Central beach in Ao Nang – big overview!

The main beach in Ao Nang, which has a similar name – Ao Nang beach – is located directly in the central part of the resort village and has a length of about 1400 meters (or almost 4600 feet). As a rule, it is from this beach that the first acquaintance with the Andaman Sea begins with after arrivals to the resort of holiday-makers. At the same time, the beach is not homogeneous and has some features and differences, knowledge of which will allow you to more consciously choose a place to stay at the resort and a place for beach holidays directly within Ao Nang. All useful information about Central beach in Ao Nang with photos and videos – in this article!

The entire main beach in Ao Nang can be divided into three large parts: southern, central and northern. This division is rather conditional and there are no visible boundaries, but at the same time this division allows us to describe in more detail each of the areas of this beach. Also I want to remind you that it is very easy to get to Ao Nang beach from the Krabi airport – you can ask more about this in the article Krabi Airport Guide – Review, Transfer, Flight Status.

Overview of the central part of Ao Nang beach

The central part of the Ao Nang beach is almost completely dedicated to the parking lot of long-tailed boats that carry travelers to the Railay Peninsula, to other beaches of the resort of Ao Nang and to the popular islands of the Krabi province. Also some organizers of sea excursions make landing and disembarkation of groups of tourists directly in the central part of Ao Nang beach. In the very near future a modern embankment with a beautiful walking  path in the shade of palms and other exotic trees will be built here. In early 2015, active work was carried out everywhere: curbs were installed, new tiles were laid, new steps were built to allow descent to the beach, etc. And in the same year, work on the improvement of this part of the beach was completed.

The central part of Ao Nang beach in the morning. Parking of long-tail boats

Due to the fact that almost the entire central area of ​​the beach in Ao Nang is occupied by several dozen long-tailed boats, which during the whole daylight is quite actively moored and sail back, it is undesirable to swim in the central part of Ao Nang beach. Not only because of safety, but also because of the high level of noise from the motors of long-tailed boats and, again, because of their large number of), not too transparent water. The central part of the Ao Nang beach is more suitable for morning or evening walks along the sea, and also for meeting the sunset ashore if you live in Ao Nang and have not forgotten to come to the embankment around 6 pm.

Sunset on the beach of Ao Nang (in the central part)

In the central part of Ao Nang beach, to the left of the place where the central road of the village going from Krabi turns right and continues along the waterfront for a while, there are good Ao Nang hotels of medium and highest price category, and a lot of massage parlors under canopies with more High prices for services than the average for the resort. The path along the beach here is kept clean and was recently paved with sidewalk tiles (see photo below). For more information on what is located in the central beach area of ​​Ao Nang (where to find affordable accommodation, where to eat, where to find inexpensive massage, it is beneficial to exchange money, have fun at night, etc.), you can get in a separate article “A short guide to the resort Ao Nang (Krabi) / The article is being prepared /

Central part of Ao Nang Beach – a new path nearby good hotels

Southern part of Ao Nang beach  – overview

More suitable for taking sunbathing and swimming is the southern part of Ao Nang beach. If you face the sea, then you need to move to the left. You can go either on the beach itself, along the boats at the water’s edge, and along the path along the beach, the beginning of which can be seen on the photo above. Walking along the boats, you should carefully look under your feet, so as not to catch on the numerous ropes with anchors coming from the boats and fixed in the sand on the beach. Walking along the beach along the embankment, you need to be prepared for the fact that the road all along the way will not be as good. Somewhere in the middle of the distance, instead of a well-maintained path, ordinary sand will begin. The path continues among the trees, and on the sides you can see small piles of garbage (behind the beach cafes) and several parkings for motobikes.

Ao Nang Beach – sandy path along the beach

Also this way to the southern part of Ao Nang beach you should not choose in that case, when you not love the increased attention to your person from the employees of massage parlors, cafes and restaurants. On the other hand, prices in cafes, especially where the paved path ends, are quite good, there are both traditional Thai dishes and dishes more familiar to foreigners. Prices for food and beverages are falling as you move away from expensive hotels. For example, many variants of pancakes can be purchased for 30 baht, which is very good for the Ao Nang resort, which in recent years is considered not very cheap (compared to other resorts in the country).

Cafe in the southern part of Ao Nang Beach. Cost of dishes (click to enlarge)

At the beginning of the southern part of Ao Nang beach, next to expensive hotels, there are a small number of sun loungers and umbrellas, however, over a longer stretch of beach all vacationers are forced to use their own mats that are sold everywhere in the resort, or lie on towels brought with them. Just want to reassure all those who know how to sunbathe in Thailand correctly and is afraid to burn skin: the advantage of Ao Nang beach is the presence of a lot of trees and bushes along the perimeter, in the shade of which you can wait out the period of the greatest daytime solar activity, although it is better to use a protective cream in any case.

View of Ao Nang beach (southern part) at noon

Vacationers are distributed on the beach fairly evenly, but closer to the southern tip of the people is still smaller, which is why this place in my opinion is most suitable for a calm and measured rest. Firstly, the noise from the engines of long-tailed boats here is slightly less, because they swim further from the shore. Secondly, there is practically no noise from land transport – cars do not drive there, and modern motobikes work quietly. Thirdly, it is in the southern tip of Ao Nang beach that there is a picturesque rock, which is pleasant to see as floating in the sea, or when you standing on the sand of Ao nang beach.

A steep rock in the southern edge of Ao Nang beach. View from the shore.

Unlike the central and northern parts of Ao Nang beach, the sea water here seemed to me the most transparent, and most importantly – the amount of silt at the bottom in this place is minimal, i.е. нis presence is almost imperceptible. If you already readed the article “Pai Plong beach in Ao Nang – big review”, you already know that at the end of Ao Nang beach a small river flows into the sea. In principle, the water in it is clear and clean, i.e. it does not seem like a sewage discharge, but I prefer to swim a little bit farther from it, about 50-100 meters. Especially when a high rock casts a shadow and the water next to the rock seems less picturesque than under direct sunlight.

Ao Nang beach – the southern part near the big rock

Behind a small river (or stream) is the most southern part of the Ao Nang beach, which is almost completely buried in the shade of large trees with branchy crowns. It is there that there is a staircase leading to the path to the beach of Pai Plong (the beach of the Centara Hotel). The southern part of Ao Nang Beach is also remarkable for the fact that wild monkeys often wander here, both adults and children. Willingly take food from your hands, but be careful with the kids, because adult monkeys can misunderstand your intentions and bite, and then everyone will be uncomfortable.

The southern extremity of Ao Nang beach – a four-handed friend engaged in begging

Northern part of Ao Nang beach  – my overview

As in the southern part of the Ao Nang beach, the northern one is also limited by rocks protruding into the sea. To reach the northern tip of the beach, you can again either by the shore past the long-tailed boats, or along the embankment. In the second case, sooner or later you will have to go down to the beach, as the main road turns to the right, and on the first line from the sea there is a number of hotels. The entire beach of Ao Nang is not very deep, and in the northern part it is noticeably clearest, especially at low tide. All the photos below are made at the time of a strong low-tide in the morning.

View of Ao Nang beach. Early morning at low tide in the northern part of the beach

In the photo you can notice that the beach is very flat, while such a small slope of the bottom continues at least 100-150 meters. Also, a distinctive feature of this part of the beach is a slightly muddy bottom. It does not interfere with swimming at all, since a small temporary turbidity of the water is noticeable only where the foot moves, and also directly at the shore, where the silt is lifted from the bottom of the wave. I admit that during the strong excitement, the quality of the water on the beach can deteriorate, as mud will not have time to sink to the bottom. I bathed in good weather with a little excitement and from the height of my height (183 cm) I could clearly see the feet, when i standing up to my throat in the water.

Ao Nang Beach. The northern part of the beach at low tide

Some of the inconvenience of bathing on this beach alone is due to the fact that things have to be left on the beach away from the sea line (because of the wet sand), and you have to swim because of the shallow depth of the sea at a great distance from the shore. Although monkeys who can take your things without a demand, it seems there was not seen, personally, I still was not completely calm. I liked the northern part of Ao Nang beach more as a place for a morning walk: a minimum of the people even in the high season, a wide band of sand (especially at low tide), miniature crabs running at the feet, a beautiful view of the calm sea. Also, many small shells are thrown ashore, many of which have a purple or a dark blue color.

Ao Nang beach (northern part at low tide) – a wide sand belt

As in other parts of Ao Nang beach, the sand here is shallow and soft, it is pleasant to walk around it like barefoot, or in beach shoes. Sun loungers and umbrellas are also not provided. Cafes and shops directly next to the beach there. In a more favorable situation – guests staying on the beach hotels that can sunbathe on the sun loungers of their hotels, just above the beach level, and also have breakfast on the beach in open restaurants. In the northern part of the beach Ao Nang (Krabi) grows a large number of trees with beautiful flowers, reminiscent of white swirls. Romantic natures can lay out of them on the sand the name of their beloved / loved one and send. If, of course, this most beloved person is not near …

On this review of the Ao Nang beach completed. If in the process of reading or viewing photos there were some questions – feel free to ask them in the comments, I will try to answer. Updated: added a video from the beach of Ao Nang (its southern part, as my favorite, more picturesque and pleasant for staying and swimming). Pleasant viewing and rest!

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