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The only one currently online webcam Phuket, which is set on the Nakalay beach on the west coast of the island. The place of installation of the webcam is a five-star hotel Thavorn Beach Village & Spa, which is located directly on this beach. Nakalay Beach not very well known among tourists (because in some way is kept private for the hotel Thavorn Beach Village & Spa and neighboring hotel), but it is located only 4 kilometers from Patong Beach. This means that to get from the hotel to the lively and bustling places of the island, if desired, may just 5-7 minutes by taxi or rent transport – car or motorbike. Due to the fact that you can not find among hundreds of hotels on the island, a lot of Phuket hotels, which are located on the beach (not across the street), Thavorn Beach Village & Spa is included in the list of the best Phuket hotels with a private beach, which can be found at a separate page.

In the foreground you can see big territory of the hotel and more than a dozen separate bungalow with beautiful roofs, made in classic Thai style. Unfortunately, this  webcam not show you a hotel pool, which is located practically on the beach. On the left in the frame, you can see only a small part of the pool, which is very beautiful because of their figured shape, large size and is surrounded by tropical plants, palm trees, decorated with natural stone and artificial waterfalls. For more information about the hotel can be found at the link posted above. A little further – the strip of sand directly on the beach and the sea. Due to the fact that the hotel is situated on a hillside, a webcam mounted high above sea level.

This allows you to see not only a part of the hotel Thavorn Beach Village & Spa and Nakalai beach, but also a significant portion of the Andaman Sea – almost the entire area of Patong Bay. With this webcam Phuket you can see directly famous Patong beach on the horizon. But because of the long distance you can see only the surrounding hills and Patong Tower – the tallest building in the neighborhood. Also, this webcam, which works around the clock allows you to monitor the weather in this part of the island. At night, the visibility deteriorates markedly due to lack of natural light. Enjoy watching!

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