Webcam Phuket: view from the Patong Lodge Hotel


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Interesting online webcam Phuket, which was set in the popular area of Patong Beach in October 2016. At first glance, you may notice that the new Web camera placed high above the ground – about the level of the 4th floor or coconut palms kroons. Achieve this was possible thanks to the camera installed on the roof of the hotel Patong Lodge, which is classified as a three star and has a very high score on the basis of more than three hundred guests reviews 7.5 points out of 10 possible. For those who would like to not only enjoy the scenic views by using this web camera, but stay for a few days at the Patong Lodge Hotel, under a video you can see special widget of this hotel, with which you can find the best prices for accommodation in this hotel, comparing them in all the world reservation systems. When using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) is more convenient to use the widget in a horizontal orientation.

The hotel is really interesting from the point of view of living in it during the holiday in Phuket. As you can see with the help of online webcam, hotel is located on the first line from the beach (between the hotel and the coastal strip is a road, as well as everywhere in Patong). Despite the fact that Patong Lodge is situated in the most popular and populous beach in Phuket, the hotel has its own beautiful grounds with a large swimming pool of the original form and the green vegetation. This allows guests to feel more relaxed and comfortable. By the way, the pool in Phuket is never superfluous, especially during the low season on the island, when swimming in the sea can be difficult or impossible. A spacious, comfortable rooms with large windows will make your stay even more memorable and festive.

As the hotel is located behind the “Dolphin Circle” – in the area between the beaches of Patong and Kalim, walking tour to the famous Bangla Road – the center of nightlife in all of Phuket, will take approximately 17-20 minutes. But before the official start of Patong Beach will have to go only about 5-7 minutes leisurely pace. However, you can swim and closer – slightly to the right in front of the luxurious (and expensive) hotel Centara, there are a pharmacy, 7Eleven store and other objects of trade and services. If you are not interested in this hotel, you can simply admire the view from the roof of his views: the bright tropical greenery, the part of sea and high headland, which forms a large cove on Phuket’s Patong and Kalim beaches. At night this webcam Phuket switches to black and white mode. Enjoy watching!

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