Webcam Phuket: the southern part of Patong Beach


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Interesting online webcam Phuket from Patong Beach, which was added in September 2016. As with several other new webcams of resort, this camera is placed in close proximity to the sea boundary, ie, in this case, right on the beach of Patong. Due to the high resolution (camera transmits images in HD quality), it became possible to examine in detail what is happening in this part of the resort. Firstly, in the web camera lens gets large plot of Patong Bay and almost the entire perimeter of the beach. And as a webcam directed towards the coast (north-east), even in the most clear sunny day the sun does not blind, but on the contrary – well covers all the territory, which can be seen.

In the foreground a webcam you can see the waterfront made of concrete with a metal parapet, which was established recently for security purposes. This area of Patong Beach in Phuket is a favorite spot for local fishermen. Not far behind the webcam into the sea flows into one of the rivers in Phuket, so the catch in this place is almost always pleases fans of fishing. By the way, this place is great noticeable difference between the periods when the tide on the beach of Patong beach and the sea low tide. At high tide, the waves break directly on the waterfront. During the storm, waves of the sea and all can roll out on the roadway. But here is the beach at low tide the sea is strongly transformed: the seabed near the shore and the sea dries out from the shore for many meters.

Of course, fishing from the shore at this time is impossible, but just in this time the section of the beach in the southern part of Patong good period for strolling tourists and locals, collecting seashells and a picnic on the beach. In the central part of the web-camera playback window you can see the tallest residential building on the beach – Patong Tower, which due to its height, visible from almost any part of this area of Phuket. Since in the area of web-camera installation has good artificial lighting, you can observe the life in Phuket, even after dark. I wish you all a pleasant view, and especially fond memories to those who have rested in Phuket and was walking in the area of installation of the webcam in the southern part of Patong Beach.

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