Miracle House (Soi Lengkee, Pattaya) – from $15/night

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This budget hotel in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya ) has the highest rating among all the hotels on this list. More than half of the hotel guests gave him a high score, so the average score was 86/100, which is really a lot for a budget class hotel. The hotel is located in the eastern part of Soi Lengkee, near Pattaya 3rd Road. Door of Miracle House hotel from the yard, so your landmark – building Clean Guest House and Retox Sport bar, you need to get around. If during your travels you are accustomed to use the navigator to find hotels, you can use the following coordinates: latitude:  12°55’39″N and longitude: 100°53’10″E.

Popularity of this hotel and his high rating because to good location in the resort (close to one of the routes of the tuk-tuks in Pattaya), comfortable clean rooms and the availability of additional services in the hotel. All rooms are equipped a good air-conditioning, a comfortable king size bed, wireless Internet Wi-Fi, private bathroom with toilet. Many rooms have a fridge and a safe for keeping your valuables. Also, many rooms have a balcony where you can have breakfast or dinner products bought at the nearby store or at the many street food vendors.

The easiest way to check a available rooms in this inexpensive but very popular hotel Miracle House on Soi Lengkee – the use of the widget at the top of the page. Simply fill in the dates of your arrival date and check-out and click on the button “Show prices”. If there are available rooms – you can book them at the best price among all popular reservation systems. I draw your attention that the price is always final and includes all taxes and fees, which is very convenient (just other search engines often indicate only the basic cost than mislead travelers).

High rating of the hotel, friendly staff and the low cost of living are often the reason that the number of rooms available in the next few days it does not. If you want to be sure to stay in this cheap hotel in Pattaya, I advise you to book a room in advance, at least for the first few days after your arrival at the resort. You can click on the arrow at the top of the page to go to the next low-priced hotel in Soi Lengkee or use the link below to go to the main list.

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