Sarasin Bridge – live webcam Phuket (Thailand)

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A new webcam Phuket, which is located on the northernmost tip of this tropical island. Perhaps for some it will be a surprise, but the island of Phuket, popular with tourists from all over the world, is only 400 meters from the mainland, and at one time was not an island at all, but a peninsula. The main tourist place that you can see in real time with this Phuket webcam is the Sarasin Bridge. This bridge more than 50 years ago (in 1967) for the first time connected Phuket with the “big earth” (until that moment there was only a ferry connection between the island and the mainland). The bridge was named after the famous Thai-Chinese family, which since the 19th century played a crucial role in the business and politics of the region.

Multiple increase in the number of cars in Phuket led to the fact that the Sarasin Bridge stopped coping with traffic and at the beginning of this century (in 2011), a new bridge was built near this bridge – a broader and more modern one. By the way, a new concrete bridge, called the bridge Thepkasattri, you can also see with this online Phuket webcam. Currently, the old bridge is closed for traffic, but this is an excellent place for walking. The Sarasin Bridge is especially popular at the end of the day, when tourists and locals have the opportunity to watch the sunset and simultaneously observe the Andaman Sea and the picturesque Phang Nga Bay.

In the central part of the bridge there is a special viewing platform in the form of a platform between two towers with steps. The Sarasin Bridge has a special night illumination, so this is a really good place for walking. The only obstacle to visiting the bridge is the high cost of a taxi in Phuket, because for a trip to the north of the island and back any taxi driver takes a lot of money. But if you understand that car rental in Phuket is much more profitable and more convenient than a taxi, a trip to the Sarasin Bridge will not be too expensive for you. Near the bridge (on the side of Phuket) there are mobile points with delicious local food, fruit and drinks, and literally 50 meters from the bridge on the mainland you will find an excellent seafood restaurant and you will be able to enjoy dishes from the freshest seafood.

By the way, the strait between the island of Phuket and the mainland is a very fishy place: almost every day you will meet here local fishermen with fishing rods and other gear. Particularly popular is night and night fishing, when a flashlight is used for fishing. On both sides of the Sarasin Bridge there are small sandy beaches, but during swimming you have to be very careful. Under the bridges there is a strong sea current, and with its small width this strait is very deep. Phuket’s webcam with a view of the Sarasin Bridge works around the clock, and the actual time and date you can see under the image. Enjoy watching!

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