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A new street-based live webcam in Pattaya, which is located in the central part of the resort. The place of installation of this camera is the sports bar The Queen’s Arms, which belongs to the network of sports bars Retox Group. The new sports bar was opened in 2017 and it is located on the famous Soi Buakhao (Soi Buakhao), which is located between Second Rd and Third Rd in Pattaya. This area is known primarily among those foreigners who live in Pattaya for a long time and prefer to live in inexpensive hotels and private apartments. As you can see with this Pattaya webcam, Soi Buakhao is an important transport artery of the city, therefore, almost at any time of the day and night, there is an active traffic movement, consisting not only of private cars and motobikes, but also public transport – passenger pickups.

Last year, a real sensation was the statement of the city authorities resort that on the Soi Buakhao will be prohibited the movement of passenger pick-up trucks. The need for such a ban was due to the narrow streets and frequent traffic jams. However, many months have passed and we can see in real time that the passenger pick-up trucks are still driving along the street and enjoy the invariably active demand both among tourists and local residents. Find the new sports bar The Queen’s Arms, where this live webcam is installed, is very simple. The landmark is the well-known in Pattaya café and hostel called 18 Coins (it is located on the opposite side of the street). Also for someone, there may be a good reference point for the Soi Lengkee, which intersects with Soi Buakhao nearby, little bit more to the north, a few dozen meters from the webcam (if you move to the right). By the way, on this street there are a number of inexpensive hotels (see Best cheap hotels in Soi Lengkee (Pattaya): from $12/night!) and a food market with one of the lowest prices for ready meals in the entire resort.

Like the sports bar The Queen’s Arms, the webcam works online 24 hours a day. This means that you can watch this webcam at any time convenient for you. Even after dark with a web camera, you can very well see everything that happens on this busy street – thanks to street artificial lighting and the light of the headlights from the transport. Since the translation of this webcam is organized using Youtube video hosting, you have the option to choose any video quality. If you want to see Pattaya online in the best quality, choose Full HD (1080p) video in the standard Youtube settings. And if you have limited Internet traffic, you can choose a video with a lower quality. The broadcast of this Pattaya webcam is provided by the Youtube channel
The Real Samui Webcam
. Enjoy watching!

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5 years ago

I want to hear live sounds from the street as well, can you start the microphone?

Anton Weixler
Anton Weixler
5 years ago

There are not any streaming live camera working in Pattaya, all defect. In other countrys much better.