Webcam in Maya Bay (Phi Phi Leh, Krabi)


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This new webcam is located on the uninhabited Thai island of Phi Phi Ley (Phi Phi Leh), which is located in Krabi province. Thanks to this, we can see in real time one of the main attractions of this province and one of the symbols of all of Thailand – Maya Bay. This is an amazingly beautiful bay, which is a small lagoon with emerald colored water. High steep cliffs, partially covered with tropical greenery, surround Maya Bay from three sides and, thus, protect this bay from Andaman Sea waves. The bay received world fame after the release of the movie “The Beach”, in which Leonardo DiCaprio starred.

This Krabi webcam on Phi Phi Leh is located almost on the beach of white sand, so we can admire this beautiful place at any time of the year. This is especially important for the reason that you are not able to see Maya Bay with your own eyes from the coast during your vacation in Thailand. This is due to the fact that Phi Phi Ley Island is a natural reserve, which received serious damage from mass tourism. Thai authorities were forced to close access for tourists to the island in 2018. That is why using the webcam Maya Bay in the province of Krabi, you can see not the bay, crowded with tourists and boats, but a a completely deserted beautiful beach.

Of course, the second option looks more attractive, because it is a beautiful deserted beach that everyone is used to seeing on tourist cards. The webcam broadcast by the Seeitlivethailand service operates online around the clock, but the best time to watch is the first half of the day in Thailand. Early in the morning and after 3:00 pm, the sun begins to set and the high cliffs cast long shadows on the water in the bay. As a result, sea water loses the very bright emerald appearance that makes Maya Bay so bright and beautiful. At night, due to lack of light, it is very difficult to see anything. In the lower left corner of the webcam there is a special timer indicating the current date and time in Thailand. Enjoy watching!

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