Webcam on Soi Buakhao 15 in Pattaya (Full HD)


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Another street webcam in Pattaya, which is located in the central area of ​​the resort (Pattaya Central). The location of this webcam is Soi Buakhao 15. At the same time, the number 15 means not the number of the house on the street, but the 15th lane adjoining Soi Buakhao. This small alley starts in front of the Nature View Hotel and ends near the The Avenue Pattaya Shopping Mall. Next to the webcam you can find inexpensive hotels and guesthouses, dental services and, as everywhere in Pattaya, massage parlors, beer bars and restaurants. The Pattaya webcam is installed on the facade of the building where the Thai Visa Express office is located, so first of all with this camera we can see in real time a section of the street that is located several dozen meters from Soi Buakhao.

Thai Visa Express has many years of experience in the field of professional advice and visa support for those who want to get a visa to the UK and Australia, as well as perform some other procedures relating to visas and passports. Moreover, in present time only Thai Visa Express has official permission to consult on a number of visa issues and the process of immigration to the United Kingdom and Australia for Thai nationals who may be their wives or girlfriends citizens of the United Kingdom or Australia. Such services are often provided by travel agencies, but at a higher cost of services, and they do not have formal qualifications and extensive practical experience. Also, Thai Visa Express provides consulting services for British and Australian citizens about obtaining Thai visas (in United Kingdom and in Thailand). A great advantage of this company are free consultations by phone and at the office.

Live webcam from Thai Visa Express on Soi Buakhao 15 operates around the clock. This means that you can watch this Pattaya webcam at the most convenient time for you. Moreover, after dark you can also see Pattaya online, because on Soi Buakhao 15 there is street artificial lighting. Live webcast of this webcam, which provides The Real Samui Webcam, is carried out with the help of popular video hosting Youtube This means that you have the opportunity to choose any available video quality. In cases where you want to see Pattaya online in the best quality, choose 1080p (Full HD) video in the standard Youtube settings. And if you want to see Pattaya online and at the same time save your Internet traffic, it’s better to choose a video with a lower quality. Also you have the ability to deploy the video in full screen when viewed on a personal computer or laptop. Pleasant viewing and rest in Pattaya!

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