Live webcam Phra Nang Beach (Krabi, Thailand)


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Phra Nang Beach in Krabi province is often included in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the online webcam from this beach is very popular all over the world. Ao Phra Nang beach (Pranang beach) is located in the southern part of the Railay peninsula and is surrounded by high inaccessible cliffs. You can get here either by boat or along a narrow path from the nearby East Railay Beach (which can also be reached only by water). In addition to the high scenic cliffs on both sides of Phra Nang Beachh, you can see another rock in the sea, near the beach. It is this rock on Phra Nang Beach that is the main symbol of Krabi province in Thailand.

In fact, there are even 2 rocks in the sea near Phra Nang Beach, but the distance between them is less than 10 meters, so from all points of the beach it seems that the rocks are interconnected. If you look at the rocks from the point where this webcam is located, then you can see only a small fragment of the second rock on the right. When you see a rock in the sea in real time using this webcam on Phra Nang Beach, the rock does not seem huge and it seems that it is located very close to the shore. In reality, the width of this rock in the water is more than 120 meters, and the same distance from the beach to the rock.

As you can see, the beach is very crowded: throughout the whole day boats from the mainland come here and bring large and small groups of tourists. The berth is located to the left of the webcam, which is located in the central part of Phra Nang Beach (the nearest place to the cliff is in the sea). To the right of the webcam is the widest part of the sandy beach. Not everyone knows, but it was here that the action film Mortal Kombat was filmed in the mid-1990s. The sand on the Pranang beach is soft and white, but due to the large number of people, the rest here may not be quite comfortable.

On the territory of Phra Nang Beach there is only one hotel, but not every tourist can afford to stay at this hotel. The cost of one night stay at the Rayavadee hotel starts from 500 USD, but during the high tourist season you need to count on numbers from 550-600 USD per day. On the one hand, it’s silly to pay so much for living on a crowded beach. But on the other hand, the hotel is really great, and in the morning and in the evening the beach is deserted, because almost all the tourists leave this beach before sunset and no one bothers the hotel guests to admire all this beauty in peace and quiet.

Particularly beautiful is the sunset on Phra Nang Beach, which you, like the guests of the Rayavadee Hotel, can see in real time using the Krabi webcam, which is broadcast by Seeitlivethailand. Near the beach there is a group of small rocks in the water, where you can swim in a rented kayak. And to visit the Phra Nang Beach, you can use boats from Ao Nang or book a tour of the “4 Islands”. At night, due to the lack of light, viewing the webcam can be difficult. In the lower left corner you can see a timer with the current date and time in Thailand. Enjoy watching!

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