Krabi Airport Guide – Review, Transfer, Flight Status

Krabi International Airport is a main air gate to the province of Thailand with the same name, located in the southern part of the country on the coast of the Andaman Sea. The importance of Krabi Airport in domestic and international flights of Thailand is growing every year, as evidenced by the increase in passenger traffic and the increase in the number of flights. The article provides an overview of Krabi airport: general information, location, description of terminals, directions and other useful information for planning your travels. Also you will find information about the cost of a taxi from Krabi Airport, car rental at this airport and public buses, which you can use for reach the main resorts of the province.

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Krabi airport – general information

The airport in Krabi, officially called Krabi International Airport, is located 7 km east of Krabi town, which is the center of the province with the same name. International codes of Krabi airport: KBV (IATA classification) and VTSG (ICAO classification). Coordinates of the airport: latitude (8.1); Longitude (98.99). The airport in Krabi province is the main air gateway to such popular resorts of Thailand on the Andaman Sea as Ao Nang, Railay (or Ralley) and Had Yao. In addition, those flying to Krabi airport can get to the Phi Phi islands , Koh Lanta and the largest in the country island of Phuket (although it also has its own airport).

Inside a not very big, but modern Krabi airport

In 2006, a new modern terminal was opened in Krabi airport, which has four floors, and in the plan it resembles an airplane with slightly “cut off wings” (noticeably in the below-shown diagrams of Krabi airport). The new terminal is divided into two zones: for domestic flights and international flights. Simultaneously, the new terminal can accommodate up to 1200 passengers (600 arriving and 600 departing from Krabi). Simultaneously with the construction of the new terminal building, out at Krabi airport was carried the reconstruction of the runway, the length of which was increased and now slightly exceeds 3 km (if be accurate, it 3002 meters). The cost of reconstruction of the airport cost more than 740 million Thai baht ($ 23 million).

Scheme of Krabi airport (Thailand) 

On the ground floor of Krabi airport you can find a luggage transporters, a customs clearance area and a common hall where you can make currency exchange for Thai money, buy souvenirs and products in small shops, take cards or get the information you need in the information desk, book a hotel, book a taxi Or buy tickets for a bus. There is also a medical center, several cafes, offices of car rental companies and the main exit to the street.

The second and third floors of Krabi Airport are occupied by arrival and departure halls respectively. On the second floor in the arrivals area is the office of the Immigration Service of Thailand and passport control (when leaving the arrivals hall of international flights). There is no exit to the street on the second floor, therefore, to leave the airport after the arrival, you need to go down the escalator to the first floor and, having received the luggage (if any), through the customs control to go out into the street.

Scheme of Krabi Airport with a legend

On the third floor there are check-in desks for departure flights, a tourist information office, a customs clearance area and two waiting rooms: for domestic flights (on the left) and for international flights (on the right). To get to the last, it is necessary to pass through the passport control posts. On the fourth floor of Krabi airport there are only technical rooms, airline representative offices, VIP lounge for passengers and catering establishments. To exit the airport from the fourth floor, you need to go down the escalator to the third.

Carriers and flights in Krabi airport

Until recently, the geography of flights from Krabi International Airport was limited to several domestic flights (to Bangkok, Samui and Chiang Mai), as well as to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Singapore. Therefore, airlines that had the opportunity to fly to this airport were few. However, to date, their number has increased significantly, although in the lead in the number of flights, like many years in a row, Thai airline Bangkok Airways and several local low-cost airlines (for example, AirAsia (along with its subsidiary Thai Air Asia).

Krabi Airport Live Flight Status ( Departures and Arrivals)

Relatively modest against the background of the two above-mentioned airlines look Thai airlines Thai Airways (together with a subsidiary airline – Thai Smile) and Nok Air, which perform only a few flights a day. In connection with the opening of new destinations in China (the need to somehow deliver to the resort of numerous Chinese tourists), Chinese airlines Shanghai Airlines (flights to Zhengzhou) and Sichuan Airlines (flights to Chengdu) are allowed to fly to Krabi airport. Flights to Singapore by the local airline Tiger Air.

I will not describe in detail all flights from Krabi airport (KBV), because the schedule varies periodically, and the flights themselves can be added or excluded depending on the specific day and tourist season. From the Krabi Airport Live Flight Status (posted above) you can see what flights and where are performed on the current day. The shortest flights from Krabi to Bangkok or the capital of Malaysia are Kuala Lumpur. Only in the situation with Bangkok should remember that some airlines fly to Suvarnabhumi airport, and others – to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok.

Aircraft of low cost airlines at the Krabi Airport (Thailand)

Also you can see in the table a lot of flights to/from Krab, which make the world famous airlines from Asia, Australia, the Gulf countries, and Europe. In reality, almost 100% of such flights between Krabi and Bangkok are performed by the Thai airline Bangkok Airlines. I draw your attention: at the top of the table you can switch between arriving flights and departing flights. Number of flights on the route of interest to you and the best prices for flights from or to Krabi airport can always be seen by using the best service to find air tickets and compare prices for them in various agencies, the form of which is placed in the sidebar of this site.

Rent a car at Krabi Airport – benefits

In the province of Krabi, wide roads with good coverage, and there are no problems with car traffic jams, which is why many tourists prefer to rent a car and not to experience any transport problems during the rest. Moreover, a taxi at Krabi airport and in general at the resorts of this province is not cheap. Rent a car is best right at the airport, where there are several international companies that provide rent cars. You can find them in the arrivals area of ​​Krabi Airport (both international and domestic terminals). To get acquainted with the terms of rent, cost, fleet and book a car you like in advance online is the easiest way with the help of an international broker Rentalcars (link to the English version).

To book a car through a broker is cheaper than directly on the branded sites of the companies represented at the airport – Avis, Budget and National. In just one minute you have the opportunity to check the availability of cars of different classes at all rental locations. You can immediately compare the cost of the same car in different rental offices and rental conditions (insurance, franchise, document requirements, discount for the duration of the lease, etc.). Finally, a very important advantage of renting a car through this broker is the possibility of signing a contract in English (or, if desired, in other popular languages ​​of the world). More information on the benefits and procedure for renting cars through the Internet you can read on the page “Car rental Phuket – fares, advices, best places.” As in Phuket, renting a car right at the airport in Krabi allows you to save on a taxi.


I also note that Krabi airport is located near the highway number 4 of state importance, to which roads of local importance adjoin. Those. Leaving from the parking lot of the airport, you have all the opportunities for a full study of the attractions of Krabi Province in Thailand. By the way, the roads in Krabi are very picturesque, because they are surrounded by high cliffs with green vegetation. Therefore, many travelers who rent a car at the airport of Krabi, stop periodically on the highway just to enjoy the magnificent view that has opened. Of course, when using public transport, this would be impossible. At the resorts of Krabi province you can find a great beaches, where it’s not at all disgraceful to spend a few days, as well as a lot of interesting sea excursions. Therefore, you can rent a car not for the entire rest period, but for a few days and use them for trips to hot springs, a blue lake, to the Tigris Cave temple, etc.

Car rentals EN - 620*372

How to get from Krabi Airport to the popular resorts

Taxi from Krabi airport. The easiest, but most costly way to get to the city of Krabi or the resort town of Ao Nang (where there are ferry piers and piers for departing boats to the islands) is a taxi. When ordering a taxi at Krabi Airport you need to be prepared for the fact that the prices will be fixed, and the trip to the destination you need will have to be paid in advance. Taxis are paid inside the airport, in the booth on the first floor. After payment, you should pick up something like a travel ticket and, going out into the street, present it to the taxi driver who works on the basis of the Krabi airport license. The cost of the whole car to the city of Krabi is 350 THB, to the beaches of Ao Nang – 600 THB. The price is for the whole car, i.е. can be divided into all passengers.

If you travel together with a big company, you can pay not for a car, but for a minivan that costs more, but in terms of the number of passengers it can be cheaper. (You can see the price on the photo below). Many tourists complain, that in the Krabi airport they can not find ordinary independent taxis with a meter (taxi meter), which would have been much cheaper, because the distance in fact to Krabi Town and the beaches of Ao Nang are small. If you want to rent a taxi from Krabi Airport in advance (via the Internet), I recommend the international service KiwiTaxi. Especially if you want to get from Krabi Airport to other resorts of the country (for example, to Phuket or Koh Samui). In this case, you will know in advance the cost of the trip and the driver will meet you (with a sign with your name) in the arrivals area of ​​Krabi Airport, as VIP.

Fares for a trip from Krabi airport (by taxi and minibus)

Bus from Krabi airport. If you do not want to spend money on a taxi, especially if you are traveling alone, you can use the public bus from Krabi Airport. This option is best for those travelers who are not in a hurry to get to their hotel (for example, if they arrived early in the morning and before settling into the room for several more hours) or for those who are ready to lose some time, but at the same time save money. White shuttle buses – the most budgetary option to get from Krabi airport to Krabi Town, as well as to the main resort on the coast of the province – Ao Nang. The fare on the official bus from Krabi Airport to Krabi Town is 90 THB (less than 3 USD), and to Ao Nang – for 150 THB (less than 5 USD).

The shortcomings of the bus service can be attributed only to the need for sometimes a long wait for their filling before departure, and also the fact that it is impossible to get by bus from the airport to all beaches on the coast. For example, before Tab Kayek and Klong Muang beaches can be reached from the airport only by taxi. On the other hand, you can get to Krabi or Ao Nang by bus, and there already take a taxi or mototaxi and this option will save a little. Another important shortcoming of buses is limited working hours. Therefore, if your plane arrives in Krabi late at night or early in the morning, you will have to use a taxi or wait a long time for the first morning bus. You can buy a bus ticket near the exit from the airport on the first floor, and usually you will be presented with a map of Krabi province containing useful information for recreation.

Public transport from Krabi Airport to the resorts of the province (fares)

Hotel’s transfer from Krabi Airport. Many big hotels offer this service in the process of booking rooms. In this case, already at the exit from the airport you will be greeted by a driver with a sign and will drive directly to the door of the hotel. The cost will usually be higher than the usual taxi, but in some cases, the option may be justified. If the hotel is located in the Railay peninsula area, then such a transfer will include not only the delivery to the beach in Ao Nang, but also a trip by long-tailed boat to Relley (there is no overland route there). The cost of the last option will be about 1200 baht, and at a later time or early in the morning – about 1500 baht. As you can see, this is not the most budgetary option, but, nevertheless, it is worthy of mention.

How to get to Krabi Airport from the popular resorts

In order to get to Krabi airport from the place of your rest, you can use the transfer from the hotel (the cost depends on its location), as well as take a taxi and local public transport. The average journey time from the center of Krabi to the airport by car is about 20 minutes, from Ao Nang – about half an hour, from Klong Muang – 45-50 minutes. Almost every hotel in the province can order a transfer to the airport on a minibus, which will cost significantly less, but may require additional time to visit into other hotels and collect all those who ordered the service.

There is also an opportunity to get to the airport on official buses described in the previous section, having reached preliminary to their main stops in the city center or on the beaches of Ao Nang. Since Krabi Airport is relatively small, and the number of daily flights is not too high, there is no particular need to arrive at the airport in advance. It is enough a couple of hours before the departure of the international flight and one hour for boarding a plane flying inside Thailand. But, of course, it’s better to be slightly cautious and spend an extra half an hour-hour at the airport than late for a flight due to a broken bus somewhere halfway.

White shuttle-bus from Krabi airport to Ao Nang resort

A good alternative to Krabi airport is the international airport of Phuket, which is located on the island of the same name, but about two hours drive by car from Krabi. The airport in question is considered for the reason that it currently accepts far more international regular flights and charters, including regular flights from Europe, Australia and America. Therefore, in some cases it is more profitable to fly to the island of Phuket, even if you want to relax in Krabi or Ao Nang, because cheaper air tickets can easily compensate for the cost of travel by transport to Krabi. And the KiwiTaxi service will take you quickly from Phuket airport to Krabi or Koh Samui at any time of the day. Have a nice trip and holiday in Thailand!

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Thank you very much for the useful information about transport from Krabi airport!

John Purdy
John Purdy
6 years ago

I arrive at Krabi airport on Thai airways tg249. Do we exist in international or domestic terminal?

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Is there a re-entry permit office/counter at Krabi airport?