Webcam in Foto Hotel on the Kata Noi beach (Phuket)


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The original webcam on the island of Phuket, located in the western part of the island, close to its southern tip. The hotel itself is situated on a hill above the sea, so the webcam Foto Hotel is set high above the ground, and allows you to see quite an extensive stretch of coast, which includes almost the entire length of the Kata Noi beach, hotels and other buildings on the first and second lines of sea, as well as acting in the Andaman sea, a hilly promontory, which is the natural southern boundary of Kata Noi beach in Phuket.

Foto Hotel, which is set this webcam Phuket, is a design hotel, which is positioned as a place for a romantic getaway. At the same time on the romance adjusts not only a great surrounding panoramic views, which including can be seen with the help of the web camera, but the bedrooms, even from photographs which it is clear that over their finished work by professional designers with good taste (by the way , new) are changed when you refresh the page photo on the widget. The hotel belongs to the category of 4 stars and has excellent reviews, by which its average score on the basis of more than 1000 reviews 8.4 points out of 10 possible.

Above you can find out the cost of rooms at the hotel on your dates, as well as their free availability, as the hotel is very popular. In the foreground Phuket webcams from Kata Beach Noi represented pool Foto Hotel, which due to its location and orientation is a favorite holiday destination for the guests. By the way, in the right part of the screen you will notice one more renowned hotel – Nook Dee, who also belongs to the category of 4 stars, has a pool (although the sea you can see is not with the whole basin, and only its southern part), it has an even higher average estimate (8.9 points out of a possible 10), and it is worth about 1.5 times cheaper than the Foto Hotel on similar dates.

The webcam works around the clock, as well as almost all other Phuket webcams online, a compilation of which is available on the, while at night, which in Thailand lasts almost 11 hours, the central object to observe it will pool having a bright light. A more distant sites on the coast and the beach itself in the dark and little visible outline of the coast can only be determined on a chain of lights on Kata Noi beach on Phuket. I wish you all a pleasant viewing and relaxation in Phuket!

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