Northern Bus Terminal (Bangkok) – review, routes, fares

Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok is the largest transport hub in the country, from which there are regular bus services for a variety of directions to various provinces of Thailand. On this page you will find information about the Northern Bus Terminal, its location in Bangkok and methods that allow easy access to this bus terminal from different areas of the city. You’ll also find information about the main areas served, as well as information on the bus schedule from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok and fares to many popular resorts of Thailand and other cities in this country. Finally, you will learn how easy it is to book and buy bus tickets from Bangkok online.

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Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok: the location and review

Northern Bus Terminal of Bangkok, also known under the name of the bus terminal Morchit (Mo Chit) or Chatuchak Bus Terminal, is located in the northern part of the capital on the street Kanpaengphetch 2 Rd, walking distance from the market Chatuchak and Chatuchak Park in Bangkok (from which, apparently, and gained its name). Building Bus Terminal Chatuchak (namely Chatuchak Bus Terminal you can see inscription) emblazoned on the front of the bus terminal in Bangkok, has three floors, large lounges, shops and food outlets are located both inside and near on the street.

If you have spare time, you can have a meal before a long journey by visiting for this one of two food courts, located on the several floors of this bus station (look for labeled pointer “Food Center”), or a few fast-food (Dunkin Donats, KFC), as well as the ubiquitous shops SevenEleven network. In this small shop you can buy not only products and some small things, which needed for rest and in your trip, but also non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks in Thailand, including local energy drinks, which can help cope with fatigue on long journeys.

Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok – pointers to the food court and to a toilet

Of course, on the territory of Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok you can find a toilet. Entrance fee – 3 baht. In this case it is useful to know that the toilet paper in the cabins are usually not, but it is possible to buy separately when entering (inexpensive). Also at the bus station Chatuchak there are several luggage deposit services. The cost of storage one luggage space – 50 baht. Do not leave valuables in the storage: often your luggage does not fit in the individual cells, but simply kept on shelves or even on the floor. Perhaps somewhere in the bus station you will find, and automatic luggage storage, but personally I have not seen.

When you are going to use the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, you have to remember that it is the largest bus terminal in the country. Almost every minute of the regular bus route starts from this bus station. Therefore, I advise you to come to the bus station in advance for buy a ticket in the right direction and later you can find the bus platform without haste. For your better visualize the scale of the bus station, you should knowing that for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is used more than a hundred bus platforms.

Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok – Waiting Room (almost always a lot of free seats)

In general, the queue at the ticket offices are usually absent or very small, so for a long time to stand in line, you almost never will. This is due to the fact that on the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok (Morchit) a lot of ticket offices. Each of ticket office usually serving only one or two directions. Also at the bus station many branded offices that sell tickets for buses only certain bus company. Ticket office you can find inside the bus station as well as outside, close to the bus platforms. It is also possible to buy tickets for the bus at a location across the street from the bus terminal building. But I think it is better to use the normal ticket office inside the bus terminal or buy bus tickets through the Internet (about this is a little below).

Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok: main directions


North bus station serves primarily bus routes from the capital to the north of the country and a major northeast region of Thailand – Isan. However, the routes in the eastern and southern directions are also present, therefore to get from Bangkok to Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Trat and other resorts is possible also, though the number of flights compared to other bus stations that serve the southern and eastern Thailand province, there will be several smaller. With regard to so popular resort in Thailand, as Pattaya, you can visit Northern Bus Terminal from the morning until late evening and find  buses, which depart to Pattaya every 40 minutes.

For the convenience of passengers, the ticket office of Northern bus station located separately: for example, the box office on the third floor serve passengers who need to get to the cities of the province of Isan or to Laos. That is why most Thai girls with distinctive appearance can be found there. On the first floor of the North Bus Station, you can buy tickets for buses to the north, such as Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, etc. Also on the first floor you can buy tickets for the areas that mostly caters to Eastern Bus Station Bangkok – Ekkamai. Above all, this Pattaya, Trat, Chantaburi, Chonburi, Rayong.

Ticket offices of North Bus Station in Bangkok – an inscription in Thai and English

To purchase a ticket on the bus should contact the appropriate ticket offices, on which you can read the direction, which you need (the top label in the Thai language, and little bit below and smaller font – in English). If you choose the bus route, it is better to purchase tickets for buses class 1 (blue or with a blue stripe on the board), because buses of 2nd class (red) can be without air conditioning and with many stops in the way.

If in the process of acquisition of having any difficulties, you can refer to the Help window, located on the ground floor, or take the help of bus employees (they are easily identified by a uniform – white shirt with gold buttons). Landing on the buses produced on the respective platforms. If you do not see where the platform number is indicated on the ticket, ask at the ticket office.

Location of Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok (how to get)

Because the bus station is not directly next to subway stations (see. Figure below), you need to walk or about 1,200 meters, or use a taxi or motorbike taxi in Bangkok. The first option is useful when you walk without heavy luggage and there is an adequate supply of spare time – at the same time you can stroll through the beautiful landscaped Chatuchak park, through which runs the shortest route from Mo Chit Station of BTS Skytrain in Bangkok and Chatuchak Park MRT subway Bangkok. After  you cross the park, you need to pass under the high motorway, after which at ground level and is the street where the Northern bus station was built in Bangkok.

Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok on the map and the nearest BTS and MRT stations

If the free time you have a little, if you have a heavy backpack on your back, if you are traveling with a large suitcase or with small children, it is better to take a taxi or motorcycle taxi. The first option would cost about 45-50 THB (over the counter), and the second – 30 THB per person (motorbike taxi driver initially may declare a higher price, but below 30 THB no sense to bargain). Another inexpensive way to get to the North Bus Station in Bangkok – bus №77, stop of which you can find near the Victory Monument. Getting to that of memorial to you easily on the BTS Skytrain. The cost of the bus – 13 THB, but while taking into account traffic jams better to have a reserve of time, because the bus makes many stops and route of this bus to Northern bus terminal is not very short. Taxis use safer, faster and, if you have three passengers, even cheaper.

Schedule of Northern Bus Terminal and purchase bus tickets online!

Below is a schedule of the North Bus Terminal in Bangkok as of 2016 year. I draw your attention to that, that as well as any schedule, there may be some changes: in the time of departure and the cost of travel by bus on certain routes. Therefore it is better to arrive at the bus station to buy a ticket in advance and a couple of hours prior to departure (unless of course it’s not a bus to Pattaya, which runs very often).

From my own experience, I recommend not to use the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to travel to the southern resorts of the country (Koh Samui, Krabi, Phuket) in case you want to buy a bus ticket in a day of your trip, and in Thailand at this period time of high tourist season. Twice I was faced with the fact that on the day of the trip there was no place in the evening buses nor to Krabi, nor to the Koh Samui. And I had to take a taxi for 300 baht to the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, where a greater number of buses to the southern resorts.

If the buses from the Northern bus station in Bangkok on interesting you route goes only once a day (according to the schedule), it makes sense to buy a ticket for one or two days prior to departure. Of course, it is not convenient – go to the bus station second times for pre-purchase tickets. So often much easier to buy bus tickets online – using the popular service of booking transport in Asia. Especially since that this website is multilingual and there is a versions on the main languages of the world (link directly to the English version).

Use this service is very easy – simply fill in the search form your destination and your desired date and click “Find Tickets”. Then you will see actual schedule and cost of travel from Bangkok to town or thai resort, which you are interested. Currently, the table with the schedule of bus routes from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok (2017) is in preparation and it will be added to this page later. I hope, the information about this bus station has been useful for you and you can easily use the Bus Terminal Chatuchak (Morchit) for travel in Thailand. Have a good trip!


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