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The original webcam on the Phuket island, with which you can travel back to the area of Phuket-Town, or rather in its oldest and most picturesque district. Neighborhood “Old Town” in Phuket is located in the eastern part of the main island settlements, which in turn is placed on the eastern coast of the island, which is bordered by the Bay of Phang Nga. Before the lens webcam is fairly quiet narrow city street with modern cars parked on both sides of the street.

A distinctive feature of the Old Town in Phuket is a unique blend of Chinese and Portuguese architecture, which can be seen in the appearance of the buildings in this part of town. Mixing styles observed due to active trading, which led the Chinese merchants with the Portuguese and the Dutch. It was an important strategic location of Phuket on the west side of the Malay Peninsula has led to the fact that more than a hundred years ago, there are already functioning is an important international port and the city is actively built up by Europeans and Chinese, to learn from each other’s different stylistic techniques.

On the left in the frame stands out in black and yellow sign Sin & Lee. Externally, the store is not much different from dozens of other old shops in Phuket, but this is a place with a long history. It Sin & Lee is the first grocery store. which was opened on the island and it happened in the late 19th century. Like most online Phuket webcams, this camera operates around the clock. At the same time, unlike some, even at night there is excellent bright lighting that makes it possible to view streets in the Old Town district of Phuket, at any time of day without restrictions. Have fun and memorable vacation in Phuket!

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