View of the Wongamat beach – webcam Pattaya


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This webcam is mounted on a high-rise hotel Cape Dara Resort, located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand near the northern part of Pattaya. The camera focused on Wongamat beach, and provides an excellent overview of the coastline, including the entire area for swimming, a small pier, green areas on the beach and a chain of modern high-rise buildings. A distinctive feature of this web camera in Pattaya is a periodic change of perspective: general view of the beach can be replaced by a more detailed view of the central part of the beach. For more detail review of beach, you have to wait 1-2 minutes. Then you will see Wongamat scourge from all its angles. Confirmation that the camera broadcasts online, is located in the upper part of the image information line with the current date and time.

I want to mention one thing. To avoid the effect of “blinding” in contact with the web camera to direct sunlight, was used a special filter, which leads to some deterioration in the brightness of the image, ie, environment turns darker than it really is (sometimes a day seems a little cloudy, but this is not true). At night, the camera transmits the image only in black and white format. In 2015 was improved clarity and color of one of the most popular resort webcams. Personally, I really like this online webcam Pattaya, because a Wongamat beach is one of the best in the resort and I been happy to visit him every time when i stay in Pattaya.  I remind you that you can read a detailed review of Wongamat beach with photos and video on a separate page.

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