The main beach of Poda Island – Krabi live webcam


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This original webcam is located on one of the most beautiful islands of Krabi province – Koh Poda. The island is located about 7 kilometers from the mainland and the easiest way to get here by boat from the resort village of Ao Nang. Poda Island is one of the symbols of Thailand and another hallmark of Krabi province. Surely you have seen a lot of Thai photos, which depict a very beautiful white sand beach and a very high rock in the water off the coast. This is the landscape you can now see in real time with the help of a new webcam on the island of Poda in Thailand. Online camera is located in the northern part of the island, almost on the territory of a sandy beach.

The sand here is so white that in the middle of a sunny day it can make the eyes a little blind. However, because of the white sand on the beach and in the water, this place is so bright and picturesque. As a rule, the lighter the seabed, the more beautiful and brighter the water on the beach. And in this regard, the island of Poda will not disappoint its visitors: the water here is not only very clear, but also beautiful. The color of sea water on the island of Poda can vary from bright blue to emerald green and depends on the position of the sun above the horizon, as well as on the ebb and flow. As a rule, the ebb of the island is pronounced and the beach becomes shallow, and the water at this time takes on a greenish tint. In the background, you can see the outlines of the mainland with high cliffs near the resort village of Ao Nang, from where sea excursions called “4 islands” (including Koh Poda, several small neighboring islands and Pranang beach on the Railay peninsula).

The island of Poda, which can now be seen using the live webcam of Seeitlivethailand, is surrounded on almost all sides by a sandy beach. Most tourists who visit the island, prefer to stay on the north beach, near the beautiful rock. There is a shadow from the trees, where you can hide from the bright Thai sun. Most boats from the mainland arrive on the island on this beach too. Therefore, a flock of wild monkeys often come to the beach and begin to ask for food from tourists. In fact, feeding monkeys is prohibited here and you can pay a fine of 500 THB for violating this rule. However, the monkeys are very arrogant and do not hesitate to steal things and products from backpacks of tourists, while the latter bathe in the sea. So do not forget to keep track of your belongings and enjoy the pleasure of visiting Poda Island or watching this Krabi province webcam in Thailand. Enjoy watching!

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