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New online webcam Phuket, which is located near the beach Kalim and removed from the waterfront line just a few meters. Despite the fact that the webcam sends no full-motion video, but only video in a slide show format, changing pictures is very fast, so this webcam allows get a good assessment of the situation in Phuket, in the Kalim Beach area. And given the fact that the beach is a continuation of the most popular in the resort of Patong Beach, the new webcam Phuket allows you to evaluate the weather conditions in Phuket real time including Patong Beach. As you can see, in the webcam lens gets almost the entire Bay of Phuket Island, and is located in a Patong village and the same name beach.

In the background can be seen a few buildings on the beach of Patong. First of all, you can easily learn Patong Tower – the tallest building of Phuket island, towering in the center of Patong Beach. In the daytime, you can also make sure that the relief of the island is not flat, as even in a small area of Phuket, which you can see through this webcam, you can see a large number of hills. Since Kalim Beach is located in the northern part of the bay, while eastern winds here have high waves, splashes from which during heavy storms you can even see the road. Speaking of the road: the roadway is located almost on the border of the sea, and you will notice that cars and motorcycles are moving at a high embankment.

Webcam Phuket from Kalim Beach is a kind of road webcam. Therefore, you can be sure that road traffic in Thailand on the island of Phuket is very active at almost any time of the day. Taking into account the fact that you can not find durable wall on the road by the sea there, in the rain to move here by car, and, especially, on a motorbike, be very careful. Often during the day, and if you open the web camera in the dark, you can see that this  place turns into a small space street trade. And the sellers of street food with a mobile kitchen is no shortage of customers who pass by on the transport and pass on foot in this place the beach. Also, in the dark can be seen in the distance a lot of lights of the most busiest part of the resort – the Patong beach.

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