Webcam Phuket – Patong Beach nearby Dolphins circle


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Another interesting new webcam Phuket, placed in the area of Patong Beach, nearby to the famous ring road with a fountain and sculpture composition “Dolphins” in the center. At about this point and extends boundary between the Patong beach and Kalim beach on Phuket island. Those. it can be said that the webcam is placed on the northernmost tip of Patong Beach. From this point begins exploring the beaches of the island for most visitors, which get to Patong Beach from Phuket Airport or from Phuket Town. A little further from the road you can see the set on the border of the beach large letters that form the phrase “PATONG BEACH”. This place is often the object against which the guests of the island like to take pictures for their home photo album, and for travel album in social networking.

This webcam located near the sea, therefore allows you to assess the state of the weather in Phuket Patong Beach area in the current time: lonely palm tree on the beach in the center of the playback window webcam is a good indicator of the wind. A big waves in Patong bay in webcam area which break about waterfront, will tell not only about the presence of wind, but also on how the wind is blowing from the sea (ie the wind is west direction). As for the fountain in the center of the circular area, then it works not always, especially during the low season in Phuket. Another object, which is clearly visible with the help of the Phuket webcams from Patong Beach, is a large electronic screen mounted on the waterfront.

And the right of the screen you can see a fragment of the building. It is a well-known seafood restaurant “Baab Kalim Restaurant & Seafood”, which can always be not only delicious to eat seafood, but do it while sitting and an outdoor terrace with views of the Andaman Sea in the area of Patong Beach in Phuket island . The webcam works around the clock, but the best time to view – light day in Thailand as pleasant to look at the bright tropical greenery and the sea, whose color (especially in sunny weather on Phuket) are incredibly azure. At night, a webcam Phuket nearby  “Dolphins circle” is sometimes switched off, as evidenced by the inscription on the bottom of the playback window and the actual time of the timer on the bottom left. Enjoy watching!

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