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Bangkok is a real city of contrasts, which is visited annually by millions of tourists from all over the world. Dozens of interesting places in the capital of Thailand, therefore it is not quite right to advise all categories of travelers at once, which places they can to visit in Bangkok. All people are different and all have their own interests and preferences for recreation and entertainment. Therefore, instead of one very large article, there will be several reviews of interesting places at once. On this page i present you Top 10 places, which you can visit in Bangkok for free or for a symbolic fee (donation).

For the convenience of planning the your routes in Bangkok, the time of work of the described attractions will be indicated, as well as the best time to visit. As a result, you will learn the best places with no entrance tickets to Bangkok in the afternoon and in the evening, which you can visit on your own. Items in the article are arranged in an arbitrary order, i.e. This is not the rating from the best to the worst or from the most uninteresting to the most interesting. I’m sure that after reading, you yourself can decide: what deserves your attention, and what can be excluded from the program of stay in Bangkok. Anyway, i advise you to get acquainted with a selection of Bangkok tourist maps with sights for better orientation in the city.

To ensure that the article is not too voluminous, you will find only brief descriptions of places of interest in Bangkok, which can be viewed free of charge in Bangkok. But if you want, you can click on links to individual articles (some are still being prepared) and get more information about the object of interest (where is located (including satellite coordinates for the navigator), how to get there (faster, easier or cheaper), how much time better to plan for a visit, etc.). Given this information and taking into account your personal interests, you can easily create an ideal route for yourself that will allow you to view in Bangkok for 1 day, for 2 days or more days in this city the maximum number of interesting places.

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Best places to visit in Bangkok for free!

In Bangkok, there are many interesting places to visit, which anyone can visit for free. At the same time, I was convinced on my own experience that the impressions from visiting such places are no worse, and often even better, than from visiting places for which a fee is charged. As a rule, you can look in Bangkok for free those places, access to which is open from early morning until late evening, so the description will indicate the recommended time for visiting.

Despite free admission, in some places for more fun you can spend a little money on related services (rent a bike or boat, buy food for birds or fish, ride attractions or just buy yourself exotic Thai fruits or ice cream). But since all this is purely voluntary, all these objects are included in the category of those, which you can visit in Bangkok on your own and for free. Also in some places with free entrance you need to make a small donation. Usually it 10-20 THB (or 0.25-0.5 USD).

1. Lumpini Park

Open from 04:30 am to 09:00 pm

  • Lumpini Park in Bangkok - an oasis of calm and silence in the city

Even if you have never been to New York, you probably heard many times about the Central Park of this metropolis and could see it in dozens of Hollywood movies. Lumpini Park in Bangkok – a similar place in the capital of Thailand, but, in my opinion, even more colorful. The entrance to Bangkok’s largest public park is completely free and you should definitely visit this place. During the creation (in the 1920s) of Lumpini Park in Bangkok was located on the outskirts of the city. Now it is a real oasis of silent and tranquility almost at the very center of a noisy metropolis. The park is very clean and you can not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages there.

Like the central park in New York, Lumpini Park in Bangkok is one of the best places to practice sports. More than 2.5 kilometers of park paths are suitable for jogging, cycling and simple hiking among bright tropical greens and tall palms. Also there is a swimming pool, fitness equipment and sports grounds. In the park there is a network of canals and a picturesque artificial lake, where you can ride a boat. If you are vacationing in Bangkok for only a few days or even a few hours, you can just stroll through this wonderful park. Everywhere you can see beautiful flower beds, bridges over canals, fountains, small sculptural compositions, etc.

Due to the large number of open spaces, you can forget for a while that you are in the center of a large city. And only modern high-rise buildings located along the perimeter of the park, remind you where you are. In the park Lumpini many big and small birds, and the trees jump gray and black squirrels. It was a little strange to meet in the park a large number of lazy cats. However, the main feature of the Lumpini Park, for which many tourists visit it, are large lizards that live near the lake and in the canals of the park. You can see these huge lizards at a distance of only a couple of meters. One time i made small video with lizards in Lumpini park. It is very easy to get to Lumpini Park: there are underground and underground metro stations – Sala Daeng and Lumpini, respectively. For more information, see the article “Lumpini Park in Bangkok – a detailed review”.

2. Wat Saket – Temple of the Golden Mount

Open from 07:30 am to 05:30 pm

  • View from the stairs of Wat Saket in Bangkok. From above even more beautiful!

Wat Saket, also known as the Temple of the Golden Mount, is located in the eastern part of the old city and for a long time was the tallest building in Bangkok. Here you need to clarify that the temple itself is not very high, but its location is the only artificial hill in the city with a height of more than 60 meters. This is one of the few popular temples that you can visit in Bangkok for free. However, in this case, you must donate at least 20 baht (about $ 0.5) for ascent to the observation deck of the temple. The temple is built on a hill of earth and brick, but now this hill is fortified with white concrete.

To climb to the top of the hill you need to make a climb of 318 steps. The stairs encircle the hill and one needs to climb up. The second ladder for those who descend from the mountain. It is not very difficult to climb, because the slope of the staircase is small, only in the middle of the day it can be a bit difficult because of the heat. But at the beginning of the way the view is very picturesque: thick bushes, thick roots of trees, stones and small waterfalls – all very beautiful. And if you visit Wat Saket in the winter (December-January), it’s also nice, because at that time jasmine trees bloom and smell.

During the ascent, you will see many bells and you can hit each of these bells. On the top of the hill, a very beautiful panorama of Bangkok opens 360 degrees. There is also a temple with the main golden stupa. By the way, this is one of the few temples of the city, when you visit, you should not take off your shoes. A good time to visit Wat Saket is the evening. At 17-00, a religious ceremony usually takes place, and an hour from the observation deck you can see a beautiful quick sunset over Bangkok. Wat Saket is not the main temple of the city and there are more local residents than tourists. But that’s what makes it somehow more soulful and natural, and the visit gives you only positive emotions. More details about the temple (how you can get to this temple, features, etc.) – on the page “Wat Saket – the most ancient temple in Bangkok”.

3. Chatuchak park in Bangkok

Open from 04:30 am to 09:00 pm

  • Beautiful bridge over a pond in Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

Another interesting place that you can visit in Bangkok for free from early morning until late evening. Chatuchak Park is located in the northern part of Bangkok and in reality there is not one, but just three interconnected parks. For walking, it will be enough to walk along the Chatuchak Park and the Queen Sirikit Park. Despite the neighborhood (the parks are shared by the road), they differ somewhat from each other. In the Chatuchak park there is one wide and long pond with beautiful bridges, you can rent a boat or a catamaran and ride on the water. Due to the large open areas and a small amount of shade, it is better to visit this park in the morning or in the evening. In the middle of the day it can be too hot.

But in the park of Queen Sirikit there are more shady areas, and this park itself is more like a botanical garden. You will see dozens of species of palm trees (their names are written on tablets), a garden of banana trees, a poultry house, a bamboo garden, a small rice field, a musical fountain and a picturesque pond with flowering aquatic plants. Due to the fact that the parks are located in the North Bus Terminal area of ​​Bangkok, it is convenient to visit them even during transit through the Thai capital. Near the Chatuchak park are two metro stations (underground and aboveground). Detailed information about the park is on the page “Chatuchak Park in Bangkok – green oasis in megapolis”.

4. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Open from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm (Sat, Sun)

  • Fruit in the market Chatuchak weekend in Bangkok (price per 1 kg)

Chatuchak is called the weekend market because of his work exclusively on Saturday and Sunday. Chatuchak market is one of the largest markets not only in Thailand, but all over the world. Typically, the number of visitors to this market exceeds 200 thousand people every week, with almost one in three of them – a foreigner. The market is really huge and without a map there one can get lost (a free card can be obtained at the entrance). But the quantity of goods that you can buy there is amazing. Clothes, shoes, souvenirs, dishes, paintings, antiques, products, plants, products made of wood, metal, ceramics, glass, leather, silk, plastic are far from a complete list of groups of goods that are sold on the market.

Everywhere you can hear different languages, sounds of animals and birds (also sold in this market), so when you visit Chatuchak market, you may be haunted by the feeling that you are in a medieval market and this feeling is very interesting. Despite the fact that Chatuchak market is a places to visit in Bangkok for free, you probably want to leave some amount of money there. Because such a variety of goods you will not find anywhere else in Thailand, and prices for most goods are lower than in other places in the country. The best time to visit is the morning hours, when the market is not too hot. But be prepared that a visit to Chatuchak market will take a lot of time – from 3 hours and up, so use comfortable shoes, hats and sunscreen, and beware of pickpockets. You can get to the same way as to Chatuchak Park. More details about the market and prices in this place – on the page “Chatuchak Market in Bangkok – a detailed review.”

5. Khao San Road (Khaosan Rd)

Round the clock, but more interesting in the evening and at night

  • Khaosan Road in the afternoon is a legendary street that you can visit in Bangkok

Perhaps this is the most famous street in Bangkok and the most desired for backpackers from all world, for which this street is the gate not only to Thailand, but in general to the countries of Southeast Asia. Khaosan Road has a very interesting history, and now it is a place where you can find cheap lodging at any time of the day or night, get acquainted with tourists from all over the world, buy tickets for buses to the islands or resorts of Thailand (although it is cheaper and safer to do it Through In other words, it is such a big “transit point” for tourists from all over the world. And Khao San Road today is not only a specific street in Bangkok with that name, but the entire surrounding area. A big role in the popularity of the street was played by the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, because exactly in a cheap hotel on Khaosan Road that the protagonist gets a card with a mysterious island in Thailand.

But even if you prefer to live in other parts of the city, Khaosan Road can be viewed in Bangkok on its own and, of course, free of charge. The street is interesting, first of all, its atmosphere: it is unlikely that you will meet somewhere else such a mixture of foreigners in one place. In addition to cheap housing, in the street very democratic prices for street food, essential goods, massage, etc. And with the onset of darkness here begins a real noisy fun: night bars open, music rattles from everywhere, everyone gets acquainted and communicates in different languages. Khaosan Road in Bangkok may Like or may disike it, but this place definitely will not leave you indifferent. Therefore this place is recommended in any case to visit in Bangkok. More information on how to get to this street from the airport for only 120 THB and from other areas of the city, as well as find inexpensive housing – in the article “Khaosan Road in Bangkok.”

6. Asiatique – The Riverfront

Open from 05:00 pm to 11:30 pm 

  • The glowing ferris wheel is the visiting card of the Asiatique complex in Bangkok

Asiatique – The Riverfront is one of the most unusual places that you can visit in Bangkok on your own and for free. Despite the fact that Asiatique starts work at 11-00 in the morning, the best time to visit is the end of a light day in Bangkok and before closing. It is at this time that the complex is transformed and becomes as picturesque and interesting as possible. Despite the free entrance, you will probably have to spend here some amount of money, because everything here has to it. In the shopping and entertainment complex Asiatique you will find about 1500 small shops, souvenirs, clothes and food fairs, 40 cafes and restaurants, stalls with ice cream and snacks, and a large Ferris wheel. By the way, you can always see the Asiatique complex in real time, because there is located one of the live webcams of Bangkok.

The special coloring of the complex is due to its location in the city and stylistics. The Asiatique complex is located directly on the embankment of the Chao Phraya River, on the site of ancient warehouses and river piers that have been thoroughly restored. Even if you are not going to spend money on shopping, Asiatique can be a good place for an evening walk. In addition to the longest wooden promenade in Bangkok with benches and tracery pillars, the complex creates a pleasant atmosphere thanks to the beautiful alleys, fountains, etc. And, of course, very few people can resist the temptation to ride on a survey wheel with a height of 60 meters or at least be photographed against its background. On the page “Asiatique in Bangkok – shopping and entertainment complex” you will find more complete information about the facility and the ways of quickly and inexpensively getting to this place.

7. Bangkok Chinatown

Around the clock

  • Chinatown in Bangkok is an excellent place for visit for free

While visiting the capital of Thailand, you have a good opportunity to visit one of the most famous districts of this city – Chinatown. Many sources indicate that the Chinatown in Bangkok is the largest in terms of area and population in the world, so spending several hours visiting this place is a good idea. Especially if you do not have your own Chinese quarter in the city, and you have never been to such places on your previous trips. Getting into the Chinese quarter, which is formed in Bangkok by the big Yaowarat Road and the smaller streets and lanes adjoining it, you may be haunted by the feeling that you are not in Thailand, but in China.

The Chinatown is unique place to visit in Bangkok, because it is not only one of the largest and oldest (founded over 220 years ago) but also the only one in the world where Chinese speak not Chinese, but Thai. Many large and small red lanterns on the streets, signs with hieroglyphics, stone and gold dragons, bright Chinese temples you can see in Bangkok only there. And, of course, one of the main symbols of any Chinese quarter are the Chinese themselves and numerous shops, street trays, mobile shopping carts and numerous cafes and restaurants of Chinese cuisine. Active life in Chinatown of Bangkok is observed at any time of the day, therefore there are always a lot of tourists here.

The area features a large number of Chinese Buddhist temples, including the Golden Buddha temple with the world’s largest statue of pure gold (weight 5.5 tons at a height of 3 meters). You not only can visit this unique place in Bangkok for free, but also get a lot of useful things at very low prices. Those. Even if you are not very interested in Chinese architecture and culture, this place may interest you with very good shopping. The Chinatown is located to the east of the historical part of the city, therefore there are no metro stations nearby, and it’s better to get there by cheap Bangkok taxi or water transport. On the “Chinatown in Bangkok” page you can find more information about this area and how to get here from various areas of Bangkok.

8. Erawan Shrine in Bangkok

Around the clock

  • Erawan Shrine is a sacred place that you can visit in Bangkok for free

The altar of Eravan is one of the popular places to visit in Bangkok for free and without spending a lot of time on it. The Erawan Shrine San Phra Phrom was established in 1956 and for more than 60 years it has been a real shrine to the Thais. The altar is a very beautiful pavilion of white marble, gold and precious stones on a small area in front of the Erawan Hotel. In the gazebo there is a gilded statue of the god Indra (Brahma) with four faces, each of which is turned to one side of the world. And the name of the altar and the hotel was named after the elephant Indra, whose name was Erawan. The altar of Eravan is a very revered place for Thais, because it is not just a tourist attraction, but a place of fulfillment of desires, where numerous local people and pilgrims from other cities and regions of Thailand come.

According to the local belief, all the desires that are desired at the altar certainly come true. Of course, for this it is necessary to leave a small gift at the altar. For example, a garland of bright colors, an elephant figurine, an aromatic candle or something from food (usually boiled eggs). Near the altar is always crowded, and by the huge number of candles and flower garlands it’s easy to make sure that thousands of people visit the altar daily. Also you can see next to the altar of dancing girls in national clothes. This means that the next wish was fulfilled and someone decided to thank Indra for it by making a donation. Since the Altar of Eravan is located in the central part of the city and very close to the station of the aboveground metro, it is easy to reach. More on this – on the page “Erawan Shrine in Bangkok – the place of fulfillment of desires.”

9. Giant Swing of Bangkok

Around the clock

  • Giant swings can be viewed in Bangkok for free. Noticeable from afar.

This sight you can visit in Bangkok for free at any time convenient for you, because the giant swings in question are installed on one of the small city squares. The bright red construction on the high supports, which can be seen from afar and take for the high gate, is in reality an old swing that was used for one of the ceremonies. Modern giant swings were updated only about 10 years ago: the supports from the 200-year-old teak were completely replaced and a special paint was applied. The ceremony, during which people died, was also banned for a long time. But the swings itself has long been one of the symbols of Bangkok and one of its unique attractions. The installation site of the Giant swing is the square near one of the most ancient temples of the city – Wat Suthat.

By the way, for the people of Bangkok and Thailand, the temple, and not the gate, is much more valuable. Wat Suthat, which was erected in 1807, enters the six most revered temples in the Kingdom oа Thailand. For entering the temple you need to pay (leave a donation) in the amount of 20 baht. Inside the temple you can see unique frescoes and many statues, and along the exterior walls of the temple there are more than 150 Buddha images. All the entrance gates to the temple are made of natural wood, while at one of the gates worked Rama II – the ruling at the time the King of Siam. Perhaps, you should not go from a distant area of ​​the city just to look at the Giant swing. But if you make a tour of the historical part of Bangkok, then you can see the swing and the ancient temple. Moreover, they are located within walking distance from the Temple of the Golden Mountain (Wat Saket) and the main attractions of Bangkok with a paid entrance, which will be discussed in detail in a separate article.

10. River trip around Bangkok

From 08:00 pm to 06:00 pm 

  • One of Thailand's most beautiful temples can be seen free of charge during a river walk

The use of river trams is one of the best ways to look in Bangkok for free not only on the sights of the city, but also just on the city from the river side. Of course, for a trip on a river tram, a fee is charged, but this trip costs only 14 baht (less than 0.5 USD), and everything that you see from the board while driving – you will see for free. The Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, along which such a river walk passes, is the main transport artery of the city. And for the most budgetary river trip, during which you will see Bangkok from a different angle, it is important to know and remember a few important nuances. The best place to start your water excursion is the Sathorn Pier, located next to Bangkok Saphan Taksin Station (Silom Line). The pier is next to the bridge across the river and is known that almost all river routes stopping on it.

For the convenience of passengers, all river transport is marked with colored flags on the roof and at the end of the vessel. The cheapest – at all without those. Payment is made after boarding to conductor, which will suit you. It is advisable to remember before the excursion the numbers of piers where you can go ashore for sightseeing. By the way, some of the objects that you can see while traveling on a river tram, you can see with the help of live webcams of Bangkok. If your goal is to simply watch for free in Bangkok as much places as possible, you can sail on the tram until the end of the route or pier No. 9 of Tha Chang (area of ​​the Wat Arun temple and the Royal Palace) or to pier №13 Phra Arthit (Kaosan street district). Before a trip, it is best to plan your itinerary in advance. On the page “River transport in Bangkok – convenient and cheap” you will find detailed information on the use of river trams, differences in their types and costs, as well as a map of the river transport in Bangkok.

List of TOP-10 of places to visit in Bangkok for free, is completed. If one of you has already visited Bangkok and knows some other interesting places to visit in the capital of Thailand – write about it in the comments to this article. Also in the near future will be added similar articles that will also allow you to plan your holidays in Bangkok and its surroundings, but with a set of other facilities and a paid entrance. Enjoy your trip!

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