The Best Webcams Bangkok (Thailand)

best-webcams-bangkokLive webcams Bangkok very interesting for all the Thai fans and those who are just planning for the first time to visit the country and its capital. Using your webcam, you can in some way feel the atmosphere of the place, from which the video almost instantly overcomes thousands of kilometers of distance and displayed on computer monitors or screens, tablets and smartphones. Until recently, the number of online web cameras Bangkok was not a lot, but gradually the number of cameras in the Thai capital is becoming more and they are regularly replenished in list located below. These technological advances can not but rejoice, because not only me interesting to watch the rapid life of the Thai capital Bangkok with the help of live webcams.


For a long time, much to my regret and unfortunately everyone to see Bangkok online using webcams, the city was only one interesting web camera with good video quality. And only a single camera in full could be called a live webcam, ie, a camera which provides a truly live video, rather than a slideshow display with update time from 1 minute to 15 minutes. I do not know what it is connected, but my tedious searching for many months did not allow to find a really interesting webcams, worthy of attention. Almost all found on the internet – it is described camera slideshow, most of them to the same or does not work at all, or only rarely provides a changing image with low resolution, that looking at which there is no pleasure.

Of course, in comparison with other towns and resorts in the country – Phuket, Koh Samui or Pattaya – the number of online webcams in Bangkok and is now very low. And this in situation, when interesting places in the capital of Thailand is much more than all the resorts of the country combined. Therefore, a bit strange that at such a high concentration of architectural or other interest in Bangkok, there is still a shortage of interesting camera, which could further increase the interest of foreigners to the country and its colorful culture.

For your convenience, a list of webcams Bangkok now and in the future will be built on the basis of popularity. At the top of the list are the most popular online cameras that are pleasing to full streaming video and high resolution. And later in the list will be added Bangkok webcams that broadcast information with a certain delay and web cameras that transmit images in high resolution, but not in the video format, as well as a slide-show format. Of course, this does not mean that specifically for you are only interested in the first camera in the list. It is possible that webcam near to some attractions eventually attract your interest and will in the process of planning your trip to Bangkok add some objects for subsequent visits.


Due to a slight increase in the number of webcams Bangkok, this page has been slightly modified. In order to loading the video more fast  and in order to save traffic, all the cameras were placed on separate pages. For opening any of them you can be using links below. Also for the convenience of visitors i organized ring principle: by going to any of the Bangkok webcams online at the links below, you will be able to move quickly to viewing the following web cameras via a single click (the arrow at the top of the page). Also on each page of the web-camera (a text describing a location) has a link to this page where you can select any of Bangkok webcam from the list available for viewing online.


1. Webcam Bangkok – view to the Chao Phraya River 

webcam-bangkok-view-to-chao-phraya-riverOne of the earliest and still one of the best online webcams Bangkok, which is installed in a high-rise hotel on the Millenium Hilton building. As you can see at a glance, the place of installation of the webcam is the Chao Phraya river embankment where the building is set. It takes only a few minutes to look at Bangkok bird’s-eye view to ensure that the invaluable importance of Choa Phraya River for this Asian metropolis. The flow of passenger transport, large and small private boats, barges and other large water transport does not stop even for a moment – in whatever time you have not opened this webcam Bangkok to view. Chao Phraya and connecting with her channels (Klongs) – the major transport arteries of the city, to quickly move around the city during rush hour.

2. Live webcam Bangkok – Skyline of the city

New web-camera in Bangok, which allows you to see the vast panorama of this huge metropolis in real time. The location of this camera is the facade of the five-star The Continent Hotel Bangkok. The hotel is a very beautiful and ultramodern high-rise building of glass and concrete and is located in a very good location – in close proximity to the Asok station of the BTS SkyTrain city overground metro. For those who do not yet represent the location of the BTS stations in Bangkok, you can clarify that this is the Sukhumvit highway – the main highway of all of Thailand, which runs through the entire eastern part of the country. Since the webcam is fixed on the facade of the building very high above the ground, it is best suited not to inspect nearby buildings and streets, but to view the panorama of a large part of the city and the horizon line with the numerous skyscrapers of the business center of the capital of Thailand.

3. Sathon Road – Bangkok live webcam

The page shows the current webcam Bangkok, which is located in one of the most modern areas of the capital of Thailand. As you can see at a glance, just behind the wide city highway are dozens of high-rise buildings whose architecture is very original and proves that Bangkok is developing very rapidly these days, and this city, like many other Asian megacities, is growing not only in breadth , but also in height. Bangkok’s webcam with a view of Sathon Road and the eponymous city quarter allows you to see the weather in real time in this part of the country’s capital, because the image quality is very good, and the online webcam is placed high above the ground, so we can see a very large territory of city. In general, the Sathon area occupies a large territory, and its northern border is located near the central part of the city.

4. Live webcam Bangkok – Yodpiman River Walk

live-webcam-bangkok-yodpiman-river-walkThis city webcam installed on the facade of one of the most original malls of Bangkok – Yodpiman River Walk. A feature of this shopping center is its location near the historic part of the Thai capital, and Yodpiman River Walk is located directly on the waterfront of the river Chao Phraya (Chao Phraya). This arrangement of the shopping center made it a popular place not only for shopping in Bangkok, but also for walking in the evening and at night, when the heat of the day gives way to a more comfortable temperature for walks in the open air. As is the case with other shopping centers of Bangkok, Yodpiman River Walk, there are cafes and restaurants. However, in this case it is not just a place where visitors and employees of the shopping center can eat, but also a place with a very beautiful views of the river and the old building, part of which can be seen and with the help of the webcam Bangkok.

5. Webcam Bangkok – view to Wat Arun Temple

webcam-bangkok-wat-arun-templeNew online webcam of Bangkok, which is installed in the central part of the city, to be exact – in the historical part of the capital of Thailand. As you can see at a glance, the place of installation of the webcam is the Chao Praya river embankment. Here you can see the river not only directly, but also objects which are located on both banks. First of all, this webcam is interesting because it allows on-line to see one of the most beautiful temples of Bangkok – Wat Arun. Translated from Thai temple name sounds like the Temple of Dawn. By the way, the majority of Bangkok residents and travelers believe that the best time to visit Wat Arun – that morning when the morning sun’s rays are reflected off the porcelain exterior finish of the ancient temple.

6. Webcam Bangkok – entertainment complex Asiatique

live-webcam-bangkok-asiatique-complexNew online webcam installed in the shopping center Asiatique in Bangkok. Due to the fact that the webcam is working around the clock (same as as all other live webcams Bangkok in the list), even in the dark you can see perfectly what is going on in front of the lens of webcam. This is very important, because entertainment complex Asiatique  is considered night complex and start work at 17-00, ie about an hour before dusk. And thanks to the fact that commonly used bright colored lights (on buildings, on the Ferris wheel, the trees, just on the waterfront), rapidly upcoming tropical night does not prevent all consider – bright artificial light near the webcam makes it a viewing comfortable even after midnight in Bangkok.

7.  Live webcam Bangkok – Rangsit district

Live webcam Bangkok, which is located in one of the suburbs of Bangkok, which is called Rangsit. This area is located about 30 kilometers north of the center of Bangkok and about 15 kilometers to the northeast of Bangkok’s Don Muang airport. A distinctive feature of this district is that educational institutions are mainly located here. In other words, Rangsit is a university suburb of Bangkok, home to students, teachers and people working in the service sector. Studying at universities in Thailand is paid and not available to every resident of this country. In addition, Rangsit University itself is the second most expensive among all universities in Thailand.

8.  Live webcam Bangkok – Mahanakhon Tower (Inactive)

Live webcam of Bangkok, which is installed in the immediate vicinity of the new attraction of the capital of Thailand – a high-rise building Mahanakhon. Official opening Mahanakhon Tower in Bangkok was held in late August 2016, so a little unusual view of the tower after six months no longer shocking to locals as was before. Since the inauguration of the tower Mahanakhon is the tallest building in Bangkok and throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, as its height is 314 meters. The construction of such a grand building with an unusual “pixel” facade was carried out for five years, but in the coming years in Bangkok, construction will be completed even more large-scale and high buildings. New webcam of Bangkok is located very close to the high-rise buildings, so it is inclined relative to the level of the horizon so that we could see maximal part of the building Makanakon (name of the tower with the Thai language means “Megapolis”).

9. Webcam Bangkok – best panoramic view (inactive)

panoramic-webcam-bangkok-nice-viewWebcam of Bangkok with panoramic view, which transmits high-resolution image from the top of a high-rise hotel Peninsula Bangkok. Your attention is invited to look not just at certain fixed portion of the capital of Thailand with a bird’s-eye view. Due to the fact that the webcam has a pivoting system, you have the opportunity to see a very vast area of the city. This webcam is not simply rotate the right and left, as often happens in such cases, but also periodically brings the individual objects in the frame for a more detailed examination of them. Due to such effect, watch the panoramic webcam of Bangkok does not get bored at any time. Bridge over the river, facades of hotels on the opposite side of the river, the water surface with river transport – all of this can be seen in Bangkok online.

10. Live webcam Bangkok – Sukhumvit Road  (Inactive)

This live webcam Bangkok installed on one of the busiest streets of the city – Sukhumvit Road. It is no exaggeration to say that Sukhumvit Road is not just one of the main streets of Bangkok, but the most important street in Thailand. This is due to the fact that the length of the street Suhkumvit is more than 400 kilometers: the street starts in the center of Bangkok, passes through many cities and towns (including Pattaya, Rayong and Trat) and ends in the south of the country y border with Cambodia. With this online Bangkok webcams you will be able to see only a small section of the famous street, but even this allows us to understand how important this street for city life. From the positive features of this webcam can be noted natural colors and work around the clock.

P.S. In September 2017 were added two more live webcam Bangkok. If you have problems viewing the webcams from this list, I suggest you read the options for addressing typical issues, which are discussed on the page “Best thai webcams: cities and resorts.” I would really appreciate if someone knows more some interesting webcam Bangkok online and report it in the comments to this article. Enjoy watching!

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