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Live webcam in Pattaya, installed in the alley Lengkee (Soi Lengkee) at the sports bar building (Retox Sport Bar). The viewing area of the webcam gets almost all Lengkee lane that connects Third Street Pattaya (Pattaya 3-rd Road) and known Buakhao lane (Soi Buakhao). Those, himself Lengkee lane is located in the city where it’s easy to find cheap accommodation and find a night entertainment for everyone close to the place of residence. Suffice it to say that Soi Lengkee practically adjacent to the quarter LK Metro, with its bars and nightlife A Go Go clubs. In the alley, in addition to the sports bar mentioned above, there are many cheap hotels and guesthouses, most of which offer a very comfortable accommodation for a reasonable price.

Many of the hotels and guesthouses have tiny balconies, which is enough space for a small table and chairs where you can spend some time, for example, if you like to have breakfast or dinner at the hotel (or have bought on the street fruit for eat in your room). Also from the balcony just interesting to see what is happening on the street, because the real kind is usually in any case a more detailed and interesting than the transmitted using this online webcam Soi Lenkgee Pattaya. I myself lived at one of these establishments and accommodation seemed quite comfortable, because for 600 baht here you can easily find a nice room with a double bed, air conditioning, a modern bathroom and a balcony.

The truth, is every day to get to the Bali Hai Pier (to sail to Koh Larn) and back eventually got tired and had to change the housing on a more familiar area – Pattaya Walking Street. If still someone is interested in this area – I can advise to choose the hotels or guest houses on the south side of Soi Lengkee where the sun will not heat the room during your absence. Speaking of transport in high season: if in the day time you can still quickly get on Soi Buakhao a shuttle tuk-tuk with a transfer, then in the evening due to traffic jams did not save even a motorcycle taxi and sometimes was within walking distance (about 20 minutes) faster in Pattaya.

All lovers of massage also recommend this area because of massage parlors here and in the adjacent (parallel) street (Soi 25) set. Webcam on Soi Lengkee Pattaya operates around the clock and starts automatically. Sometimes before start you must wait a few seconds. In connection with the rotary organization webcams Pattaya, you have to simply click on the arrow at the top of the page to go to the next resort webcam. If you are interested in viewing some individual cameras, you have the opportunity to return to the main page with list of Pattaya webcams (link below), and choose from the list you are interested in the camera. Happy viewing and enjoyable travel to Thailand!

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