Lemongrass Hotel Patong (Phuket) – overview and feedback

Lemongrass Hotel in the area of ​​Patong beach (Lemongrass Hotel Patong) was my only place of residence during the last visit to Phuket. At the same time, I managed to spend several nights at once in two categories: Superior and Standart. Therefore, here I will tell you about my impressions during the stay at the hotel Lemongrass, the differences of the indicated categories of rooms, the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel. Also, I will talk about the tourist infrastructure near the hotel, how to find Lemongrass Hotel Patong in Phuket and to whom I would recommend this hotel for a holiday on the island. On the page you will also find pictures of the rooms in which I resided, small video reviews of these rooms and recommendations for finding the best price for staying at the hotel.

Lemongrass Hotel Patong – location and how to get

Hotel Lemongrass is located in the southern part of Patong. It does not belong to the category of hotels located on the first line from the beach, but there are very few such on Patong. The distance to the southern part of Patong Beach is about 800 meters from the hotel. This distance is easily overcome in less than 10 minutes. At the same time, a slight inclination of the relief allows you to reach the sea faster than back. If you use the navigator during your travels, you may need the satellite coordinates of Lemongrass Hotel Patong and the official address in Phuket: Sirirat Rd, Kathu, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150.


In the above location there are several significant advantages. Firstly, a lot of infrastructure facilities are located nearby, and the prices for goods and services are lower than directly at the sea (more on this a little later). Secondly, the facade of the hotel overlooks the road, which you will use in any case, when driving to the most popular beaches of Phuket – Karon and Kata. And this means that you can save a lot of time and money for such trips. Thirdly, it is in the southern part of Patong that the final stop of cheap passengers songthaew is located, with which you can get to Phuket Town after eviction from the hotel or visit the large hypermarkets in the administrative center of the island.

If you need to get to the Lemongrass Hotel Patong from Phuket Airport, the easiest way is to take advantage of a special minibus from the airport (not the expensive local taxi), which will take you to Patong Beach for only 180-200 THB (about 6 USD). On a separate page, you can read more about how to get cheap from Phuket airport to popular beaches. Again, the advantage of the Lemongrass Hotel Patong in this situation is that it is located directly on the road that minibuses travel from Patong Beach to Karon and beyond. If you arrive at the airport at night, when there is no cheap transport, you can use the services of a car transfer (all conditions are stipulated in advance (in your language) and the driver meets you at the airport with a sign.The same way can be used also when you arrived to Krabi airport, but are going to rest to Phuket.

If you traveled to Phuket by land or by water, you will probably have to use either a local taxi (which is unreasonably expensive in Phuket), or use a slightly more complicated route with a transfer to Phuket Town. This way is very cheap, but it can cause some questions, because of ignorance of certain nuances. To prevent this from happening, I recommend you to read the information on the page “How to get from Phuket Town to the beaches of Phuket cheap”. Personally, I used the latter option, because I came to Phuket on an overnight bus from the province of Nakonratchasima and initially encountered some difficulties, which are not written on the Internet.

How to get to Lemongrass Hotel Patong, Phuket (area map clickable)

Sometimes buses from airport or from Phuket Town leave all passengers near the shopping center of Jungceylon. In this case, you will have to get to the hotel or on foot (for free), or use mototaxi (if you are without a big suitcase), or a classic taxi in Phuket (the most expensive option). Distance from the Lemongrass Hotel Patong to the main shopping center in the area of ​​Patong Beach – Jung Ceylon (aka Jungseylon) is about 1.8 km along the road, of which about 0.6 km is a circumvention of this shopping center. This means that on foot to get to the hotel from here it will take about 20 minutes. The route is marked on the map in red line.

The simplest way is to bypass the shopping center and get off at Phangmueang Street. This is the third and last large street that goes parallel to the sea (hereinafter only a strip of residential areas and mountains). After walking along the street for about 15 minutes, you will see the hotel Lemnorgras on the right. He will be in the second building behind a large intersection with a traffic light, after which the street Phangmueang goes to Sirirat Rd. The landmark of this six-story hotel with balconies on the facade and with a bar-restaurant on the ground floor can be its sign – green letters Lemongrass above the entrance (at night the sign glows bright neon light). And after going a little further, in the same building, you will find the online store Family Mart (to the left of the hotel in the photo). At the entrance to the hotel there are many plants in tubs, including aromatic herb lemongrass – a popular condiment and tea in Asia.

Facade of Lemongrass Hotel Patong in Phuket (Thailand)

Moving from the shopping center of Jungceylon (which also houses the Big-C Extra supermarket) during the day, it is better to stick to the right side of the street. So you will be partially protected from sunlight and will be able to mark for yourself points with inexpensive Thai massage and a cafe with normal prices (not only thaifood). An alternative route from the Jungseylon shopping center is a walk along Patong Beach to its southern tip. To do this, you need that from shopping center to go down to the beach (about 400 meters), then walk along the embankment about 900 meters and at a small roundabout turn left and walk about 800 meters to the hotel. The route is marked on the map in blue.

Overview of Lemongrass Hotel Patong – Standard and Superior Rooms

In the hotel Lemongrass in Phuket, only 16 rooms, so it can not be called a major – buses with crowds of bustling tourists will not be here. The main guests are individual travelers who prefer comfort for reasonable money. Reception is located to the left of the entrance to the hotel, and the bar is on the right. On the perimeter and near the entrance to the building there are tables, and in the central part there are comfortable sofas where you can relax a little. The process of settling into a room is very fast. The form only requires you to write an e-mail address and sign. Plus, the hotel employee will make a photocopy of your passport. By the way, the staff is very friendly and welcoming. During the eviction, I was helped to print a ticket reservation for a bus to Bangkok (I ordered an inexpensive VIP bus through a service of transport in Asia).

You can go to your room either on the stairs or in the cockpit of a modern but not very fast elevator. Initially, in the booking process, I indicated in the preferences “No smoking room” and “High floor”, so I was settled on the fifth floor in the Deluxe room (in some booking systems the room is classified as Superior). At a price it was somewhat more expensive than the rooms of the Standard class, but at the same time had the advantage of a window on the whole wall with a view of the mountains and the balcony. The interior of the hotel is made in Thai style, everything was clean and stylish. Pleasantly pleased with a very wide bed with a wooden decoration, colorful night lamps by the bed and dark wooden furniture.

  • Superior Room at Lemongrass Hotel Patong (Phuket)

A distinctive feature of the improved room of the Lemongrass Hotel Patong was a bathroom with a transparent glass partition, which can be closed with a curtain (to the right of the bed in the photo). In my room 502 in the bathroom were installed dispensers with shower gel and shampoo, there was a shower cap. The bed is really wide, the bed linen is beautiful and clean, the pillows are comfortable. The room has amenities such as hairdryer, TV, small refrigerator, wardrobe with normal hangers, quiet air conditioning, mirror, lots of electrical outlets. Separately, I want to note the presence of an electric kettle and bags with tea, instant coffee and sugar for free. Of course, the room had clean glasses for water and cups. A small overview can be seen in the video below (when you start the video you will immediately start to look at the Deluxe Room at Lemongrass Hotel Patong.

Overview of the Superior Room # 502 at the Lemongrass Hotel (Phuket)

(video review is mounted)

In order not to repeat, almost everything written above applies to the room 504, to which I moved to later and which belongs to the “Standard” class. The main differences are that the standard room has a smaller area (minus 20-25%). The bed in the standard room also has a smaller width, and the layout of the room is completely different. The most important difference of the standard room was the absence of a window and a balcony. In other things it was all the same stylish room in Thai style. And the size of the bathroom in the standard room was even greater than in the superior hotel room. In addition, instead of stationary dispensers of gel and shampoo, small branded bottles were provided. As in the case with the improved number, there was a kettle with a set of tea and coffee and two bottles of drinking water of 0.5 liters.

Both rooms of Lemongrass Hotel Patong were very cozy and comfortable and it was a pleasure to live in them. In this case, each of the rooms has its advantages and some disadvantages. For example, someone may not like a little noise from the road or from the rain in a room with a window, but it’s hard to argue that the view from such hotel room to the mountains is very beautiful. Standard room is quieter and external sounds in the room almost do not penetrate. But if you want to see the weather in Phuket live, you will have to go down to the first floor and go outside. Or open a website with Phuket webcams in real time and find a camera from the beach you are interested in in Phuket. A video review of the standard Lemongrass Hotel Patong can be found in the video below.

Overview of the Standart Room # 504 at the Lemongrass Hotel (Phuket)

(video review is mounted)

Infrastructure next door to Lemongrass Hotel Patong

I already mentioned in this review that the hotel is located very well. Nearby there is a large number of massage parlors, cafes, restaurants of various cuisines around the world, motorbike rental offices with a large selection of motobikes for rent in Phuket and a lot of tour desks. In front of the hotel there is a small parking lot for motobikes, which I used without problems. By the way, I did not manage to rent motobike in Phuket online without a passport guarantee, because this must be done at least three days before arrival on the island. In the area of ​​the hotel there is a large number of exchangers where you can change your currency (USD, Euro, etc.) to THB (Thai baht). At the same time, exchange rates can differ, so it’s better not to change in the first exchanger, but to look at exchange rates in several and choose the most profitable for you.

One of the main advantages of the Lemongrass Hotel Patong is the nearby Malin Plaza market. First of all, it is a food market and a seafood market, but in the back there is a good selection of inexpensive clothes, shoes, suitcases, swimsuits and other things that can be useful during a holiday in Thailand. If we talk about the prices of ready-made meals, they really pleased me. It was here that I found traditional pancakes with a banana for 40 THB (this price is standard for Pattaya or Bangkok, but low for Phuket), french fries, barbecue from various types of meat and fish, fruits, vegetables, fruit cocktails, etc.

I liked big deep-fried shrimps, and even in the Malin Plaza market you can find a barbecue made from crocodile meat at a price of just 60 THB (less than 2 USD). I recommend you try it, it’s very tasty. Finally, if you are a fan of fresh fish, then you can independently choose any fresh fish from the counter and it will be cooked right before your eyes. A small video review of this market and the cost of popular dishes can be viewed on a separate page. Also close to the hotel are the most popular in Thailand network stores Family Mart (in the same building as the hotel) and 7Eleven (about 100 meters south from the hotel Lemongrass).

The cost of living in Lemongrass Hotel Patong

Like many other hotels in Thailand, Lemongrass Hotel Patong is among the hotels that are advantageous to book through the Internet, and not be populated at the reception without prior booking. I personally came across the fact that the cost on the Internet was significantly lower than at the reception desk. Unfortunately, I had an unpleasant situation with a bank card and I had to block it. As a result, the cost of a standard room when paying at the hotel was higher than the price of an improved room when booking online. Also, I noticed that the cost of rooms in the Lemongrass Hotel Patong hotel may differ when using different hotel reservation systems. Therefore, I recommend checking the current prices for accommodation right in all popular reservation systems using the widget located on the page of this hotel or use hotels search engine with best prices.

The second distinctive feature of the cost of living in a hotel is seasonality. For example, at the beginning of the high season (end of November) I paid about 1000 THB per night. If you check the price of the rooms of the hotel Lemongrass as of April, then you can notice a significant difference in price. The screenshots below show the cost of the hotel per day when booking approximately one week before arrival. This is the price of an improved room with free cancellation (!) And payment upon check-in at the hotel. Those. Comparing the facts, it can be noted that the cost of living at the beginning of a hot season (even during the Thai New Year holidays) is almost two times lower than I paid during the high season. But earlier booking also allows you to save, because the cost of accommodation at the end of November when booking in April is 720 THB for a standard room and 855 THB for an improved room.

  • The cost of staying at the Lemongrass Hotel Patong in low season (Superior)

During my long trip to Thailand in November-December 2017, I lived in various hotels. At the same time Lemongrass Hotel Patong without any doubt, I can recommend to all those who prefer to relax comfortably and inexpensively. I think this hotel is a good choice for those who prefer to live in Phuket nearby Patong night life district, and in the daytime prefers to visit the cleaner and more beautiful beaches of the island, which are easy affordable if you use a rented motobike or car rental in Phuket. If for you the cleanliness of the beach is not important and you are ready to spend all time on Patong and at the same time you are going to have fun every evening in the area of ​​clubs and discos on Bangla Road, you can find other accommodation options in Phuket – near the places of noisy parties and to the beach Patong. Have a nice and comfortable stay in Phuket!

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