Pattaya webcam – view of the sea and Koh Larn island


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A new live webcam in Pattaya, which is located in the southern part of this resort town. Thanks to the installation of the web camera at high altitude, we can see the extensive panorama of Pattaya in the vicinity of the Pattaya Park hotel. It is in this area that the a boundary between Pratamnak and Jomtien ranges. The hotel itself is known as one of the tallest buildings in the resort and, in combination, a small water park with an amusement park. However, the main feature of this webcam is that. that with her help we can watch the sun go down over the Gulf of Thailand. Despite the fact that Pattaya is located in the tropics, the duration of daylight hours differs in summer and winter. This means that the place of sunset over the horizon is also different. However, the location of this webcam allows you to see the sunset at any time of the year.

Another feature of the webcam is the opportunity to see a panorama of almost the entire island of Koh Larn – one of the best places for beach holidays in the Pattaya area. Of course, you can not see the beaches of the island with this web camera, because the distance to Ko Lan is about 10 kilometers. However, even at such a distance (in good weather), we can see that alongside the island of Koh Lan there are other small islets. More details can be seen while on the way to the island by ferry for 30 THB. You can get information about the easiest way to get to Koh Lan Island from Pattaya, how much will different transport cost and the actual schedule of ferries to various piers on the island – on the page “How to get from Pattaya to Koh Larn by ferry” and other articles site, relating to the island of Ko Lan near Pattaya.

Since the webcam is installed on the facade of one of the modern high-rise buildings in Pattaya, with this camera you can get a good idea of ​​the weather in the southern part of the resort and in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand between the city and the island of Koh Lan. Unfortunately, the tallest building of Grande Caribbean Condo Resort Pattaya partially covers itself with the view of the island. The distance from the sea to the webcam is about 1.5 km. Therefore, sometimes it may seem that we see not a live webcam, but a static photo of Pattaya. However, if you look closely, you will see a wide street of Teprasit (the The Prasit Rd) on the left below the webcam playback window, where traffic is almost always available.

Broadcast of the new Pattaya webcam overlooking the sea and Koh Lan island in the southern part of the resort is provided by Ivideon service, which offers video surveillance services around the world. This webcam is open 24/7, and at night the camera can switch to black and white. In some cases, the Pattaya webcam may be unavailable for some time for technical reasons or may require some waiting time before the playback starts. Enjoy watching!

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Anton Weixler
6 years ago

Meanwhile all webcams of Pattaya are out of order. Just a webcam from Earthcam. com Pattaya Beach seems to work without disruption for an extended period of time