Pattaya webcam – Jomtien Beach and Pattaya park


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New online Pattaya webcam is set in one of the skyscrapers in the southern part of the resort and allows to survey the terrain in the area of one of the cleanest beaches in the city Pattaya – Jomtien (Jomtien beach). D 2016 field of view was markedly enhanced by the fact that the webcam Pattaya has been turned over to the sea. Therefore, in addition to the trees on the coastal street and the sea with the islands, you can see the tower of the hotel Pattaya Park, where, if desired, may come down to bungee for a fee. Also with the help of the online camera as before you can watch the sun set, quickly sliding down behind the horizon in islands, located close to Pattaya (previously it was possible to make with the help of a web camera to Jomtien, which now does not exist, and that was established in the southern part of the beach and the title also turned towards the sea.

Use the widget of hotel located above, you can instantly check availability and price for your dates at once in all popular booking systems. I recall that the three-star hotel Pattaya Park is best suited for families with children, who would be interested to rest in the company of other children. A large hotel area, the presence of attractions, swimming pools and water slides will delight any child. For many, also important is the fact that the staff is not bad understands English, and right next to the hotel (which is located on the first line from the sea) have a very good by the standards of urban beach resort.

I remind you also that when updating the pictures on the hotel page widget is also changing. At night, the web camera switches to black and white mode. Online webcam on Jomtien Beach is started automatically after the page loads. The high location of the camera above the ground can cover almost the entire Dongtan Beach in Pattaya (a detailed overview of this beach will be present on pages soon). Due to the fact that in the period before the sunset at the camera fall almost direct sunlight visibility is deteriorating due to flare. However, when the sky above Pattaya there is some clouds, you can admire a very bright and colorful sunsets above Koh Lan island.

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7 years ago

Pattaya live webcam – Jomtien Beach and Pattaya park! – Are you sure???

6 years ago

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Walter Cook
5 years ago

Shame. None of your live webcams working today! I love looking at Pattaya. I miss it so until next time I visit

Walter Cook
5 years ago

None of your Live Pattaya webcams working. Please fix



Anton Weixler
Anton Weixler
4 years ago

No Camera is working, all defekt

4 years ago

wann der verwelkte Palm Ast herunter fällt oder entfernt wird ,ist es ein perfekter Blick aufs Meer und die Insel.
Einfach perfekt angebracht die Cam