Dongtan Beach (Jomtien, Pattaya) – big overview!

Dongtan Beach in Pattaya is one of the tourist place of this resort with the most controversial reviews and the lack of specific information. There is an opinion that it is a beach for gays and it is better not to visit it at all (if you are natutal). But there are a lot of those who consider Dongtan Beach the best family beach in the resort. It’s time to figure out what this beach is, what are its advantages and disadvantages and whether it makes sense to settle in one of the nearby hotels. About all this you can find out in the detailed review of Dongtan Beach Beach in Pattaya with a lot of photos that you will also find on this page.

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Location of Dongtan beach in Pattaya

All the confusion with the location of Dongtan beach in Pattaya is due to the relief of the coastline: the coast of the resort from the alley Soi 5 Pratamnuk stretched for tens of kilometers to the south and is a practically homogeneous sandy strip that does not have any significant bends. There are also no natural and man-made objects such as sand capes, rocks, boulders, ferry piers, etc., along which it would be possible to establish a specific point where one beach ends and the next beach begins.

Even on the most recent maps of Pattaya in English, you will not find the exact boundaries of the three beaches located in this area (Dongtan Beach, Jomtien Beach and Na-Jomtien Beach). Therefore, you can often find information that Dongtan Beach begins near a police post in the Jomtien Beach area and ends already at the famous Pattaya Park Hotel. In reality, Dongtan beach does start at the indicated place (next to the police booth), but it extends further north to Soi 5 Pratamnak, and the Pattaya Park Hotel is located in its central part.

The beginning of a shady alley along Dongtan Beach (Pattaya)

How to get to Dongtan Beach in Pattaya

If you do not live directly in one of the hotels on Dongtan Beach, then you can get there by using various modes of transport in Pattaya. The easiest way is of course to get to the southern tip of the beach. To do this, you can use inexpensive local transport: the route of tuk-tuk (songthaew) in Pattaya passes directly next to the police booth already mentioned in the article. If you are traveling from Jomtien beach towards Dongtang Beach (ie north, towards central Pattaya), you must leave the songthaew in the point, where the route turns from the main street along the sea (Jomtien Beach road) and leaves to the right.

A small cafe on the alley at the beginning of Dongtan Beach

Well, respectively, if you decide to get to the southern tip of Dongtan beach from central Pattaya, you need to stop the songthaew as soon as it turns left and travels along Jomtien beach (you will also see a police post at the corner). If the southern part of the beach is not of interest to you (and perhaps frightening – but more on that below), you can use the Pattaya Park Hotel Tower or Southern Pattaya Bus Station for a landmark, and get down there closer to the central part of the beach and sea. The truth of the time it will take even more than if you had reached the police post.

The tower of the Pattaya Park hotel is an excellent reference point for Dongtan Beach

If you need to get to the northern part of the beach very fast, you can leave the route mof tuk-tuk (sonthaew) at the intersection of Thappraya Rd and Pratamnuk and descend along the long alleys of Soi 5 or Soi 6 directly to the sea. Diostance about a kilometer, so going back this way is not very convenient, because on the way back you will have to go up the hill, and the shadow that can save you from the heat is not special (if it’s a light time of day). In this case, you can use motorbike-taxi in Pattaya, which quickly drives you to the street with route of cheap public transport in Pattaya.

The road from Dongtan beach to Pratamnak street

In cases where you need to get to your hotel in the area of ​​Dongtan beach, for example, from the airport, it is better to see in advance its location on the resort map (links to many maps were higher) and choose the optimal option of transport. By the way, the road from the airport will be more simple if you choose the already mentioned south bus station of Pattaya or an option for 249 baht, which includes a shuttle to your hotel’s doors from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. More information on buses, their cost and the timetable from the airport can be found on the page “How to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya – all options”. Back to the airport is also more profitable to get from the southern bus station of the resort.

Overview of Dongtan Beach beach plots

A characteristic feature of Dongtan beach is a fairly clean sea: the water here is somewhat more transparent than on neighboring Jomtien, although the border between them is conditional. And compared to the Central Beach of Pattaya, you can swim in relatively comfortable conditions. Almost the entire length, and it is about one and a half kilometers by the Dongtan beach, the entrance to the water is quite gentle, at least near the shore, which is convenient for tourists with children. Of course, for fans of crystal clear water and snow-white sand, I recommend trips to the beaches of Koh Lan Island (for a detailed description vith the photo and video you can click on the link).

In the central part of Dongtan beach

Also, the distinctive feature of the beach is the pleasant paved path along the entire length of Dongtan Beach, 50 meters from the water’s edge, which is closed for traffic during the daytime: you can move on foot or by bike). Yes, and night time here is rumored very calmly: occasionally motorbike will pass and that’s all. Those. We can say that the hotels located here are on the first line from the sea, which is not too typical for the resort (almost everywhere between hotels and the beach there is a wide road with traffic).

Casuarina trees on Dongtan beach in Pattaya

Dongtan beach does not presuppose any official division into sections, but it is better for you to have an idea about this. And now more about each of the three parts. I’ll start with the southern part (the one that starts nearby the police post). The length of this site is about half a kilometer, and it is about this part of the beach that rumor goes that Dongtan Beach is a place for rest of people of non-traditional orientation (both gay and lesbian). Apparently, this is so: walking along the specified stretch of beach you can see elderly Europeans in thongs and young Thai guys.

Figured footpaths on the Dongtan beach (Jomtien Pattaya)

At the same time you can see a more young contingent from among the tourists, as well as several families with childrens, for whom you can not say that they are adherents of same-sex love. Rather, it shows that there is no debauchery on the beach and many people may not even know that this part of the beach has such fame. No one will find it shameful that a young Thai guy makes for pensioner or a cute muscular foreigner an ordinary massage in the shade of palms and other tropical trees.

Sunbeds at the water’s edge in the central part of the Dongtan beach

Infrastructure in the southern part of Dongtan Beach is not very developed: there are no cafes and restaurants, except for a couple of small cafes on the alley along the beach), there are no sun loungers with umbrellas, as well as water attractions. Those, this is one of the quietest and quietest places among all the beaches of Pattaya, where people can relax in the shade of trees. Of course, there are peddlers of fruits and drinks, so you will not die of thirst if you rest here. So all those who are not afraid of encroachments on their honor (and apparently are not need afraid of this), you can safely choose this beach area for a relaxing holiday without crowds of tourists and with excellent transport accessibility.

At the beginning of the central part of the beach. The man swallowed whole watermelon ))

The central part of the beach of Dongtan Beach begins in the Rabbit Resort area, and ends at Ban Hard U Thong Condominium. Almost at the center of this stretch of beach is the popular Pattaya Park hotel, the white tower of which has long time been the tallest building in the resort and is still visible from a distance (also available on one of the Pattaya live webcams). Unlike the southern part (“gay beach”), there are everything is arranged for family rest: there are umbrellas and sunbeds, popular water activities (aquabike, banana, boats). There are places for windsurfing. There is also a public toilet (can be visited for 5 baht) and shower (at a price of 15 baht).

A site with water attractions and beach volleyball at Dongtan Beach

Opposite the vast territory of the hotel Pattaya Park with an aquapark and attractions, right on the beach is equipped with a beach volleyball court. Judging by the number of vacationers with children, this is one of the main places for recreation in Pattaya with a child, i.e. In addition to the convenient beach and water park, hotels in nearby restaurants have playgrounds and, perhaps, a more comfortable for babies kitchen in hotel restaurants. By the way, despite the crowded day, in the evenings this area of Dongtan beach becomes quiet and peaceful, so lovers of traditional romance can quietly retire on the beach and enjoy the sunset and the rustle of waves in silence.

In the northern part of the beach is a gently sloping entrance to the water. On the horizon – Koh Lan island

The northern part of Dongtang Beach is the shortest (about 300 meters) and starts next to that place, where Pratamnuk Soi 5 fits almost to the beach itself and ends with a stony mound in the north. By the way, the northern part of Dongtan beach was adapted for rest only a few years ago, but in my opinion, not even to the end (the tracks are laid somehow not qualitatively, there is some rubbish and stones, and on the beach umbrellas and sunbeds were absent). On a rocky ridge in the northernmost tip of the beach, local fishermen like to stand with a fishing rod, and in the evenings it is in this area of ​​the beach that local youth gather and may be a bit noisy.

The northern extremity of the beach is rocky coast and fishing

Hotels on the Dongtan Beach (Jomtien, Pattaya)

If you carefully read everything written above, then, I think, you already know where you need or do not need to settle on Dongtan Beach. If you are not gay, then it’s better not to choose hotels in the southern part of Dongtan Beach. After all, you may experience some misunderstanding with the neighbors in rooms and staff. In general, during the day there should not be any problems on the entire beach, there are a lot of senior citizens of both sexes, families with children. But if you are a natural guy or girl, it is better for you to settle on the Dongtan beach in the central or northern part. But the choice, in any case, is yours.

For example, at Pattaya Park Hotel, especially if you are with children. By the way, the water park and attractions of Pattaya Park are available not only for the guests of the specified hotel, but also for all the guests of the resort (of course, for a small additional fee). Above is a map of this part of the resort with markers of surfing, clicking on which you can see the cost of living in them (the service allows you to find the best price by comparing the cost of the same number in different reservation systems). In this search service you can read reviews about the hotel you are interested in. Also in the area of ​​the beach, but not on the first line, you can find affordable guesthouses, from which to the sea just  5-10 minutes of walking.

Aquapark and attractions of Pattaya Park Hotel

Therefore,if for you very important for saving money and such walks to the sea do not intimidate, I advise you to book the hotel in advance only for 2-3 nights, then to choose on the spot the suitable guesthouse and move into it without problems. Also note that in the beach area between Soi 5 and Soi 6 is the Tesco Lotus store. Of course, this is not a hypermarket, but many products and alcohol, including beer, are cheaper there than in the popular 7Eleven and Family Mart chain stores.

Thus, the Dongtan beach is not such a dangerous place for beach recreation and at least once there you can relax (I myself first visited it only during the 4th visit to Pattaya). Those. The beach can be visited and even live there, just knowing some of its specific features. And the absence of noisy transport by the sea and the presence of an aquapark make this place one of the most successful in the resort for recreation with children. A little later on the page will be added a video from the beach of Dongtan Beach. Have a nice rest!

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4 years ago

Excuse me!!!
Your remark: “would not like to be accommodated in a hotel with 100% gay staff and sleep in a bed where hundreds of gays have slept” is HIGHLY DISCRIMINATING!!! It is absolutely inappropriate and highly offensive comment. Please keep this private and do not poison an at first sight neutral site. It makes it all quiet doubtful…
Who/what are you to judge?!?

2 years ago
Reply to  Yani

Perhaps it’s tempting to go get a Dongtan and this is also discriminatory.