How to sunbathe in Thailand correctly

Not all tourists know how to sunbathe in Thailand correctly, because of which many of them are forced to spend part of the rest not on the beaches of Thai resorts or on interesting excursions around the country, but on the bed in the hotel, suffering from pain, caused by burns and fever. In this article are placed the main recommendations, knowledge and observance of which will allow you to get tan in Thailand correctly, i.e. get a beautiful and safe tan without sunburn and unpleasant sensations.

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How not to burn skin in the sun in Thailand

The main danger of the sun in Thailand is that its activity in the country is so high that almost any time of the year you can get serious sunburn even during cloudy weather and rainy season in Thailand. Many of the tourists believe that the sun hidden behind the clouds is not at all dangerous for them and they stop using sunscreen even if they always use it during beach trips. This is the main mistake: ultraviolet rays easily penetrate through the clouds, so you can burn your skin almost as much as in sunny weather, especially near water.

The following recommendations for the right tan in Thailand are especially important to follow, immediately after you arrive in the country, especially if you have been sunbathing almost a year ago or less, but your skin is white enough and poorly protected from the sun. When you stay in Thailand, you should always use sunscreen with the degree of protection that is recommended for your skin type and condition of sunburn. People with very light skin should initially use protective creams or sprays with a higher degree of protection, for example, 50+. And vice versa: people with dark skin or light skin, which is well preserved tan from the previous rest, you can use the means for protection from the sun with a degree of protection of not less than 20+.

Many tourists after a few days of rest in Thailand with the use of sunscreens notice that their tan is not as good as those who rest on the neighboring sun loungers. As a rule, as a result, a crazy thought appears in the brain: “If I will continue use protective creams, until the end of thai rest I will not get the required degree of sunburn and return home pale.” As a result, many completely refuse the creams and as a result, by the evening they discover that their skin is unpleasantly reddened, and even light touches to it cause painful sensations.

Do not spend a lot of hours on the beach during the first days of holiday in Thailand

In reality, you just have to accept the fact that maybe your skin will never become the same color as the skin of tourists from Italy, Spain and the United States. Therefore, instead of sunbathing, it is better to find for yourself a good sunscreen with the effect of enhancing the tan, which at the same time protects you from the harmful effects of sunlight and will sooner achieve a smooth and beautiful sunburn. In order to tan in Thailand correctly, you need to apply the cream on the skin about half an hour before going out, but in any case, it’s better late, than never.

All owners of light skin should remember that the optimal time for sunburn for them is till 10:00 in the morning and from 15:00 until sunset in the evening. This time period also better to choose for tanning in general for all those who want to get tan after a long break, regardless of the type of skin. However, such a schedule is difficult to observe, resting in Pattaya and getting from Pattaya to Koh Larn by the ferry or boat just in time, when the sun becomes too active and leaving the island soon after solar activity becomes optimal for sunburn.

In this situation, you should be careful not to be exposed to sunlight for 5-6 hours in a row. It is better to take sunbaths dosed, for example, being in the sun for 15 minutes and resting in the shade after this for at least half an hour. In this case, the shadow should be normal, and not a beach umbrella on the first line from the sea, where you are also exposed to sun rays (not direct ones, but reflected ones). Do not forget that after bathing in the sea, sunscreen should be applied repeatedly, even if the instructions to it say that the cream is not washed off with water. In the following days, the time spent in the sun can be gradually increased.

The fastest skin burn from the sun can be obtained near the water

If you relax on one of the islands of the country or on the city beaches of Pattaya, sunbathing in Thailand is correctly somewhat easier. It is better to spend several hours with maximum sun activity in your hotel or to do shopping at this time, good in Phuket and in Pattaya for this all conditions are created, and after lunch again return to the beach. The most extreme option – in the early days not to visit beaches at all, but to take short sunbaths by the pool at the hotel. The truth is not always in the hotel can be a swimming pool, especially if you have independently booked a hotel in Thailand and your budget is limited.

In addition, many people, including myself, will never agree to the replacement of the sea by the pool, no matter how good it is. But I personally know people who rested in Pattaya for 12 days and only twice visited the beach, and all the rest of the time they rest near the pool at the hotel. Wherever you are sunbathing, always drink as much liquid as possible. Just do not take an example from the Thais themselves, which add a large amount of ice to Thailand’s soft drinks: lying on a bed for a couple of days with a sore throat and fever is no less unpleasant than with sunburn.

What includes the right tan in Thailand

The right tan in Thailand includes not only protecting the skin from burns. Always remember that your hair also needs protection, because the scorching Thai sun spoils them, making them dry and brittle. To protect your hair, use a hat, bandana or cap that can simultaneously be stylish beach accessories. In addition, recently a lot of lines of special cosmetics for hair with UV-filters appeared, which, according to the manufacturers, also protect hair from sunlight. Also take care of your own lips: the usual hygienic lipstick should save them from cracking.

The right tan in Thailand includes eye and hair protection

All owners of the eyes of light colors (blue, green, blue or gray) should take care of their protection from sunlight. In this case, one should not expect that the glasses purchased for $ 5 will reliably protect your eyes from the bright Thai sun. Vision is the most important and most valuable of all the senses, so saving on your own eyes is more expensive. I advise you to buy special glasses with UV-filters, as evidenced by a special marking applied directly to the glass or to the arches of such glasses. If you are the owner of dark eyes, then in this matter you were more lucky, because they are much less susceptible to the sun.

Sunbathing in Thailand is right, when you uses certain foods that help preserve moisture in the skin and improve its color when sunbathing. First of all, we are talking about the use of citrus fruits and juices from these fruits, as well as other fruits of Thailand and vegetables with a high content of vitamin C. Only not the juices that are sold everywhere in Thai stores in the form of nectars and reconstituted from juice concentrates with chemical additives, but freshly squeezed, preferably directly with you.

A good remedy for dehydration is lime juice, a small amount of which can be added to ordinary drinking water. Earlier, I repeatedly read that the substances contained in beer contribute to a more beautiful shade of tan and generally accelerate it. Really I not sure in it, but i know that sometimes t is very difficult to refusefrom a bottle of cold Thai beer of on the beach, although beer speeds up the withdrawal of liquid from the body.

To take sun baths in Thailand correctly and get a beautiful tan, you should abandon the classic felting on beach beds, because even a constant change of position does not guarantee that the tan will lie flat on all parts of the body. The best choice will be to participate in active beach activities – playing with the ball, with a plate, or just a long run on the beach, preferably morning and evening. In other words, you must constantly be in motion and watch that your body is not facing the sun with only one side.

What to do when you got sunburn in Thailand

Compliance with the above rules will allow you to get tan in Thailand correctly, but if the trouble for any reason has occurred and youк skin was burned, you must immediately take a number of steps that will eliminate the effects of sunburn as soon as possible and reduce pain. If there is a suspicion of sunburn, you need to hide from the sun as soon as possible and take a cold, fresh shower, carefully washing off the sea salt from the burnt skin.

Wrong tan in Thailand leads to redness of skin and pain

Many tourists after receiving sunburn mistakenly believe that being in seawater in shallow water facilitates their position. In reality, this is not entirely true, because the skin is a universal human shell that protects it from most bacteria and viruses, and damage to the skin, this protective barrier, can lead to the fact that any dangerous infection can enter the body. Therefore, no matter how sad it may sound, it’s better to refuse from further sunbathing and beach entertainment in general for a few days.

In the article “What medicines to take to Thailand,” I already wrote that Panthenol is an effective and proven remedy for burns, which are available in several forms and allow accelerating the process of skin regeneration after burns. Aloe vera gel also has a good effect, which in Thailand can be purchased almost everywhere, from small shops to large supermarkets and markets. This gel also contributes to the early regeneration of the skin, and also creates a pleasant cooling effect, which significantly reduces the pain from sunburn.

Finally, you can use to rub the body with natural coconut oil in Thailand, which generally has many useful properties. By the way, you can use coconut oil in the process of sunbathing, because it promotes a more even tan and a beautiful shade of tanned skin. Just remember that the protective properties of coconut oil do not allow you to completely do without the use of sunscreen, although such recommendations can be found on some sites for tourists.

Aloe vera gel and natural coconut oil will reduce pain after sunburn

If the resulting sunburn is not so strong that any touch to the skin causes a strong attack of pain, it makes sense to order a special massage in one of the Thai massage parlors, which is called “After sun” massage. This massage is based on gentle rubbing into the skin of special gels that relieve pain and moisturize it. While in the hotel, you can apply a towel, soaked in cold, fresh water, to the burnt areas of the body. What can not be done with burns, it is to use alcohol-containing solutions, including cosmetic products made with the use of alcohol.

After receiving abundant sunburn by the evening, most people get fever, and many begin to shiver. In this case, you must take an effective antipyretic. In any case, even when there is no fever, use as many liquids as possible for burns. Timely and proper care for the scorched skin will allow the next day to get rid of most of the painful sensations. Most likely, the skin will begin to climb, but you should still have time to improve your tan and i hope later you will sunbathe in Thailand correctly.

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