Koh Samui piers – location and review

koh-samui-ferry-piers-location-and-reviewKoh Samui piers – are the main stations where tourists come to the island and important points where numerous ferries take away tourists to the mainland or the neighboring islands. Koh Samui not a small island, therefore main piers located on different beaches. When you know the location of the main ferry piers on Koh Samui and when you know their main particular qualities, you can more intelligently plan their stay on the island. Your costs at the same time will be less and this information will allow you to give up unnecessary travel on the roads of the island. On this page you will find information about the main piers of Koh Samui, which are used by large ferry companies in the region that bring tourists to the island from the mainland and make trip to the neighboring islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. To help you navigate, piers Koh Samui on the map indicated by numbers (1 to 4). In accordance with the serial number, this article describes the piers of the island.

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1. Nathon pier (Koh Samui)

Ferry pier Nathon is the most important on the island of Samui, therefore the vast number of ferries arriving from the mainland to the island exactly here. Nathon pier Located  on the north-western part of the island (see map below). Since Nathon town is the administrative center of Koh Samui, where the state institutions and has the most developed infrastructure, including the main port of the island, it is here in addition to the local ferries regularly arrives some cruise liners.

Koh Samui piers map


Map of Koh Samui ferry piers

However, the high workload Nathon Pier is not mean that there are observed some queues and you need lose your time. On the contrary, all procedures take place very quickly on the approved standard schemes, and without loss of time. Ferries arrive according to the schedule and quickly unloaded. Then ferries again filled with cars, buses, motorbikes and ordinary passengers and and swim away in the right direction in order to quickly make room for mooring of next ferry.

If you read the article “Transport on Samui  – routes and prices”, you already aware of the fact that Nathon is the starting point of the majority of routes songthaew (passenger pick-ups, or as they are often called by tourists, tuk-tuk), and that this area has the most transport connections to Ko Samui, which allows access to almost all the beaches of the island. From waterfront Nathon you can see great views to the small islands of the Gulf of Thailand.


Nathon ferry pier (Koh Samui)

If we talk about specific ferry companies of Koh Samui, Nathon pier is used mainly by  Seatran Ferry company (more details about this company, including the schedule of ferries, can be obtained in the article “Koh Samui ferry: schedule and prices”). As a result, when locals talk about Nathon pier, sometimes they be called Seatran pier (by the way, on some maps of the island you can see this name too). Keep in mind that this is all the same the main pier of the island of Koh Samui (Nathon ferry pier).

2. Bangrak pier (or Big Buddha Pier) 

This ferry terminal is located in the northern part of the island (near the north-east) on the same name beach. By the way, on some maps and road signs you can find this beach called Big Buddha, because of its location near the temple with a statue of the Golden Buddha, which has a height of 12 meters. Accordingly, and located on the beach of Koh Samui ferry pier is often called the Big Buddha pier and mark it on the maps as the Big Buddha Pier.

Bangrak ferry pier (Big Buddha pier)

Bangrak ferry pier (Big Buddha pier)

Because this Koh Samui pier (Bangrak) located in the northern part of the island,  it not very convenient for the ferry to the mainland, so it is more often used to transport passengers to the popular tourist destination – Koh Phangan and Koh Tao islands, the first of which is known as a venue for monthly beach party – Full Moon Party in Thailand, and the second is famous not only beautiful beaches, but also excellent conditions for snorkeling and diving (including training).

3. Lipa Noi pier (Raja Pier)

This ferry pier located on Koh Samui and practically in the middle of eastern coast –  in the southern part of Lipa Noi Beach, which is pretty good beach, but is not particularly popular with tourists. Since this ferry terminal is used mainly only ferry companies Raja Ferry, that on some maps of Koh Samui and it is indicated: Raja Ferry Pier, or just Raja Pier. For more information about this beach (as well as all others on the island) can be found in a separate article entitled “Koh Samui beaches: detailed description”.

Lipa Noi ferry pier (Raja Pier)

Lipa Noi ferry pier (Raja Pier)

Immediately, I note only that the Samui pier is not very convenient to use for the reason that it is located at some distance from the main ring road of the island – Main Road, where runs routes of inexpensive songthaew (local transport). As a result, often tourists are faced with the fact that they need to get to the popular beaches of the island, using a taxi on Samui (in the form of a motorbike, classic car taxi or simply  local drivers, which want earn some money. Needless to say, such transport will be much more expensive than the standard fare of songthaew (maximum of 60 baht in day time).

4. Maenam pier (nothern part of Koh Samui)


Maenam pier (nothern part of Koh Samui)

Located on the same name beach, which is located in the central part of the northern seaside of Koh Samui. This ferry pier small, but equipped with everything you need to take daily, and ferries to the mainland (to the pier Chumpon), as well as on the island of Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao (to which the pier is located closest to the Koh Samui, however the majority of ferry boats go on Koh Tao only after stop on Koh Phangan). In addition to the small ferry, pier is actively used by Lomprayah company for passenger flights between these islands on high-speed catamarans.

Due to the much smaller workload, this Koh Samui Pier is more scenic, aided and measured environment on the same beach. Also on the beach next to the pier, you can find a very calm environment and clean water for swiming. You must know, that  on the island of Koh Samui have other piers, but they are more used by local residents, fishermen and mooring private speedboats. Hopefully, the information in the article about Koh Samui ferry piers, was useful to you and now you will be much easier to plan the program of his visit to the island.

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