Hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa (Koh Chang island) – overview and feedback!

Keereeta Resort & Spa is an original boutique hotel on the island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand (Thailand). This hotel can be attributed to the category of low-cost housing offers on the island, but its popularity is explained not only by the low price for its class, but also by a number of other features and pleasant trifles. In this review article, I will tell you in detail about the Keereeta Resort & Spa hotel in Koh Chang (location on the island, transport to the hotel, facilities in the rooms, nearby infrastructure), advantages and disadvantages of this boutique hotel. Also, I will share my personal impressions after living in Keereeta Resort in December 2017. The article will also publish photos and videos of this hotel during the day and night.

Keereeta Resort & Spa – location and how to get

In most hotel reservation systems, Keereeta Resort & Spa is listed as a hotel located in the area of ​​the most popular beach on the island of Koh Chang – White Sand beach. In fact (and this is very clearly seen on the island map), the Keereeta Resort hotel is located in the Pearl beach area. This small beach is located next to the White Sand beach, but not in walking distance. Also I want to note at once that the location of the hotel on maps in reservation systems can be indicated not true. If you are driving from the White Sand beach (from the north to the south), the Keereeta Resort & Spa is located to the right of the main island road, i.e. on the side of the sea, and not across the road.

To get from the main island pier to Koh Chang to Keereeta Resort & Spa it is possible on ordinary island taxis (passenger pick-ups), which dial passengers right at the exit from the pier. The standard cost of the trip from the pier to the hotel of Keereeta Resort is 70 THB (just over 2 USD per person). You can immediately warn the driver by telling him the name of the hotel, or say that you will use the call to stop. Due to the fact that a passenger pick-up along the way can turn from the main road to the alleys to deliver your fellow travelers to their hotel, the exact time on the way is difficult to say. But it time it should not take more than 20-25 minutes.

The location of the Keereeta Resort and Spa (Koh Chang)

Your main landmarks near the hotel are two supermarkets. On the right side from road will be Tesco Lotus, and after about 200 meters and directly hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa. The facade is located slightly further from the road, the guide can be a dark green hotel sign. Almost across the road from the Keereeta Resort & Spa (50 meters away) is my favorite Thai supermarket, Big C (on the hill, to the left of the road).

Hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa is not located on the first line from the sea and has no own beach. Initially, this may seem like a flaw, but in reality there is no problem. Near the hotel there is an asphalted road towards the sea, along which it is very easy to walk to the beach in 5 minutes. Here it should be noted that the beach Pearl Beach is very clear water, but the beach itself is not very good for swimming, because it is not sandy, but rocky. Therefore it is better to visit other beaches of the island of Koh Chang for swimming, especially the White Sand beach is almost there. But for a walk Pearl Beach a nice place (see the video on the link). This is a very quiet place and there are few tourists – everyone swims in the hotel pools. Beautiful round stones rattling underfoot while walking, there are shady trees, and in the northern part of the beach there are picturesque rocks in the water, from which an unusually beautiful panorama of Koh Chang Island opens (see photo). Particularly beautiful is the place at sunset.

  • Pearl Beach on Koh Chang - 5 minutes walk from Keereeta Resort and Spa

If you rent a motobike, then the road to the central part of White Sand beach takes about 4-5 minutes. The same time is required for a trip from the Keereeta Resort & Spa to the specified beach by taxi. Speaking about the cost of the trip, the drivers of the local taxi (passenger pickup) want from 40 to 50 THB per person per trip in one direction. This is not very cheap when compared to the prices for transport in Pattaya, but several times cheaper than a taxi in Phuket. Of course, if possible, it is better to rent a motorbike, because you can save a lot of money, and with using to motobike you can visit all the observation platforms of the island and the best beaches. By the way, now you can rent motobike on Koh Chang online – at a good price and even without a passport security deposit (you need a copy + a small cash deposit).

Keereeta Resort & Spa – Hotel description

The main distinguishing feature of the boutique hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa is a small number of rooms, their size and original design. Despite the small territory, the hotel is very cozy atmosphere. At the same time, many expensive 4-5 star hotels can envy the spacious pool of the Keereeta Resort & Spa. The reception desk is located directly from the entrance to the hotel grounds, behind the stone gates near the road, and the rooms themselves – in the buildings around the pool. Most rooms of the hotel belong to the class “Deluxe” and have access to the pool or view from the private balcony to the pool. The rooms are very spacious and have an original design. Since this is a boutique hotel, Keereeta Resort & Spa does not have the same rooms and I can only describe the room in which I personally stayed.

My room was on the second floor, in a building by the road. On the way to the territory you should pass by a decorative pond with large live fish. It is necessary to climb up the stone stairs, entrance to the room through wooden sliding doors. The room has a balcony with a beautiful view of the hotel’s swimming pool. The balcony has a wooden table and chairs. Also from the balcony you can see the sea at some distance. The room has designer wooden furniture (wardrobes, table, wooden steps), mattresses for sitting on the floor, a large mirror in a wicker frame, a spacious bathroom with an original bath of dark wood (I think it is more suitable for showering than for bathing) . As it should be in every 3 star hotel, the room has air conditioning, a fridge and a TV. Other rooms of the hotel have beautiful wicker furniture.

Short video review of the hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa

(video will be added later)

Advantages and disadvantages of Keereeta Resort & Spa

The undoubted advantage of Keereeta Resort & Spa is the low cost of deluxe rooms compared to other hotels. On my dates in the given price category, there were no other three-star hotels, with high rating and with a swimming pool. Pleased with spacious rooms (other rooms i saw only in the photo) and the original design (basically everything is made of natural materials: wood, stone). Also very original bathrooms look like with a stone wall, an artificial waterfall and a wooden bath. The advantages include also a small number of rooms in the hotel and a very large swimming pool (3 times more than the pool in a good hotel At Mind Executive Suites in Bangkok, where I lived earlier and in which there are dozens of times more rooms). Despite the fact that there is no sandy beach nearby, there will not be any problems with bathing, because the Keereeta Resort hotel has good transport accessibility (the hotel is right at the main road) and can be reached by an island taxi to any beach in Koh Chang.

The territory at the Keereeta Resort and Spa after sunset

Near the hotel (along the road) there are small cafes where you can order your favorite Thai (and European) cuisine for on-site eating or for take your food away to hotel. And if you want to save, in a minute walk availability there are two popular supermarkets with the lowest prices for food and alcohol in Thailand – Tesco Lotus and Big C. The hotel staff was courteous, left the most pleasant impression. If necessary, they can help you find a taxi, rent a motobike, book an excursion, etc. In general, a pleasant hotel for little money, but not devoid of shortcomings, about which just below.

A small number of rooms in the hotel often leads to the fact that for the selected dates there are no available rooms. Especially if you want to book a hotel for the coming days or today for today. For example, it is for this reason that I lived there only one day – the next day I had to leave the hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa. My room was booked in advance by other travelers. And I moved with my girlfriend to another hotel in Koh Chang – Penny’s Resort (a detailed review of the hotel will be added to the site later). By the way, you can compare the cost of living in the hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa immediately in all popular reservation systems with the help of the hotel widget located below.

Of the shortcomings (specifically in my room) also want to note such points:

Old TV. In 2018, a TV with a small diagonal and not a flat screen looks very unusual.

The safe in my room was, but it was small and was not fixed in the closet. Those. it could be taken in hand and carried along with the contents.

The air-conditioning was quiet, but the room was somewhat noisy due to the door that is close to the road (rooms on the other side of the pool should be quieter).

An unaccustomed small shell, made of metal. On the photo of other rooms in the hotel I saw that there are classic white ceramic sinks.

Unevenly painted walls (in my room). To be honest, initially it seemed to me that the walls look very old due to such coloring. But later I realized that this was done specifically, so to speak, the special design of Keereeta Resort & Spa. So really the is not disadvantage.

Old chairs and table on the balcony. I do not think that in reality the table and chairs are very old, but the tropical rains and the sun quickly worsened the appearance of this furniture in the open air. It would be nice if the owners of the hotel found a bit of money and put a new layer of varnish on this furniture or replaced it.

More, in principle, there is nothing to complain about, especially considering the cost of deluxe room at this hotel. As I wrote above, all the rooms are different from each other, so if possible, carefully see the photo or, if possible, ask the staff to see all available numbers before settling). Specifically, I rated my number in 8 points out of 10 for the price/quality ratio. I would be happy if my review of the hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa is useful to someone in the process of choosing a hotel in Koh Chang. Enjoy your stay and rest on the tropical island!



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