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This  Phuket webcam is installed at the Kata Beach Resort, which is located on the first line of the famous beach of Kata. The beach itself is composed of fine white sand, located in the northwestern part of the island of Phuket, south of the no less famous Karon Beach. According to many tourists and locals on the beach of Kata is the cleanest sea in the whole island. It is believed that starting from May until mid-autumn on this beach is impossible to swim because of the strong waves that surfers love – more on that I wrote in the article “The rainy season in Thailand: visit or not to go.”

Of course, a strong wind, and it caused them to wave at this time is not uncommon, however, as shown by including this online webcam Phuket, even at this time of year, the beach may be quite suitable for swimming and the breeze makes a stay at the resort even more comfortable. However, you should never forget about the dangers of underwater currents, the victims of which are sometimes too careless tourists. If we talk specifically about this online Phuket webcam, which provided sabai.tv, the foreground can be seen arranged territory at Kata Beach Resort: gorgeous swimming pool with children’s section, magnificent palm trees, in the shade of which is pleasant to spend the hottest hours of the day .

Due to the fact that the webcam periodically changes the camera angle, the background can be seen the same plan directly sand bar Kata Beach, the Andaman Sea in Thailand and a small island in it. To see broadcast from webcams may take some time, as a webcam itself sometimes does not work at night. However, the picture is not very picturesque at night, so the limited time, I do not think a big disadvantage. With the widget located above the hotel Kata Beach Resort and Spa, you can check availability in it and the price on your dates. If the price of this hotel seems to have too high, you can always find dozens of other more affordable hotels with the help of service Hotelluk and maps Phuket hotels located on the page with a list of webcams of the island.

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7 years ago

Amazing webcam! I like Kata beach!