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Another new online webcam Phuket, which is located on the area between Kalim and Patong beaches. Webcam is mounted directly on a highway that runs along the coast and separates the beach in this part of the island and the territory of hotels. Since the boundary between the beaches of Patong and Kalim conditional enough, most of the hotels in this part of the island declared as located on Patong Beach. Geographically, it is the most southern part of the Kalim beach, which begins a little south of the small stone ridge. The direct distance from the place of installation this online webcam to another webcam Phuket (at the road ring with dolphins) – only 350 meters. Given a bit of a winding road, the actual distance is slightly higher – about 400 meters. This means that from the territory of the Diamond Cliff Resort hotel to Patong Beach can be reached on foot in less than five minutes.

The webcam is mounted on an elevated above ground level, and at the same time on the hill, so with it you can see a significant stretch of coastline in the southern part of Kalim Beach. At first glance it is clear that this place is not ideal for swimming, because in the water a lot of stones and large rocks. In this area of Phuket you will not find a long and shallow sandy beach. Here you can swim, but only at a calm sea – in small bays between the heaps of rocks. Also, this place is not suitable for families with children, because entry into the water is very sharp – just a few meters from the shore already achieved great depth. The situation is further exacerbated located under water large stones, about which can be hit during your swimming.


On the other hand, if you swim well and know how to be careful, in good weather, you have the opportunity to swim in one of the small bays. Underwater stones in this case will be clearly visible, because the water is quite clear, and other people do not will interfere you to enjoy the sea. In the area of stones can be found a lot of fish and other living creatures underwater, and this will appreciate all the fans of snorkelling. In general, the entire beach Kalim not the best place for swimming, because even in the northern part, where a gentle entry into the water, the bottom is rocky and without special sneakers swimming does not deliver pleasure. However, if you liked one of the hotels in the area, you can find the best price using the form of metasearch posted above. And you not need necessarily to swim between stones.

Prior to the sandy shores of Patong Beach, as I mentioned earlier, can be reached in five minutes on foot. And to the center of all the nightlife of the island – Bangla Road – can be reached in about 15 minutes. If you are not interested to stay in this area, and you not want to stay even in classy five-star hotel as the Diamond Cliff Resort and Spa (with spacious bungalows, a restaurant and swimming pool overlooking the sea), you can just watch this webcam Phuket. Because this webcam installed near street lighting mast, you can at any time is good to consider the winding road and the stretch of coast. And in the light of the day you will also see a part of Patong Bay and its opposite shore, and the weather in Phuket online. Have fun!

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