resort. For me personally, Bali Hai Pier is not the just transit place, where ferries, boats and speedboats go to the islands near Pattaya, but also a place memorable evening and night walks. When in Central Pattaya too hot and stuffy and loud music from the many bars, restaurants and discos Walking Street becomes a bit annoying, Bali Hai Pier is just a place where you can leisurely stroll with a good girl, to listen to the sound of waves, gently freshen up under a light blow sea breeze and admire the views of the nightly resort town and sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow sign Pattaya City on the hill.

So now, when there is this webcam Pattaya on the Bali Hai Pier, can be somewhat nostalgy for wonderful time spent in this city, and to some extent again feel like there until his actual return to the resort.

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