Live webcam Krabi – the beach on the Poda island


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The second webcam on the Koh Poda (or Poda Island) allows you to see one of the side beaches that are almost as beautiful as the main beach on the north shore. The only difference is that there is no that highest rock in the water, which makes the northern beach of the island of Poda so popular and world famous. On the other hand, there are far fewer tourists on this beach even at the height of the day, when numerous tourists come to the island of Poda from the mainland and other islands of Krabi province in Thailand. Another distinctive feature of all the beaches on the eastern and southeastern coast of the island of Poda is a smaller depth compared to the beach in the northern part.

This is due to the presence of a coral reef, the size of which exceeds the size of the island. On the one hand, it is safer to swim here, but care must be taken, because there are fragments of dead corals in the water, which can be sharp. Since most tourists arrive on the island of Poda for only a few hours (usually as part of the excursion “4 islands”), most visitors stay on the north beach in order to have time to make beautiful photos with a rock in the water and picturesque Thai boats near the shore. As a result, the beaches in the east and south of the island of Poda remain deserted for most of the day. Even with this webcam on Poda Island in Krabi province, broadcast of which is carried out by Seeitlivethailand, you can see that there are very few tourists here.

This allows all those who prefer a quiet and relaxing beach holiday on a white sand beach to get it here. In general, the island of Poda is surrounded by a sandy beach almost from all sides. Only from the south-west side the coast is formed by sharp rocks, as a result of which the island cannot be bypassed around the perimeter. The island has poor infrastructure, so if you come here by boat from Ao Nang, but not as part of the excursion, you should bring food and drinks, as there is no shop on the island. Not everyone knows, but Poda is a nature reserve, and each visitor is obliged to pay from 200 to 400 THB for visiting the island. However, there is an easy way to see the beauty of the island for free – using this live webcam in Krabi province. Enjoy watching!

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