Max Hotel Pattaya – location, how to get, overview

Max Hotel in Pattaya is classified as a city hotel of this resort. This budget 2-star hotel is located in the central part of the city and offers a good level of comfort at a good price. In other words, this hotel is ideal for overnight stays and safe storage your baggage, while you spend most of the day outside the hotel. In this small review of the Max Hotel in Pattaya, I will share my experience of living in it, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the Max Hotel in Pattaya, information about the cost of living and hotel services.

Location of Max Hotel in Pattaya, how to get there

Ma`x Hotel is located in the central part of the resort, on the Soi Post Office side street, which is easier to find as Soi 13/2. This lane is located between the Beach Rd and the Second Rd. The location is very good, because in 2-3 minutes walk from the hotel is located the central beach of Pattaya, which after the completion of the reconstruction should be a good place for a beach holiday. Below on the page is a fragment of the map of Pattaya, on which the location of the Max Hotel is marked. As you can see, Soi 13/2 Lane is located between two shopping centers – Royal Garden Plaza and Mike Shopping Mall. Therefore, this hotel is within walking distance of the famous Walking Street (less than 10 minutes walk) and the LK Metro area (also about 10 minutes walk).

Location of Max Hotel on Pattaya Map

To get to the Max Hotel is not difficult from the two main bus stations in Pattaya. If you arrive at Pattaya North Bus Station, the easiest way is to use local passenger pick-ups. Right at the exit from the territory of this bus station you will be offered to get to the hotel for 50 baht per person, including your baggage (if you have one). This is a good price, and you should be brought directly to the entrance of the Max Hotel. Among the shortcomings, you can only note that in the pickup there will be 8-10 people, and your hotel will not necessarily be first on the list, i.e. You can spend up to 1 hour on such a transfer. There is a faster option that is suitable for travelers without bulky luggage.

Initially, you need to use a motorbike taxi in Pattaya, and get there to the “crossroads with dolphins” (the road ring at the end of Pattaya North Street, where the bus station is located). A good reference point is the largest and newest shopping center in Pattaya – Tereminal 21. At the left of the intersection is the terminus of route pickups, which continue along the Beach Road. Leave immediately on Soi 13/2 – a lane between the restaurants Pizza Hut and McDonalds. The trip will cost 60 baht (50 per motorbike + 10 per pickup). Then you should go a few tens of meters along the 13 / 2.Max Lane Hotel located on the north side of the lane (on the left) in a building with a light green facade and a brown canopy. Above the alley you can see a large billboard “Max Hotel and Italian Restaurant”

Entrance to the Max Hotel restaurant (hotel reception desk on the right)

If you come to the southern bus station of Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi airport, then the way to the hotel will be even easier and faster. You have to cross the road in front of this small bus station and stop any passenger pickup (songthaew) that is moving to central Pattaya. The cost of the trip is 10 THB per person (there are cases when during rush hour you may be required to pay 20 baht (10 + 10) if you have a large suitcase with you). Then you go direct to Soi 13/2. You need to leave car after the transport passes the shopping center Royal Garden Plaza (it will be on the left as you go, and a big red plane on the facade of the building will be a good reference point). Then you should go a few tens of meters along the 13/2 lane, while the hotel will be on the right.

Overview of the Max Hotel in Pattaya

Max Hotel can be called a classic city hotel in central Pattaya. The hotel is located in a 5-storey building, which has an Italian restaurant on the ground floor, pool tables and a reception desk (to the right of the entrance). Since I booked the hotel in advance, check-in at the hotel was very fast. Upon check-in, I had to make a deposit of 500 THB for using a magnetic card, which serves as a key in this hotel. The deposit was returned to me in full at the time of check out.

Max Hotel Restaurant Bar and stairs to hotel rooms

Rooms are located on floors 2,3, 4 and 5, which can be reached via stairs or a modern elevator. I lived on the 3rd floor and preferred to use the steps. I really liked the interior design of the halls on the floors, which is made in the Oriental style. The decoration materials used wood and stone, there are paintings and bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the Ramayana (and, perhaps, the Kama Sutra). Also present is carved wooden furniture. Not very bright lights and warm colors contribute to creating an even greater romantic mood in the hotel. When booking a non-smoking room, the smell of cigarettes was not feel.

Bed in standard room Max Hotel (Pattaya)

I stayed in a standard Max Hotel room, which had a wide and comfortable bed, a TV (small but flat-screen TV), air conditioning, a refrigerator, a wardrobe with a built-in safe and plastic hangers, a ceiling fan. From the furniture there were also bedside tables, a small table, a soft chair and a large mirror on the wall. The room had a window, but the view of the wall of the neighboring building was not very picturesque and I preferred closed curtains. In the superior rooms, the view from the window is much more interesting. The room is decorated with carved wooden elements, a two-level ceiling with built-in lights gave the room a more respectable look.

Separately, we should talk about the bathroom Max Hotel in Pattaya. Despite the fact that this is a cheap hotel of 2 stars category, its bathroom looks quite solid. Partly this contributes to the decoration of the walls with light marble tiles. In the bathroom you will find a large sink on a chrome stand, a modern toilet and a shower stall with plastic doors. In fact, even in the more expensive hotels in Pattaya (and other cities in Thailand), a shower stall is not standard on the bathroom. As a rule, a shower in Thai hotels is simply fenced off by a concrete partition from the toilet area, and sometimes it is not fenced at all. Also in the room were soap, shampoo and shower gel. All this makes me put the bathroom Max Hotel highest rating.

Bathroom in Max Hotel (Pattaya)

What you can find close to Max Hotel in Pattaya

If you do not want to eat in the Italian restaurant Max Hotel, you can always buy inexpensive street food directly in Soi 13/2. Restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonalds, Thai and Indian restaurants are within walking distance. Nearby there are massage parlors (not all of them actually specialize in massage), bars (including the famous The Pump Station bar), Miami A Go-Go club, Pattaya post office (I sent Christmas cards from this post office), exchanges currencies with a good exchange rate for Beach Rd and Second Rd.

Directly on Soi 13/2, there is a 24-hour Family Mart network store (closer to Beach Road), and on the corner of Soi 13/2 and Second Road is the 7Eleven store. Also on the side street you will find several tourist offices, a visa center and a pharmacy. In general, the transport accessibility of Max Hotel allows you to quickly and inexpensively get to almost any point of the resort. Max Hotel has its own laundry, but I only stayed for one day and did not use this service.

The cost of living in Max Hotel (Pattaya)

I booked this hotel on the day of check in using Hotellook smart search (direct link to the hotel) and got a very good price – 573 THB (or 17.6 USD at the exchange rate at that time). If you want to check in to the hotel without prior booking, then you will pay 700 THB for a standard room or 850 THB for a superior room. Of course, subject to availability room: the hotel is very popular, especially during the high tourist season in Thailand. For example, I could not move into the Max Hotel in December 2018, just because of the lack of available rooms on the dates I needed.

The cost of staying at the Max Hotel without online booking

In other words, I advise you to book this hotel in advance, but with a good price (below 700 THB for a standard room). If you are interested in the possibility of having a wire to the guest room, then right at the front desk it is stated that you can spend 2 girls in the room for free, and for a third you will have to pay an extra 300 THB. At the same time, girls must have an ID card with them. For an extra THB 400, you can extend your stay at the hotel until the evening. According to numerous reviews, you can leave your belongings at the Max Hotel after check-out, and luggage storage will be free.

My impressions of staying at the Max Hotel

Given the low price, Max Hotel is a very good option for staying in Pattaya. Despite the presence of a number of entertainment facilities in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, external noise does not interfere with sleep, i.e. the rooms remain quiet. I recommend this hotel for those travelers and tourists who prefer to spend a minimum amount of time at the hotel, but for whom comfort, a stylish interior, availability of all necessary infrastructure and transport accessibility at any time of the day is important. Max Hotel in Pattaya really looks better than its price and is one of the best hotels in terms of price / quality ratio.


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