Clean Guest House (Soi Lengkee, Pattaya) – from $15/night

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Clean Guest House is located in Soi Lengkee, near the intersection of the alley with the Third Street Pattaya (Pattaya 3rd Road). The guest house is located in a neat building, light in color with a lot of balconies. The distinguishing feature, which helps you quickly find the right building at Soi Lengkee is sky-blue signboard with the name and phone on the front of the hotel. The building is located on the left, if you go from the 3rd street, and on the right if you go by Soi Lengkee from Soi Buakhao. You can see part of the front of the hotel (on the left in the picture) and part of the street in front of him, if you will open the webcam Soi Lengkee in Pattaya. If you prefer to use a online map or navigator on a journey, you can use the following coordinates to find this guest house: Latitude: 12 ° 55’40 “N, and Longitude: 100 ° 53’11″E.

Clean Guest House is a very nice guest house, which is fully consistent with its name and appreciation of 8.2 points out of 10. The interior of this cheap hotel in Pattaya, made in bright colors, which gives a sense of purity and lightness. The rooms have white walls and bright flooring, light colors and light furniture clean bathroom. The large windows, which are equipped with most of the rooms in this guest house, also help to fill the room with light. I advise you in the check-inn time to choose rooms with windows facing Soi Lengkee. As the hotel is located on the south side of the street, the sun does not heat the room even on the hottest day.

For the convenience of guests, all rooms are equipped with modern air-conditioned, equipped with free wireless internet access Wi-Fi, comfortable wide beds. Most rooms have a modern TV with a large flat-screen TV, a fridge with free drinking water and a table with chairs. You can choose a room with a balcony, which also has a table and chairs. The cost of standard rooms in the Clean Guest House in Soi  Lengkee is only $ 15, and accommodation in a Superior Room cost about $ 18 in local currency rate (you can read about thai money and exchange rates in Thailand here).

Check availability in the guest house in days of your travel is possible by means of the hotel’s widget, which placed at the top of the page. I draw your attention that due to the high level of comfort and low cost of living, the rooms in this hotel is advisable to book in advance to be able to live in with guaranteed during your stay in Pattaya. Also you can click on the arrow at the top of the page to go to the next low-priced hotel in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya) or use the link below to go to the main list.

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