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This live webcam located in the southeastern part of the island of Phuket and allow to see interesting view to the Ao Yon Bay. Because the camera is installed at a fairly high altitude, you can well see the overall plan of the Gulf and two beaches with the same name – Ao Yon, which are considered among the best in this part of the island and separated by a small rocky cape. A distinctive feature of the beaches – absence of strong waves even during storms, due to the relief of coastline. On weekends on the Ao Yon beaches like to relax of the Thai family. But in weekdays you can see that this beaches almost deserted. Near the sea located plantations pearls, and a picturesque view from webcam supplement go to sea fishing boats and yachts sailing along the coast.

This webcam works in a slide show. Every few seconds, you can see a new photo from the east coast of Phuket. So you can be sure that it really live webcam in the bottom-left corner of the playback window has a timer with the current date and time. Webcam was provided SeeItLiveThailand and it works around the clock. At night, the webcam is switched to the infrared image mode, and you can only see in black and white. And in the daytime, you can sometimes notice the front of the lens webcams group of foreigners who visit this place in order to make beautiful pictures on the background of the picturesque bay of Ao Yon, or make a video.

The place where it is placed a webcam Phuket is a luxury hotel Sri Panwa, which occupies practically the entire territory of the high Cape Panwa. It is from this hotel, you can see a beautiful view of the south-east coast of Phuket. Generally, Sri Panwa is not just one of Phuket hotels, but a real spa resort, where guests are not just living in a very luxurious rooms, but they also can take care of their health and beauty. Check the price at the Sri Panwa you can with the help of the widget. As a result of such inspection, you will see the best prices for accommodation of various systems  hotels booking. Enjoy viewing and relaxation in Phuket!

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