How to get to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi airport

Knowledge of all the ways to easily get from the airport to Bangkok, allows after landing in Thailand to feel more relaxed and confident. Currently, the specified path can be done by using different modes of transport, about each of which I have written separately, highlighting the main advantages and disadvantages of each.  Note that in this article I will tell only about the methods, allowing to reach from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. However, due to the fact that a lot of travelers arrive in Thailand from other countries in the region on the airplanes of low cost airline, and later I will write an article about how to get to Bangkok from Don Muang Airport.

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How to quickly get from the airport to Bangkok by train

As the largest and one of the most modern airports throughout Southeast Asia, Suvarnabhumi is only on the 4th year after its opening, got rid of the main disadvantage. Until then, passengers that’s had the opportunity to fly to Thailand cheap, did not have the ability to quickly and cheaply get to Bangkok city from the airport. Only in 2010 for the convenience of passengers, launched special railway lines – Airport Rail Link. Moreover, all who arrived at the airport and fly away from it were able to select from two type of trains, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Externally both trains look the same, but the first train, called the City Line, painted in blue color and runs between the railway airport and the final station, which is called Phaya Thai  with all the stops along the way. This train makes a stop on every station along the route. This means that if you eat to the final station, then you need to go to the seventh stop. However, the total time on the blue train on the road is just over 20 minutes, so this form of transport from Suvarnabhumi Airport can be attributed to rapid transit. The fare from the airport to the last station is 45 THB (data 2017).

City Line and Express Line trains – best way from airport to Bangkok

Train of Express Line with red stripes on the side, comes up to the fifth station in the course of the movement called Makkasan and as it is clear already from the name, make this way in non-stop. The cost of express trains is already 150 baht. Is it worth it to pay more than three times in order to get from the airport to Bangkok just for 10-12 minutes faster – you decide. Personally I do not use the express train line, as I do not care a somewhat larger number of passengers in the train “blue” line. But it is often referred to as the main drawback of the cheaper trains: the locals often use it City Line for commuting and in other cases, and during peak hours in these trains can be crowded.

Usually my planes arrives in Thailand in the morning, and the morning trains City Line from the airport go half-empty, and there are always free seats, and back to the airport I get on other modes of transport. Here it should be noted that the endpoint of cheaper trains City Line – Phaya Thai – is also the Bangkok Skytrain station (BTS), so if your way forward involves moving in the Bangkok by BTS, the choice of City Line is even more justified. Another incentive that can tip the scales in favor of Citi Line is to save 105 baht – this amount is more than enough to quickly get from Bangkok to Pattaya. Hopefully, you have already read the article “How to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya: all options and you know that to get to the popular resort of this is possible directly from the airport without having to move to the thai capital, from which to Pattaya farther than from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Map of City Line and Express Line trains in Bangkok

If you plan to use the underground line of the Bangkok, you have to go to Makkasan station and it can be done by using both types of trains from the airport. By the way, there is information that in the coming years the Makkasan station will be a place, where everyone will be able to do the registration for your flight, and even deliver your luggage for subsequent loading into the aircraft. Generally, the metro in Bangkok is a big separate topic, so if you want to know how fast and for little money to move around the capital of Thailand, I advise you to read the article “BTS Skytrain in Bangkok: secrets of use” and “MRT – Bangkok’s underground metro”.

If you decide to use one of the following trains to get from the airport to Bangkok, you have to go down to the ground floor of the airport. Pre-advise to walk on the information stand in the arrivals area (2nd floor) and take at least one good map of Bangkok, which will help you in the further movement in the capital of Thailand. Speaking of the ground floor, I mean not the first, and zero, ie, located below ground level. When you will go down to the first floor, you need follow the big blue signs that say «Train to City» with train icon.

Blue sign of the way to City Line and Express Line trains in Suvarnabhumi airport

Code you go down the escalator, you will need to purchase a ticket to ride. If you come to Thailand for the first time, it is precisely at this point you have to get used to the fact that tickets need to be purchased using special terminals, which are installed near the turnstiles. No special difficulties should arise. Choose a route to the final station of the screen, the number of passengers and tuck notes in 50 or 100 baht, then get your ticket and change. A small tip: on the way to the train at the bottom of the airport you can find the exchange office with the best exchange rates (currency exchange in the arrivals hall is very unfavorable).

If you do something wrong, you can always ask for help from local residents or other, more experienced tourists. I recommend also to get used to the fact that the chips and cards on the subway in Bangkok must be maintained during the trip, because they need to be lowered into a turnstile at the entrance and at the exit of the subway (in Bangkok everywhere used differentiation fare system based on distance ). Perhaps it may not seem particularly important given the short distance, but if my article is intended to be complete lighting issue, I can say that both types of trains are well air-conditioned. In the Express Line carriages are installed the soft seats, and on top there are luggage racks. The train is City Line a low plastic seats and luggage will have to place on the floor of the railway carriage.

The main drawback Airport Rail Link – its operating time. To get from the airport to Bangkok by train and back is possible only with 06:00 am to 00:00 nights, ie if your plane arrives at Suvarnabhumi after 11:00 pm, or your plane departs from Bangkok 08:00 earlier in the morning, you will either have to wait long at the airport, or to use other modes of transport, about which you can read below. On this page you can find detailed instructions that allow you to buy an online train ticket from the airport to Bangkok for just 40 THB and without queues at the airport.

How to get from the airport to Bangkok by bus

You can get from the airport to Bangkok by bus

I want to just remind you that you can get cheaply from Suvarnabhumi Airport by minibus to the famous Khaosan Road, in the historic part of Bangkok. For information about this method can be found on page: How to get from Suvarnabhumi to Khao San Rd. To get to one of the points you are interested in Bangkok by bus or Mini Bus, you need to initially get to the Public Transportation Center, which is close to the airport. You can do this on a free airport bus (shuttle-bass), which departs from Gate №5. Next, you need select one of the routes of public transport, interpretation of which is shown below.

Bus № 549. Suvarnabhumi – Min Buri;
Bus № 550. Suvarnabhumi – Bang Kapi;
Bus № 551. Suvarnabhumi – Victory Monument;
Bus № 552. Suvarnabhumi – On Nut;
Bus № 552A. Suvarnabhumi – Sam Rong;
Bus № 553. Suvarnabhumi –Samut Prakan;
Bus № 554. Suvarnabhumi –Don Muang Airport;
Bus № 555. Suvarnabhumi – Rangsit;
Bus № 558. Suvarnabhumi – Central Rama 2;
Bus № 559. Suvarnabhumi – Future Park Rangsit.

All of the routes of buses and minibuses go in the day time from the bus terminal at intervals of about 20 minutes while reaching a final stop for 1-2 hours. The exact time when it is difficult to predict the arrival, as their speed is highly dependent on current road conditions and availability of traffic jams. Personally for me option with the buses did not seem especially attractive when there is a fast and comfortable trains. But if you are interested in a place at Bangkok, which can be direct access to the buses and Mini Bus from the airport, the option can be considered. Also recall that the bus terminal (Public Transport Center) sent and several intercity buses (in Trat, Pattaya, Nong Khai, Rayong, etc).

Taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport to Bangkok city

For those who are afraid of some difficulties ordinary taxis in Bangkok, I can recommend an excellent international service Kiwitaxi. You can order and even (if you want) to pay online (fully or partially) a taxi in advance, after coordinating the entire itinerary and price. When you arrive in Bangkok, taxi driver will meet you in the airport arrivals area as a VIP person, with holding a sign, where it will be your name. Then you just go with the driver to the car and get to the destination (not necessarily in Bangkok, by the way). As you can see, option simple and convenient, at any time of the day. But in some cases, this taxi will be slightly more expensive than ordinary taxis.

In any case, taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport will be the most expensive and in combination with one of the fastest way. The second safe way to find a taxi on arrival at the airport is the descent from the arrivals area (2nd floor) on the first floor of the airport and follow the signs for «Public Taxi» to the official taxi reception, which produces an extract of the receipt showing your destination. When at the same time with you to Bangkok arrives a few more flights, taxi at the counter may be a little queue of passengers, but it moves quickly and does not need to be afraid to get stuck in the queue for a long time.

You can get from the airport to Bangkok by taxi

During the ordering  of taxi sufficient basic knowledge of the English language, but I think if you just say the name of your hotel or the street in Bangkok, where it is located, problems with understanding will not. And the amount that you need to pay, you can see on a piece or a calculator. By the way, in the article “Money in Thailand. Exchange rates in Thailand today, “I described in detail why it is not necessary to change large amounts of money at the Bangkok airport (who wants to save – you can read). The receipt, which you will be given at the front desk, you need give to taxi  supervisor outside the airport building. He will take it from you and exchange the receipt to another, in which all the details of the upcoming trip will be listed.

Also, do not be surprised and do not be afraid that the taxi driver may ask you to pay special airport fee, amounting currently 50 Thai Baht (the amount you pay for a taxi driver from entering the airport’s arrival area). When you planting in a free taxi car, taxi driver can ask to look with one eye to your a ticket. But do not give it for him forever, because it is a guarantee that you will be able to find a taxi driver in the event of any trouble (for example, when forgotten in a taxi that one of the things). I remind you that the official taxi service must use during the counter movement (METER taxi). Usually, taxi drivers from the airport official stand is not necessary to remind you to turn on the meter, but if you notice that the meter does not work, you should remind the driver about it.

You can order a taxi from the airport of Bangkok advance

The tariff for landing at Bangkok’s taxi is 35 baht, while the amount included in the first 2 kilometers. During the taxi ride from the airport in Bangkok you will have to pay more and travel on toll roads. But there is a small amount (from 25 to 45 baht depending on the distance and time of day), and you are virtually guaranteed to avoid the traffic jams that occur on free roads. This toll will have to pay twice (two points), and the necessary amount will be shown to you on the electronic scoreboard and printed on the check after you pay the fee.

As a result, the cost of travel from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok will cost you between 300 to 500 THB given directions on the toll road, a 50-baht fee in the airport and a small tip the taxi driver (the last item is not mandatory, but if the service is like, and you can thank a taxi driver in a small amount of 10-20 baht). I advise you to change money at the airport to ask in the exchanger at least a few small denomination banknotes (20-50 baht). By the way, you can change your large bills into smaller ones at points where payment is made for travel on the toll road. You need have small banknotes, because sometimes the taxi driver can use a famous trick with the lack of change.


Slightly more complicated way to get from the airport to Bangkok is moving on a free airport bus terminal in the aforementioned article, Public Transport Center, where you can always find a free taxi. This method saves already due to the fact that the airport did not have to pay a fee of 50 baht. I hope my work will be in vain and you will not after reading this is not a small article will clearly understand all of the ways that will allow you an easy access from the airport in Bangkok, where you plan to rest for a few days or go from the capital to other resorts of the country.

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